Collective Alchemy Portal Day, Friday, 13 May 2022

Friday May 13, 2022

Greetings fellow Alchemists!
Your co-sensors this week (Aakanksha, Neha and Helen) picked up that initiation is in the air. Key words that carried through from the last Portal Day were mystery, innocence and intimacy. 
The field claims those who must be. For this coming Portal Day, the invitation to pick up the talking piece is a stepping into the centre for an initiation bath at the hot spring. You can only step in naked, pure as you already are. At the ever-expanding edge are those who hold the golden thread that both emanates from us and has travelled with us over these last months and years. It illuminates us in this dark and dense unknown. 
In this still and intimate togetherness, the Via Creativa reveals itself as something always emerging, allowing for no repetitions of the known. To walk it requires a flip in perception, as it were. Constant construction is constant destruction is constant construction… what might it be to live like that? In presence, the question we will gather around is:

In my unique presence, as I hold the golden thread, what is here? 


In the meantime, see our blog: ‘Principles of Collective Alchemy’, below, plus other blogs HERE.

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