Our invitation to practice Collective Alchemy continues 4 June 2021

Friday June 04, 2021



Since March we have been on a journey of discovery with the above question as our guiding star. Since our journey started, our exploratory co-sensing has invited us to try on different lenses, which has brought us into a variety of different dimensional spaces full of unexpected gifts of learning—particularly the liminal (learning to appreciate the gifts of not-knowing, slowing down and stillness), the subliminal (learning to listen in to our bodily responses to the subtle signals beneath the threshold for conscious perception) and, most recently, weathering the storm (learning from the oak, the willow and the buffalo).

For this coming portal day, our inquiry centres us in the cross-hairs between inner and outer, where personal integrity, boundaries and alignment meet the constantly changing world of the ‘ten thousand things’. The element of water continued to be very present in our co-sensing, as we found ourselves walking along a beach at low tide. This, too, is a liminal space, between the domains of air and water, past, present and future, where what lies revealed for a moment will soon be swept away. We are struck by the power of this scene as a metaphor for exploring our strategies for living. As we meander along the shoreline, faced with the vast diversity of the ocean’s treasure washed up on the beach, how do we respond? Do we fill our pockets with shells and stones and seagulls’ bones, enriching our life’s memories and our story of self? Do we fill our eyes and our hearts with the beauty and strangeness? Do we walk away empty-handed, leaving no trace yet having lived…? How do we listen for that elusive inner truth? Do we follow the powerful promptings of our habitual mental-emotional patterns? Do we key our sensing into the deeper whispers of feelings native to us as denizens of a living universe?

When everything is in constant flux, what is the dance between our inner truth and the array of ‘external’ prompts and invitations to respond and to act?

Our co-sensing circle and hosting team for the day are: An, Louise, Pieter, Georgios, Aakanksha, Ruchi, Sarah & Helen.

Guidance from the cards:

As a special bonus, we are inspired to share an impromptu drawing of the tarot cards during our co-sensing journey, that seems very relevant to our overarching question:

Focus: The wanderer. Inspiration, adventure, opening to the new, every moment a fresh beginning.

Advice: The Pole Star. Trusting intuition and higher inspiration, despite darkness and uncertainty.

Most benevolent outcome: Struggle (8 of Arrows). Despite tumultuous circumstances, staying steady on the path (warmly clothed and equipped with a lantern!): with perseverance, we endure.

Preparation for the calls

Being guided by discernment of truth is a hallmark of Integral Consciousness. We invite you to re-acquaint yourself with the blog series on Integral Consciousness.

The harvest from the journey so far:

Setting out: 12 March 2021

Liminal spaces: 26 March 2021

Deeper into the liminal space: 23 April 2021

Into the subliminal: 7 May 2021

Weathering the storm: 21 May 2021 

Your hosts are: Pieter De Ceuninck, Georgios Kastrinos, An Van Damme, Aakanksha Singh, Ruchi Bhimani, Louise carpenter, Helen Titchen Beeth, Sarah Whiteley

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