Collective Alchemy portal day, Friday 18 February 2022

Friday February 18, 2022

Time to step throughthe third door

Dear friends and fellow cosmic beings,

Throughout this journey, the dual path of the Via Negativa and the Via Positiva have been showing up relentlessly, while the third way, intuited as the Via Creativa, has remained tantalisingly out of reach. This manifested again in our last hangout, in the phrase “the third door”, which made it through to our co-sensing among the embers from the hangout. During most of our co-sensing journey, (with Louise, Madeline, Judy, Neha, Pieter, Sarah and Helen), the energy of tumult was present and that third door continued, frustratingly, to elude us.

The co-sensing over recent months has picked up a persistent disturbance in the field. The constant shifts and adjustments to the framing and pacing of our collective practice have been attempts to resolve this disturbance, to no avail. Finally an insight dawned through our co-sensing process: a field of potential opens when alchemy is redefined in a way that moves beyond the need-based desire for transformation and finding the gold – into that co-creative exuberance of what beauty and wonder is possible. This was not going to manifest as long as we held on to the old structures, definitions and processes.

What has now become clear, therefore, is that the time has come to close this phase and form of practice, begun in April 2020. A key aspect of this is Helen and Sarah deciding to relinquish their role as stewards. This is their version of moving through the third door.

The co-sensors recognise and honour that this phase of practice has offered much of great value to us all as practitioners and human beings, not least because of the bonds of affection that have sprung up between us. What happens from now on will be entirely in the hands of all who wish to continue in practice together in whatever form suggests itself. Our shared task, now, as practitioners, is to explore what comes next—for us as humans learning to inhabit and co-create a radically new world. 

The invitation to come together for our Portal Day on Friday takes these developments into account. You are invited to gather in a circle of presence and silence, at our usual portal day times, so we can begin to absorb, digest and transmute what is changing, together. After that, we can lean into the simplest and most liberating of questions: What’s next?

Your hosts are: Helen Titchen Beeth, Sarah Whiteley, Louise carpenter, Pieter De Ceuninck, Judy Wallace, madeline typadis

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