Collective Alchemy portal day, Friday 22 October 2021

Friday October 22, 2021


Greetings fellow Alchemists!


Our co-sensing for this portal wave (your co-sensors for this wave have been Georgios, Pieter, Louise, Sarah and Helen) has been intense and disorienting. Just as we are navigating the era shift as it plays out in our world, so the era shift is also playing out within each one of us. “As within, so without.”

Two metaphorical images have been particularly potent. The first image is the forest fire that moves across the mountain side, incinerating all in its path, leaving a swathe of new growth in its wake as time passes. The second is the living movement of contracting and releasing that occurs in all aspects of our lives, at every level of scale, in our bodies and also our collectives. One prime example are the contractions that push the foetus from the womb.

What does this have to do with Collective Alchemy? At first sight, both these images are about transformation, endings and beginnings, the old and the new. It’s easy to map these onto the alchemical phases. As we travel along the timeline of either a forest fire or a birth process (especially from the perspective of the burning landscape or the foetus) we experience unbearable intensity with no escape, followed by stillness and renewal (but we don’t see that coming from the outset!). As humans, we also have the capacity to look beyond the immediate experience and see the journey in a wider context: the function the forest fire plays in regeneration of the ecosystem; the full birth process as a transformative aspect of life. This ‘meta-perspective’ can be seen as the alchemical crucible. “As above, so below.”

When we are in ‘over our heads’ in an overwhelmingly intense life episode, often our only recourse seems to be to dissociate, to absent ourselves from what’s happening—or to go insane. This is how trauma forms, leaving us with the aftermath of a partially digested experience that can mar our lives. It is the danger posed by ‘going meta’ as a way to escape the immediate experience. However, holding life’s crises and transformative moments in loving, collective awareness can make the difference between trauma and transfiguration. This is the gift of the Collective Alchemical circle—a place where we can be witnessed and held as we learn to be both in the intensity and physicality of the moment and in the vastness stillness of eternity at the same time; where we can recognise that we are the fire and the growth, the old and the new, the tension and the release. AND the fire and the birth pangs must be real: there is no lukewarm alchemy.


Preparation for the calls

Value is in question, these days, at every level. Even if we might be used to something, is it still of value? Is it still useful? Even if it isn’t, people still hang onto stuff… It feels like a good moment to check in with ourselves and the field of practice of Collective Alchemy, to take stock of our commitment to practice and its value in our lives (remembering that we tend to get out what we put in…) As you prepare to participate in Friday’s calls (or not) we invite you to ask yourself these questions:

What am I experiencing being created in my own being as I navigate the era shift?
What shape does my engagement with the field of Collective Alchemy field bring into that process , or what role does it play?

We hope to see you on Friday!


Your hosts are: Helen Titchen Beeth, Sarah Whiteley

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