Invitation to practice Collective Alchemy – April 10

Friday April 10, 2020

In this time and space of physical distancing, self-isolation, lock-down,
each one of us is exactly where we need to be.
As what we took to be the bedrock of our lives
yawns open beneath our feet,
Mother Gaia has opened up a sacred time and a sacred space,
calling us in and down,
to reflect and surrender to our inner work.


Be welcome to come explore this question
in a sacred space, in a sacred time,
in a collective crucible
where Mother Gaia is holding the whole.

The intention of alchemical practice is to evolve consciousness. Alchemy reveals the patterns that connect the ‘invisible cosmic ground’ and ‘the phenomenal world’ which is in a continual transformation. How can we intentionally harness this transformational power to accelerate the evolution of consciousness and bring forth a mature species rather than become an extinct one.

What does it mean to practice Collective Alchemy?
* We source from the present – what is true and alive in this moment?
* We embrace and merge with what is arising
* We welcome and work with the gifts of the people in the circle

Your hosts are: Sarah Whiteley, Luea Ritter, Judy Wallace, Helen Titchen Beeth, Viola Tschendel
We are inviting you to join us in the space where we ourselves most want to be right now.
If you hear a resonant call, please join us.

Your hosts are:
Your hosts are: Sarah Whiteley, Helen Titchen Beeth, Judy Wallace, Luea Ritter, Viola Tschendel Clark

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