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To Awakening Wisdom

"May all that is wrought through this Work align with the benevolent Will of the Cosmos."


Fractal Encounter

This document is the fruit of a collective action research process exploring and explicating the practices of Collective Alchemy: one approach for amplifying the consciousness of awakening individuals in service to the current era shift and the evolution of Gaia. In essence, Collective Alchemy is a potent practice for burning away the ‘dross’ that clouds the capacity for clear transpersonal consciousness and collective wisdom. This document is a guide to that practice.

This Practice Guide sets out the experiences and insights gleaned through the above-mentioned action research process and highlights both its relevance and transformative power. These insights also point to future collective inquiry streams that can support our ongoing collective navigation in these white-water times.

The action research journey into Collective Alchemy was an alchemical rite of passage in itself. Right Timing was a both rigorous and merciless teacher, with the power of Synchronicity over time revealing the pattern and practices of Collective Alchemy and its relevance in these times of era shift. Journeying in ‘action-research mode’ as a collective not only revealed the nature and form of Collective Alchemy, but also illuminated the conditions for the transformation of consciousness.

Synchronicity was also at play in how the completion of this practice guide coincided with a wider public awakening to the possibility of irreversible, runaway climate change, accelerated global chaos, the potential for social, political, financial and environmental breakdown and collapse, culminating in extinction. These ‘human-accelerated’ consequences hold implications of such significance that to extrapolate them scientifically now includes the real possibility of extinction of all life. These and other global dynamics are alchemising an intense and potentially devastating unraveling, exacerbating hyper-complex, high-amplitude wave action, ushering in increasing disequilibrium and uncertainty so that, for many, this situation is at last becoming unavoidable and must be faced. Engaging with this reality in a generative way requires us to encounter and metabolise these potentially foreshortening consequences for all life.

The growing recognition of these implications in the public sphere acts like a clarion call, with some choosing the path of awakening whilst others prefer to press the snooze button and sleep through. This diversity of responses brings intensified polarisation in social discourse, as well as the need to collectively address how best to proceed in service of the whole. Whatever we believe is true at this stage, it remains important to explore ways of “acting as if the truth is real”. To fail to do so will likely cost us our place on Earth.

Within this response there are those asking: “what else is possible?”. They are seeking ways for this fecund soil to be seeded with consciousness and new realities that can help us navigate toward and bridge beyond what is potentially threatening all life on Earth. Already, courageous individuals and collectives are contributing their personal agency, practice and civil action into the collective discourse, mobilising around these and other significant issues and sounding the call for each of us to act in ways that are affirming for all life on the planet. The call has sounded for more truthful engagement, and non-violent practice and radical action have begun in earnest. A movement is cohering that invites us to bring our best. This is good news, given the time is Now. Even the celestial alignments are bringing their Cosmic influence to bear in this catalytic time, with Uranus, a slow-moving outer planet (notoriously present in times of revolutionary change), aligning with Taurus, an Earth sign focused on liberation through service to self.

It is in this ingredient-rich and multi-layered elixir that the embryonic practices of Collective Alchemy have been marinating: alchemising and synchronising within personal /local / global / cosmic currents, ushering and being ushered by Right Timing toward birth into the world.

 “We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there is such a thing as being too late. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Overview of the Content

Part I frames the bigger picture in which the practices of Collective Alchemy have come into being as a (potentially fatal) rite of passage for humanity towards maturity, manifesting as an era shift.

Part II describes Alchemy as a transformative process and proposes Collective Alchemy as a vehicle towards a new consciousness structure emerging in humanity.

Part III introduces the practices of Collective Alchemy in detail, with an invitation to readers to engage in this practice. We start with definition, purpose and core assumptions, before explaining the ‘mechanics’ of the alchemical process, the necessary ingredients and the importance of practice as a discipline in general.

Part VI describes the process architecture undergirding a Collective Alchemy journey, and explains how such a collective inquiry can be designed and held.

Part V gives an overview of the insights gleaned from the first Collective Alchemy journey, as an example of what such an inquiry can produce: features of the era shift, principles for navigating the shift and fields for potential future inquiry.

The Practice Guide

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