Invitation to practice, with a difference! Friday 3 July 2020

Friday July 03, 2020

A Collective Alchemy Portal Day with a difference.

In this time of accelerating Era Shift,
how are my inner and outer perceptions changing?

In this pattern of opening a portal to practice Collective Alchemy twice monthly, we are shifting our format for the coming Portal Day on Friday 3 July 2020. Instead of our usual pattern of hosting two calls (one Asia/Australia friendly, one North America friendly), we are inviting the entire community—whether you have attended a call yet or not—to a ‘non-local’ day of paying attention in ceremonial space.

The practical reason for shifting our format is that both Luea and Helen are taken by other important activities on our Portal Day. But we didn’t want to let the day go by without putting it to good use. So we observed both our own Principles of Collective Alchemy and our Principles for Navigating the Shift and sourced the following invitation to practice.

In this time of accelerating Era Shift,
how are my inner and outer perceptions changing?

If you are wondering where this question comes from, one of our principles of Collective Alchemy is work with the gifts of the people in the circle. In that spirit, we turned to Sarah’s practice of consulting the tarot cards to presence what could best serve us during the Portal Day and tune our practice toward our next practice Portal Day (including calls) on 17 July. We sourced the question from the spirit of the cards she drew. The video of her reading is on our Collective Alchemy Facebook group.
With this calling question as our focus for inquiry, we invite you into Ceremonial Space, from the time you wake up until you go to bed.
One of our principles for navigating the shift is to invoke sacred space and enact emergent ritual. At its most basic, sacred space is really sacred time—when you are acutely and fully present in the moment, attending to what is arising, with the conviction that whatever arises deeply matters. We invite you to live this day in that spirit.
We invite you to focus your attention, thus ceremonially attuned, on how you are seeing things differently. What might you be seeing these days that you haven’t seen before? Not just in the outside world, but also within your own inner structures. How are you becoming more transparent to yourself? How are you beginning to see more of your deep conditioning?
We invite you, also, to harvest well. Consider noting down what you are noticing throughout the day, and journalling before you end your day. Perhaps you are inspired to create visual art, poetry, or any other non-verbal form… whatever comes is welcome! We invite you to post your reflections in a comment to this invitation/event in the Collective Alchemy Facebook group, or send us an email at: info@collective-alchemy.net. Your contributions will be woven (anonymously) into a harvest posted in the Collective Alchemy blog.
A special bonus invitation…
In recent weeks another powerful practice field has come to our attention:
“The Purification Space is your own purity: the part of you which can delete your own patterns and blocks. It is a gift from your future self: the internal and external space where you automatically purify and step out of the old system.” Dr Jacqueline Hobbs.
We invite you to investigate, and participate if this practice calls you.

In this time of accelerating Era Shift,
how are my inner and outer perceptions changing?


Your hosts are: Luea Ritter, Sarah Whiteley, Helen Titchen Beeth

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