Our invitation to practice Collective Alchemy continues 7 May 2021

Friday May 07, 2021


Since March we have been on a journey of discovery with the above question as our guiding star. Our exploratory co-sensing has brought us into a liminal space, where the guiding star, for now, appears stationary. We spent the last two portal waves in the liminal space, learning to appreciate the gifts of not-knowing, slowing down and stillness. Now we are invited not to move on, but to sink deeper: into the subliminal space. Subliminal is defined as “below the threshold for conscious perception—but able to evoke a response.” What is living within us, beneath the threshold of our conscious perception, but nevertheless enacted in our moods and behaviour?

On this next stage of our journey together, we find ourselves underground, in a cavernous space, echoing with the boom of cascading water throwing up clouds of mist, with rays of golden light and rainbows filtering through. Gathered around the basin, we are wet, raw, and alive, captivated by the power of the subliminal silence that holds the water’s roar, that drives out discursive thought and pins us in the acute poignancy of the present moment, filling the heart and mind with awe.

The play of mist, steam and light evokes dreamlike, ephemeral images: gifts from the mystery to inform our collective dreaming. Let us grasp this precious opportunity—away from the all-pervading and numbing narratives of our civilisation that take us away from the now and keep us trapped in worry and fear—to bask together in the aliveness, the silence and ultra-high-frequency, pure, crystalline power of the present moment, grounded and embodied in the energies coursing through our bodies.

Imagine this state of active, aroused stillness as our natural way of being:
what choices do we make from this state
that transform our lived experience, moment-to-moment?

Your co-sensors for this portal wave are: Pieter, Marie-José, Molly, Aakanksha, Georgios, Sarah and Helen.

Preparation for the calls:

Exploring the principles of Collective Alchemy through the prism of silence

A weak signal we are detecting in the liminal field of the era shift is SILENCE. In the alchemical phase of Fermentation, the process is abetted by maintaining inner silence. The symptoms of that phase are obsolete desires and ambitions. In this liminal space of the era shift, so many of us are awakening to how many of our habitual desires and ambitions are now obsolete. We realise that so much of what we have been taught by our education to desire is not worth having. That can leave us feeling listless, apathetic and confused. The practice that Collective Alchemy offers us as medicine for this state is inner silence.

During this co-sensing wave, we have been drawn to pay attention to the principles of Collective Alchemy, and what each principle can tell us when we stream them through the specific prism of silence. We invite you to try this and see what happens.

A note about the co-sensing circle

The Collective Alchemy co-sensing field is becoming an ever more enlivened and exciting space, where a lot of learning and deepening is happening, in our own individual capacities as well as in our collective practice. All who show up to the portal day calls are warmly invited to step into the intense and rewarding practice of co-sensing.

Photo Credit: Norbert Toth, Unsplash



Your hosts are: Helen Titchen Beeth, Sarah Whiteley, Pieter De Ceuninck, Georgios Kastrinos, Aakanksha Singh, Molly Ryan Whiteley, Marie-Jose d’Aprile

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