Collective Alchemy practice continues Friday 30 July 2021

Friday July 30, 2021

Last portal day we were few in number but the field was intense. Taking our next step — landing on the next lily pad—we made a first try at co-framing our collective practice, as it now manifests, using the metaphor of a village. It seems this moment of co-framing is not yet complete. (Perhaps it never will be!)
Recentring on our purpose: “to prepare awakening humans to step into co-creative, transformative, generative (r)evolution with all life; to consciously face the rite of passage which is upon us, where we come out a mature species or we don’t come out at all.”
By framing, we mean setting a clear understanding of purpose, context, constraints… our village is not just a bunch of friends coming together for a barbecue. We are practitioners, coming together to practice. Whenever we gather together in the name of Collective Alchemy, we are practicing Collective Alchemy. Co-framing our next steps together will determine a lot about how we collectively perceive and experience our community of practice going forward – our community of practice. This is about getting ourselves on the same page (or is it a lily pad?) collectively and co-creatively—not as a place to stay, but as a moment of coherence before another leap. We also have an opportunity to influence the depth and the altitude we want to work at. To punch through to new heights, to drill down to new depths.
A few salient impressions from our first co-framing can help to orient us as we continue this exercise—trusting that any needed clarity will arise in right timing.
A rite of passage is any moment
when you actually receive the consequences of past action.
(quoting Steven Jenkinson:) 
To be awake is to be gathered into the web of consequence, to recognise
the consequences of the movement of your being.
And yet, and yet…
What does it mean to live according to the principles of nature?
Nature will always decide the consequences.
The kingfisher—like the Archer in the tarot—acts so cleanly and directly
that it creates no ripple. 
The consequences are metabolised instantly, in the eternal Now.
Balance and timelessness.
There’s a paradox around balance.
You cannot serve the future by sacrificing the present.
You cannot serve nature by sacrificing the self.
Part of the work of alchemy is burning away
all of the conditioning which has us out of balance
in one way or the other,
either towards the self or towards the collective,
or towards the future from the present,
or towards the past…
In the timelessness aspect,
it’s all present at once.
To village or not to village? 
What are the consequences of adopting the metaphor of the village?
What false roots or baggage do we carry around the concept of what a village is?
Why a village, when being nomadic also resonates so strongly?
The energetic shape of the torus holds the shape of the village, the practice.
There’s a going out and a coming in, 
an expanding and a contracting.
The polarities that collapse in upon themselves
to manifest something in an instant.
This is the nature of alchemy.
The fluidity of what’s becoming available to us as denizens of the New Earth 
opens up potential that’s very new,
very unfamiliar, right at the edge of our perception.
There’s something coming into possibility for us,
which brings a new way of being in community.
It’s fluid, self-organising, and there isn’t a held structure.
There’s the energy of sovereign beings within the whole,
containing the whole, and movement within that.
Fluidity of interrelationship, coming together,
moving in different constellations, being in the flow.
Photo Credit: Clem Onojeghuo, Unsplash

Your hosts are: Helen Titchen Beeth, Pieter De Ceuninck, Sarah Whiteley

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