Our invitation to practice Collective Alchemy continues 2 July 2021

Friday July 02, 2021


Since March we have been on a journey of discovery with the above question as our guiding star. Since our journey started, our exploratory co-sensing has invited us to try on different lenses, which has brought us into a variety of different dimensional spaces full of unexpected gifts of learning—particularly the liminal (learning to appreciate the gifts of not-knowing, slowing down and stillness), the subliminal (learning to listen in to our bodily responses to the subtle signals beneath the threshold for conscious perception), weathering the storm (learning from the oak, the willow and the buffalo) and, most recently, exploring the beach at low tide (learning to be in the constant flux, and how to dance between our inner truth and the array of ‘external’ prompts and invitations to respond and to act).

In the meantime, please see the harvest from the journey so far:

Setting out: 12 March 2021

Liminal spaces: 26 March 2021

Deeper into the liminal space: 23 April 2021

Into the subliminal: 7 May 2021

Weathering the storm: 21 May 2021 

Beach at low tide: coming soon!

Your hosts are: Helen Titchen Beeth, Sarah Whiteley

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