Collective Alchemy portal day, Friday 24 September 2021

Friday September 24, 2021

Greetings fellow alchemists!

As we move past the autumn equinox towards the gentle onset of winter, we sense something shifting in our field of collective practice—again! The field of Collective Alchemy seems to be becoming ever more itself. The ongoing navigation by co-sensing from one portal day to the next is revealing a coherence that doesn’t come from seeking coherence in and through a storyline. It’s the emergent coherence of what we’re sensing over time—always sensing from the present!

Your co-sensors for this portal wave were Pieter and Helen. A theme that has been present this time is: maintaining flexibility and building core, with subtlety and persistence. These seem to be necessary attributes for navigating Era Shifts and living to tell the tale. Flexibility to be able to move gracefully with whatever and whoever is around us, the core strength of deep self-knowledge to hold our own integrity whenever needed.

As we sometimes do, we also turned to the Tarot deck for confirmation of our sensing. The read gifted us with echos from our last portal day, particularly the dual path and the Via Creativa:

The focus of our endeavour: the World Tree—the ancient oak, symbol of wholeness, standing in full integrity through time. An echo of the Via Positiva.

The advice: 3 of Arrows (Jealousy)—the suit of Arrows refers to the mental realm of thought forms and the activity of thinking. This card feels more like warning than advice: it is not the tree that is burning and bleeding, but a fake heart holding three arrows symbolising the debilitation of conflicting thought forms—beware the power of the image to distract us from our own actual lived reality. An echo of the Via Negativa.

The most benevolent outcome: Ace of bows (spark of life)—the creativity that arises from living cleanly from one’s unique integrity.

Sinking deeper, we sensed the role of the (healthy) collective in allowing us to strip back the illusory layers of protection with which we have learned to cloak ourselves.

Quoting from our co-sensing: “When I move the locus of my identity into the core, what lives there is just silence. Golden silence. That place is invulnerable, because it’s not invested in any content. But it’s not isolated: when I’m in that space, I can feel you. It’s not any content that you might be identified with, it’s YOU. Equally goldenly silent.” There’s a quality of togetherness, where we’re both in the golden silence together, where the illusions/delusions of identity just burn away, dissolve. It’s not a particular person or identity looking back at us, affirming us… rather, it is the togetherness that we recognise as identical to our own essence. This integral togetherness leaves not gap between me and my spontaneous action in the world into which any other voices or agendas can insinuate themselves.


In the meantime:
→The Collective Alchemy Village space on **Telegram is open 24/7 to receive your news, your sensing, your requests for conversation and anything else you might wish to bring there.
**Email Sarah or Helen here if you wish to join the Telegram group!

See harvest from Collective Alchemy Circles, Friday 10 September, plus ‘Principles of Collective Alchemy (if in Doubt…)’, shared below.


Your hosts are: Helen Titchen Beeth, Pieter De Ceuninck

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