Collective Alchemy portal day, Friday 17 December 2021

Friday December 17, 2021

Greetings fellow alchemists.

Within the on-going journey of our Collective Alchemy Field, the co-sensing of this wave began with our hangout two weeks ago and the collection of embers through our check-outs to bring forward into the co-sensing towards our circle gatherings this Friday.  Your co-sensors have been Sarah, Helen, Pieter, Molly, Marie-Jose, Neha, Ursula and Louise.

Our co-sensing found us dancing the dance of holding space, holding on and letting go; dancing on shifting sands moment to moment as the field does what it does best by bringing into sharp focus some of what is at play as the very nature of life on Earth shifts states. 

One moment there is clarity, the next, intense discomfort: feelings are strongly felt and failing mental patterns leave us disoriented – what fills that space?

Silence IS golden!

From the hangouts we brought with us the glowing coals of the potency of truly being oneself within the collective; the burning to ash of all that no longer serves; trusting the distillation process will carry forward the essence of what affirms life; the shifting of assemblage points – of the individual, the field and practice – and the liminal space of the ‘in-between’ as all dissolves and reassembles; and, the tangible experience of our Collective Alchemy fire, ‘virtual’ as it is, inviting us to co-creation together.

An image of the web of connection came in strongly during the co-sensing along with awarenesses around its strength, capacity to bear tension and carry vibration, as well as be broken.  Also, riding on the mystery of synchronicity, an article landed, offering the statement “Alchemy is a higher form of magic that also incorporates the study of substances and their interactions with each other” – leading us to ask: Are we those substances? and, Through interactions, is there a better chance for transformation? (this being the premis of the We Thesis and birth of Collective Alchemy – II : Alchemy and Collective Alchemy).  The gifts of truth, honesty and integrity; of keeping things close and listening to the body bring some stability within the motion of creative chaos and the question arises:


Photo Credit: Nick Fewings, Unsplash

Your hosts are: Louise carpenter, Molly Ryan Whiteley, Pieter De Ceuninck, Helen Titchen Beeth, Sarah Whiteley

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