Harvest of Collective Alchemy Practice Circles – 24 April 2020: WHEN WE SURRENDER TO THE PORTAL OF LOSS, WHERE DO WE LAND?

Harvest compiled by Helen Titchen Beeth
Learning how to be kind to my body
Separated from my like-minded community.
On the springboard but couldn’t dive.
Denial and resistance give way to surrender.
It’s also a question of orientation:
Not where we land, but how?
What practices allow us to orient collectively?
To re-orient from separate self to self-as-collective?
Landing together…
What’s the point of living?
What keeps me here?
Acknowledging beauty.
Can I do this with dignity and grace?
It’s time to bring other voices
into the human conversations.
The trees, for example, are THIRSTY!
What do we even mean by SURRENDER?
Telepathic tentacles
learned through the internet generations.
Connected by our resonance…
What deep privilege!
Or is it our birthright?
This is the first contraction.
Our expanding consciousness
is an infinite and scare resource these days.
Original medicine.
I could not have anticipated
the transformation in my body
occasioned through those little squares
on my screen.
What is surrendering?
It is the centre piece of these times.
I have to surrender
to even get to the portal;
to the fire and strength that’s underneath
discomfort and distress.
Surrender is an everyday practice.
How to keep doing it without
exhaustion and effort?
Surrender to surrender!
Can we be access points
for each other?
What are the access points to surrender?
More acknowledgement is needed
of the collective dimension.
The access point might be within myself,
but surrender is always relational.
Diving into water,
like a pod of dolphins,
our natural element.
Wayfinders on the sea,
seeking new land,
a new pied-à-terre.
With shared directions and goals,
and an eye on the crew.
Who are we? What’s happening here?
The turtle, with its hard shell
and soft underbelly –
awkward on land, majestically streamlined in water.
We embody the dualism:
holding spiritual buoyancy
while maintaining the ability to dive,
to navigate by the stars
or to tune in
To the currents and streams.
Know your crew, what gifts they hold!
This very instant is a portal
that opens up the possibility
of awareness of the portal
That is this very instant.
Simplicity is circular.
Restrictions have led
to a simplification of my life,
ushering me to the portal of Now.
Shifting from what I can’t do,
To what I can do.
Children home for six weeks
without the speed.
This allows a connection.
Reflecting on the patterns
of my motherhood – now I can see them.
There is beauty in what’s happening;
reconnecting to what matters.
Activities distracted me from my wounds.
It took me four weeks
to strip off the bandage.
I’m feeling that rite of passage,
guided by a gentle, loving hand
when I can’t take any more.
My soul has been waiting for this
for so long.
I can see the light that will
help me through it.
Landing in the soil
of Faith and Love.
Increasing our energetic connection.
Undressing – nakedness;
connecting to a never-met ancestor.
I felt the hands of my great-grandmother
placing hands on my heart.
“You must trust:
God never gives us a cold
that is greater than our blanket.”
Tantric shock – all our buttons are pressed!
Bringing me back to my centre.
Trust is so up!
To go through a door,
There must be trust
that you won’t be eaten
on the other side.
Trust is the ticket through.
Mythopoetic layers
are ebbing and surging
beneath the stuff of manifestation.
I practice receiving, absorbing, integrating
the shadows projected by others.
I am the other, the other is me.
Judgement burns away.
Owning it ALL.
Realness in how we are together.
Journeys through our inner landscapes.
The individual participates
as humanity –
blazing our trails through the portal,
caught by the hand of Faith and Love.
A wake-up call
to consolidate and direct energy
expanding our ways of sensing and knowing,
clearly, in service of…. What?
The deep surrender of ideas I cling to,
the deep surrender to life.
There can be magic.
A new type of skin
stretched over a collective lung;
breathing the same air together
creates this collective space.
The word trust is too small
for what is needed.
A new word will be birthed
from the new collective.”

Who showed up: Luea Ritter, Sarah Whiteley, Inna Chilik, Jenny Hegland, Marjeta Novak, Anna Brunain, Ellen Decoodt, Dounia Saeme, Julia Hoffmann, Agota Ruzsa, Marie-Jose d’Aprile, Narjara Thamiz, Madeline Snow, Patricia Hunt Perry, Steve Ryman, Arielle Cameron, Nina Thompson, Ursula Hillbrand, Judy Wallace, Helen Titchen Beeth.

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