Patrons & Donors Call – Friday 4 December 2020

Friday December 04, 2020

Continuing our inquiry: Exploring healthy energy and dynamics of money and resources

Dear fellow Alchemists,
We would like to invite you – especially (but not exclusively) those of you who have become patrons of Collective Alchemy; who have made a donation; are thinking of doing so OR have decided not to (yet) — to a second call to shine the potent light of our practice on the realm of money, economy and resources through the following question:


The purposes of this inquiry:
We have seen that there are multiple purposes underlying this inquiry:

  • To bring more clarity into how the ongoing work of stewarding the field of Collective Alchemy is funded—what kind of economic framework and practice are most aligned with this practice field?
  • To exploring our individual and collective relationship with money and resources—alchemising our own wounding in this area and discovering what health looks like.
  • To invite some more regular financial abundance into the alchemical flows supporting the practice as it evolves to its next level.

The story so far:
Our first call in this series took place on September 18, as part of our first ever Collective Alchemy seasonal harvesting cycle. You can read the very rich harvest of that call here.

A lot has happened in the field of Collective Alchemy since that first call, much of it directly relevant to this inquiry. The field has accelerated, deepened and expanded a lot.

In response to the aliveness in the practice field, the Collective Alchemy website now hosts a password-protected community space: ‘the Alchemists’ Living Room‘, newly opened and welcoming practitioners into more intensive interaction and inquiry between calls.

Practitioners are now stepping in to join Sarah and Helen in co-sensing and co-hosting the successive Portal Waves—of which there have been five since the first Patrons’ and Donors’ call.

This development, together with the behind-the-scenes evolution of the Collective Alchemy website, resulted in the articulation of the different levels of practice described in the Four Rooms blog post. (In brief: Room 1 is ‘shop window’: the Collective Alchemy Facebook group and the website; you move into Room 2 by participating in Portal Day calls and joining the Living Room; and into Room 3 by responding to the invitation to co-sense and co-host. Room 4 is the space of stewarding the field of practice.)

More than half of our regular practitioners have now either stepped into Room 3 or are preparing to do so in coming waves. The intensity of commitment and investment for all in Room 3 is substantial: the level of alchemical practice is way more intense, bringing with it the rewards of relationship, learning, personal transformation and expanded capacity to sense, to hold, to host. Practitioners are free to step into and back from ‘active service’ in the co-sensing of each portal wave without leaving Room 3.

Meanwhile, in Room 4, it has been an absolute joy and source of great aliveness to ride the rapids of these developments. AND the increase in intensity, complexity and sheer graft that all this has meant for Sarah and Helen has been exponential. We are beginning to feel an imbalance between what is required to hold and host this field well, and what is being offered and received as recompense: another reason why this second call feels so timely.

Framing the next call:

“There is no such thing as lukewarm alchemy!”

After the first call, we knew we weren’t yet done with this inquiry. Pieter, Mark, Molly and Marie-José stepped in to co-sense with Sarah and Helen how to move forward. We have had a number of powerful conversations since, seeking the most potent alchemical threads to bring us further and deeper into the inquiry.

Keeping it close: We covered a great deal of territory, both abstract and deeply personal (and uncomfortable)—and agreed that the greatest aliveness and value is in staying close to the personal: where we have skin in the game is the richest source of information relevant to our question. Be prepared to experience some potential discomfort in service of this inquiry!

What principles can help guide us? You are invited, too, to listen with us for principles that can help guide us on a number levels:

  • in discerning (and tracking over time) our own right contribution into the field of Collective Alchemy
  • in alchemising beliefs, attitudes, habits and behaviours that no longer serve us in our relationship to money and resources
  • to start collectively practicing—as a field—being a discrete translocal economy that acts as a living system.

Preparation for the call:
You are invited to revisit the harvest of the first Patrons’ and Donors’ call and to read the Four Rooms blog.

Your hosts are: Helen Titchen Beeth, Marie-Jose d’Aprile, Molly Ryan Whiteley, Pieter De Ceuninck, Mark Whiteley, Sarah Whiteley

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