Invitation to an Alchemical Hangout, Friday 18 June 2021

Friday June 18, 2021



During our most recent portal day, our inquiry centred us in the cross-hairs between inner and outer, where personal integrity, boundaries and alignment meet the constantly changing world of the ‘ten thousand things’. The element of water continued to be very present in our co-sensing, as we found ourselves walking along a beach at low tide. We were struck by the power of this scene as a metaphor for exploring our strategies for living. As we meandered along the shoreline, faced with the vast diversity of the ocean’s treasure washed up on the beach, together we explored: how did we choose to respond?

As we continue our alchemical journey of discovery with the over-lighting question of WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE NAVIGATING THE ERA SHIFT TOGETHER …

What is alchemising in my life?

Out back, behind the Alchemists’ kitchen and living room, is the Night Sky. We offer a virtual campfire: bring your questions and stories to toast on the fire. Bring a bottle, bring a blanket, bring a song, bring a practice to share, as we contemplate the embers of love and life coaxing us into the next stage of our adventure together.

See the latest invitation to practice, 4 June here.

Your hosts are: Helen Titchen Beeth, Sarah Whiteley

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