Invitation to practice, with a difference! Portal day, Friday 13 August 2021

Friday August 13, 2021

Forest fire in Evvia, Greece, August 2021

Dear fellow alchemists,

This portal wave, co-sensing has brought forth an eery silence. You might be – literally or figuratively – facing the blazing inferno of an uncontainable forest fire, or flooded out of your home. You might be lounging by the pool sipping a martini. The truth is, we don’t know. All is silent! What has emerged from the field is simply this: our co-sensing suggests that we need to practice portal day differently.

Portal days are the moments we come into community with the wider field. By releasing the calls we are abetting* the energy that has come to light in our co-sensing. All honour to Brandon for joining Sarah and Helen for one call (and thanks to Brandon for the hydrant image). Under the circumstances, the only way to be true to our sensing is to *“push any process further in the direction it’s already trying to go”, release the calls from the forthcoming Portal Day and invite you all, on that day, to simply sit with the question: what is alchemising in my life?

Bridging through to the end of summer, we can already announce an alchemical hang-out on Friday 27 August, at our usual times. Perhaps that will be a moment to share your responses to our question: what is alchemising in my life?

In the mean time, the Collective Alchemy Village space on **Telegram is open 24/7 to receive your news, your sensing, your requests for conversation and anything else you might wish to bring there.

*Mechanics of Collective Alchemy:
— “the strategy is to abet rather than to abate. You push any process further in the direction it’s already trying to go” […] “Symptoms often intensify when an illness is on its way out.” […] “Alchemists abet because it’s efficient and thorough.”

**Email Sarah or Helen here if you wish to join the Telegram group!

Photo Credits:

Gushing fire hydrant by Bridget Coila, Flikr
Forest fire image by Giorgos Toulas on FaceBook 

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