Practice Guide

Appendix III: Core Team of the first Collective Alchemy journey

Sarah Whiteley is a practice leader, soul guide, researcher and host; co-initiating the Art of Hosting as well as founding Axladitsa-Avatakia, the Living Wholeness Institute and Conscious Evolution; practitioner of Collective Alchemy, Collective Healing, Art of Hosting and Collective Presencing. She lives on the cliff-top in her birth-town of Whitby, returning after 30 years; continuing to co-steward projects around the world.

Helen Titchen Beeth is a writer, linguist, mother-of-twins and practitioner of the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter, Collective Presencing and Collective Alchemy. She lives on a smallholding in rural Flanders.

Judy Wallace is a host and practitioner of conversation circles, Collective Presencing, Collective Alchemy, and Collective Healing. She facilitates Social/Collective Healing Constellations and is very active in the u.lab Hub in Boulder, CO where she lives at the foot of the mountains.

Luea Ritter is a practitioner of Systemic Constellation, Collective Presencing, Collective Alchemy and Art of Hosting and an Action Researcher. She works on transformative shifts in complex systems in Europe, Africa and the US. She founded “Collective Transitions – building collective capacities for navigating subtle complexities”.

Viola Tschendel Clark is a graphic recorder and facilitator. She generates visuals from a place of presence and connection for diverse types of conversations, collective experiences, and strategic engagements – in the US, Europe, and online.

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