Collective Alchemy practice continues: meeting in the village square on Friday 16 July 2021

Friday July 16, 2021

Greetings fellow alchemists!

If you’ve read our latest newsletter, you’ll know that the era is shifting in the practice field of Collective Alchemy. We are still discovering what is at the heart of this shift. At its core, it is a move towards ever-more-collective practice. Moving what used to be held by the few into the arms of the many, and learning how to travel together in this way, in freedom and responsibility.

One aspect of the shift certainly lies in how the stewards and regular co-sensors are perceiving the practice and the field. We are no longer telling ourselves the story of working behind the scenes to prepare a banquet for those who choose to show up to calls on Portal Days. When the cooks outnumber the ‘guests’, something is out of alignment. So we’re shifting our metaphor: from banquet to potlatch—where all who participate bring their gifts to share and build the feast together. In the spirit of Open Space Technology: whoever show up are the right people, and whatever happens is the only thing that could have.

We who practice co-sensing have come to appreciate the—increasingly self-organised— time we spend together in between portal days as a deep dive into the practice of Collective Alchemy, which we experience as a constantly flowing river of revelation and meaning. Portal Days are planned moments that the whole community of practitioners can organise around, that allow regular meeting. The numbers gathering on portal days breathe in and out, swell and dwindle, while the river of co-sensing and inquiry flows on, fertilising the floodplain of the practice field. What is harvested on portal days is made available in the blog, the call recordings can be found in the Living Room. What is harvested in the co-sensing calls is available to all who join the Collective Alchemy village on Telegram.

Bridging from our last portal day, when we leaned into the question: “what does it mean for me to level up my embodiment practice?” (see the invitation and the harvest), our attention accordingly now turns towards the collective embodiment of a village.

At the centre of our village—always the reason why we gather—is Collective Alchemy and its core purpose: “to prepare awakening humans to step into co-creative, transformative, generative (r)evolution with all life; to consciously face the rite of passage which is upon us, where we come out a mature species or we don’t come out at all.” In light of the shift towards ever-more-collective holding and in the spirit of playful improvisation, the focus of our gathering on Friday will be, based on the core purpose of Collective Alchemy as stated above, to co-frame our village, its purpose and its practices, together with all practitioners. We can imagine this as co-creating the basic structure of our village hall, using our own practices and guided by our own principles.

Preparation for Portal Day

In the meantime, you will find it helpful:

Your hosts are: Helen Titchen Beeth, Sarah Whiteley, Pieter De Ceuninck, Louise carpenter

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