Collective Alchemy portal day, Friday 10 September 2021

Friday September 10, 2021

Greetings fellow alchemists!

There has been a 6-week hiatus in our regular pattern of practice—a summer break. No regular Portal Day with calls; rather, a Portal Day with a difference (no calls) followed by an Alchemical Hangout (What has been alchemising in our lives?).

In our co-sensing journeys, there is a constant tension between following the narrative thread of our journey over time and constantly sourcing from the present. And yet, it is from our practice of sourcing from the present that the narrative thread has spun out across the months of regularly coming together for portal days, wave after wave. As we have come together to co-sense what is present in the field of our purpose (“to prepare awakening humans to step into co-creative, transformative, generative (r)evolution with all life”), we have found ourselves very much picking up where we left off: at the tipping/flipping point in the liminal space of the eye of the torus.

We remain within the paradox of collective alchemical practice: you cannot serve the future by sacrificing the present, and you cannot serve community by sacrificing the self. As the Era Shift progresses and intensifies, as the old world dies and the new world struggles to be born—including our own ‘old selves’ dying, and even perhaps questioning whether we want to live on in physical form as this liminal time of transition and uncertainty extends indefinitely, waiting for our new selves to show up—the lived experience of the dual path of Collective Alchemy is re-affirmed: the Via Negativa is the path of removing what is false; the Via Positiva is the path of living what is true. Sometimes it’s excruciatingly painful, sometimes it’s euphoric. What is more, over our months of co-sensing we have been intuiting the emergence of the Via Creativa* meandering towards us from the future. While still rare, there are moments when we find our feet on that path. An evolutionary phenomenon that cannot be willed or contrived, its qualities emerge from—among other things— the dawning of Integral Consciousness in the human collective; it seems to be strewn with magical synchronicities and experiences of communion and togetherness.

One of the principles of Collective Alchemy is “keep it close”: one way or another, information—no matter how subtle—comes to us through the body (both our individual body and our collective body). Even when there is a vast overarching question guiding an inquiry (like: What does it mean to be navigating the Era Shift Together?), the question we take into the silence with us as we enter circle together needs to be sufficiently close to our own lived experience in order for the body to resonate and react or respond. It also needs to open up to both the individual dimension of our own unique journeys towards maturation and our collective experience as a cohort of practitioners—particularly the ‘golden’ alchemical energy of togetherness as we travel.

As we re-enter our Collective Alchemy journey of inquiry after the summer:

What has been our experience of treading the dual path,
and what intimations might we be receiving of the Via Creativa?

* There is no clear definition of the Via Creativa. It is simply the name we give to a potential future way of being that we intuit is beckoning to us from the future, waiting for us to give it form and embodiment as we lean in and ‘listen’.

** The featured image comes from Heleen van Doremalen, creator of a golden moment (attended by Wini) featuring an audience, a sunset, heather and sheep…

Preparation for the calls

We invite you to (re)visit the following blog posts:

Your co-sensors for this wave have been: Louise, Giorgios, Wini, Ursula, An, David, Pieter, Sarah and Helen

Your hosts are: Helen Titchen Beeth, Sarah Whiteley, Louise carpenter, Pieter De Ceuninck

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