Our invitation to practice Collective Alchemy continues 11 September 2020

Friday September 11, 2020



Autumn is coming! This change in the seasons brings us into harvesting time—the practice field of Collective Alchemy is no exception. AND September is birthday month! This month we mark the third birthday of Collective Alchemy. As our practice field enters its fourth year, we invite you to celebrate with us.

Orienting the next Portal Day calls on the arc of the journey so far:

We are coming to a turning point in our practice as we enter the year’s harvest season.

Until now, the pattern of opening a portal to practice Collective Alchemy twice monthly has been interweaving a two-stranded dual path together, like the double helix of DNA.

Since 8 May we have been alternating between the Via Positiva (exploring transpersonal, Integral consciousness) and the Via Negativa (burning off the personal dross that blocks access to it). On the Via Negativa, we have been exploring the alchemical phases within the Alchemical Procedure Matrix: eradicating the false roots that distract us from living life as who we really are. On the Via Positiva, we have been exploring together as alchemists what it means to transmute consciousness in service of this era shift.


On 11 September we will enter our 12th cycle of collective practice together—a potent number that resonates with many of Earth’s patterns.

This is also an occasion to celebrate, as our Portal Day coincides with the third birthday of our practice… so please bring something drinkable and edible with you to the call—something that will be a treat for you—with which to toast our journey so far and drink to the future.

This is a special occasion, also, because our very own Anna Brunain will be stepping in to co-host with Sarah and Helen. This comes in response to our invitation during the last call for volunteers to help us host this harvesting cycle.

Framing the calling question:


It is time to step to the side of our dual path, to reflect on where our steps have taken us and what we have lived together.

Harvesting our journey so far can (and hopefully will) take many forms. In these upcoming portal day calls, we will be working with the metaphor of making an essence, or tincture, holding the quality of our collective experience of the months since our calls began (in April). Each one of us will have lived these shared moments differently, so the invitation is for us all to reflect on the essences and highlights we each want to offer into the mix? What are the essential ingredients that you would like to place into the receptacle in the centre of our circle? There is trust involved here, since the whole point of a tincture is that we drink it!

The slideshow below is offered by way of inspiration for this process. The pictures show the process of making an essence of gold, during a workshop Sarah and Helen and Louise attended on the Scottish island of Orkney when we were working with gold.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”1″ display=”basic_slideshow”]

Preparation for the calls:

If you would like to prepare for this process, we invite you move with the following questions:

  • How would you describe Collective Alchemy to a friend?

  • What have you harvested for yourself from your practice of Collective Alchemy (and not yet shared)? What are the milestones, landmarks, and essences from the moment you entered this journey?

  • How has your journey been?

You are also invited to dip into all that has already been harvested from our practice so far:

The Practice Guide

The blog posts about Collective Alchemy in general

The blog posts about Integral Consciousness

Revisit the harvests from our previous portal days


Your hosts are: Helen Titchen Beeth, Sarah Whiteley, Anna Brunain

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