Our invitation to practice Collective Alchemy continues 21 May 2021

Friday May 21, 2021


Since March we have been on a journey of discovery with the above question as our guiding star. Since our journey started, we have not spent much time in the obvious terrain ‘above ground’. Rather, our exploratory co-sensing brought us into a liminal space, learning to appreciate the gifts of not-knowing, slowing down and stillness. Next we found ourselves in a subliminal space, listening in to our bodily responses to the subtle signals beneath the threshold for conscious perception. For this coming portal day, our inquiry into our overarching question is framed through the lens of weathering the storm.
On this next stage of our journey together, we find ourselves back above ground, with all our senses informing us that a storm is coming. There is a preternatural stillness that carries with it a sense of foreboding. There is no one right way to weather a storm. It depends on your environment, your circumstances and your inner and outer resources. The wild wolf will behave differently than the well-fed dog; the branches of the tree respond differently than the trunk. Folk wisdom speaks of the stillness in the eye of the storm, while the buffalo herd faces into the blizzard and moves doggedly through it, thereby shortening the time it must endure. To move in the eye of the storm is to be guided by external circumstances: we must go where the storm takes us; conversely, there is also a stillness in the buffalo cohort that faces into the storm and moves at its own pace, together, sheltering the weakest at the centre.
In a crisis, the safest place is the truth. As we are buffeted by the inner and outer turbulence of the era shift, we sense the vital importance of centring in our integrity and a clear-eyed recognition of where we each stand on the spectrum from domesticity to wildness, from solitude to togetherness, from outer to inner orientation. While we might be traveling together as a cohort, we are nevertheless both diverse and spread out. What connects us most strongly, perhaps, is the vibrational mycelium of our shared practice field, which allows subtle nutrients to pass back and forth among us, bringing reciprocal aid where needed.
Your co-sensors for this portal wave are: Pieter, Marie-José, Ruchi, Louise, Aakanksha, Georgios, Sarah and Helen.
Preparation for the calls:
We invite you to contemplate the principles of Collective Alchemy.
A note about the co-sensing circle
The Collective Alchemy co-sensing field is becoming an ever more enlivened and exciting space, where a lot of learning and deepening is happening, in our own individual capacities as well as in our collective practice. All who show up to the portal day calls are warmly invited to step into the intense and rewarding practice of co-sensing.
Your hosts are: Aakanksha Singh, Pieter De Ceuninck, Marie-Jose d’Aprile, Georgios Kastrinos, Louise carpenter, Helen Titchen Beeth, Sarah Whiteley

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