Collective Alchemy Portal Day, 4 March 2022

Friday March 04, 2022

Stepping beyond “the third door”

🔥See Blog post, as context-update, here: An era shift in the practice of Collective Alchemy

✨Message below, originally posted by Louise in Collective Alchemy Telegram Village, 22 February 2022

Dear CA friends and fellow practitioners……..I come to you fresh from the most recent of a long standing triad meet up (Sarah, Molly and myself who have been meeting regularly for the last nearly two years). I am moved to share some questions and observations here further to our calls last Friday which, (in case anyone missed them, and/or the content of the announcement), recognised and honoured that the time had come to close the phase and form of our CA practice which had been on-going since April 2020, allow the field to shift and open the possibility of stepping through the third door, onto the via creativa, with a key aspect arising that Sarah and Helen are relinquishing the stewarding role.

A lot of questions arise! We are in a spin cycle of a washing machine recently attached to an upgraded energy source – much is changing. How can we avoid the centuries old pattern of falling back into old patterns simply represented by different actors? How can we, together, find new ways of doing things? The energetic field of CA exists: we each can chose if and how we wish to participate. We are in transition from Sarah and Helen holding the stewarding – having now let that go and in so doing opening up the space to be held differently by all of us, rather than letting it drop!

It is of great credit to the integrity of the CA field and how it has been held that within it we are mirroring what is happening in the wider world: long standing structures and heirarchies, of authority and governance, resources and responsibility, relationship with the planet and nature – are all in flux, much is tumbling……………..and new ways of being and doing are arising (if we look in the right places – there is much evidence of the new already here! as well as the dissolution of the old).

One clear result of the relinquishing of stewarding and co-sensing roles, and to keep that clear and avoid muddying waters, is that Sarah and Helen won’t be calling and hosting co-sensing of the next wave (is there a next wave??), will not be writing an invitation, sending it out in a newsletter, placing it in the Telegram group, or on the website (there are technical, access and funding details to consider here that can play a part in whatever arises…..).

We are being confronted, up close and personal, in this space, with the reality of what it means to self-organise, to find ways of collective and community organising, of ‘seeing together and collective attention’, whilst also considering resources, communication, personal responsibility and leadership. It strikes me that this gives huge potential for inquiry into what a new structure and purpose might look like. Something consistently expressed through both calls last Friday was the value of our community, relationships and gatherings so it feels that there is strong impetus to continue to gather – it is up to us to explore what that is going to look like.

Assuming there is a zoom space available!! I am putting out a call here to any and all who would like to, that we meet on the 4th March, with a view to exploring! I am sure there is much more to be named – my purpose here is to get the ball rolling, with the hope that some may be moved to share responses and thoughts and additions here.

Much love from the drum of the cosmic washing machine! 💙🔥🌊💛🌳🌏💫🐝 Louise.

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