Invitation to an Alchemical Hangout, Friday 9 April 2021

Friday April 09, 2021

How has the Era Shift been treating you since our last Portal Day, 26 March.

Our last portal wave saw us navigating the wetlands, inhospitable to pleasure boats but beloved of migratory birds. Mysteriously, this ecosystem burst into the centre of our co-sensing and stayed there, and we followed where it led; exploring as part of the alchemy of the era shift, the alchemy of nature reclaiming its sovereignty, both outside us and in our very bodies. Just as the wetland is a liminal space between land and water, so this time in which we are living is a liminal place between a world we perhaps thought we understood, and a confusing welter of possible futures.

Moving deeper into this new cycle of alchemical practice, and in the larger wave begun last April, we are now noticing that other cycles and commitments are calling our attention, suggesting that we rest, rejuvenate, assimilate, settle for a while. So, rather than beginning our co-sensing of Portal Wave 24, we are inviting that we hang out in the field of friendship on Friday April 9 and share what’s been arising during the past week or so. Two calls will take place at the usual portal day timings. Co-sensing of Portal Wave 24 will begin the following week, with Portal Day being Friday 23 April. 
Out back, behind the Alchemists’ kitchen and living room, is the Night Sky. We offer a virtual campfire: bring your questions and stories to toast on the fire. Bring a bottle, bring a blanket, bring a song, bring a practice to share, as we contemplate the embers of love and life coaxing us into the next stage of our adventure together, and considering: How has the Era Shift been treating you since our last Portal Day?

Your hosts are: Helen Titchen Beeth, Sarah Whiteley

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