Collective Alchemy Portal Day, Friday, 29 April 2022

Friday April 29, 2022

You are invited to join us in

Portal Days are the moments we come into community with the wider Collective Alchemy practitioners field, framed and focused by the invitation sourced by the co-sensing circle ’, abetting* the energy that has come to light during the portal wave, and then *“pushing any process further in the direction it’s already trying to go”.

Your co-sensors for this portal wave have been Neha and Helen.
Spring is moving towards summer, and the Via Creativa calls. The Era Shift is showing up like a Great Divide—as the gap widens, it is no longer possible to have a foot on both sides. The Via Creativa is inviting our full commitment, not just for Portal Days but FOR LIFE.
Join us to circle up around this question:

What does it mean to be dancing as if no one is watching – with others?


In the meantime, see please explore articles & blogs: The harvest of Collective Alchemy practice as a portal to the Via Creativa; our blog: ‘Principles of Collective Alchemy’, also below; plus other blogs HERE.

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