Practice Guide

Appendix I: Emotional Processing

Emotional processing increases our capacity to absorb and process emotional disturbances at ever deeper levels. In the longer term, these practices help us “divest ourselves of the egoic structure.”105René, L. (2017). Unplugging the Patriarchy, A mystical journey into the heart of a new age.

Emotional processing works with the prima materia of emotional triggers as they arise in daily life. By ‘trigger’ we mean an unduly strong emotional response in what, to an observer, would seem to be a mundane situation.

“The primary principle is this – by unifying all opposites held in our awareness, we will return to our original state of unity.”106Temple-Thurston, L. (2000). The Marriage of Spirit, Enlightened Living in Today’s World, p. 16. – Leslie Temple Thurston –

According to René, there are two ways to process: in the physical world, and in consciousness. Although most things can be processed at the level of consciousness, more often than not, they play out in the 4-dimensional world of space-time. This is tantamount to long lifetimes of slow and painful experience – the arduous journey of which the ancient Alchemists spoke. As we invest in consciousness development, we no longer need to play things out in the physical realm. Emotional processing is a powerful alternative. Polarity work as developed by Leslie Temple- Thurston, is a very effective emotional processing tool. “The polarity processing method is a perfect tool to use to free yourself. You can use it to process the polarities involved in experiences that you would like to clear, experiences that are non-productive and self-destructive – that you would choose not to have happen again.”107Temple-Thurston, L. (2000). The Marriage of Spirit, Enlightened Living in Today’s World, p. 16.

As we begin to engage intentionally with this work, we can feel we are going backwards, not forwards, as the issues that have been accumulating over time all present themselves at once for inspection. The Matrix of Alchemical Procedures (p. 24) and polarity work help us to keep afloat as we navigate this initial intensity. With time, the processing becomes easier and faster.

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