Our invitation to practice Collective Alchemy continues on 12 March 2021

Friday March 12, 2021

As the waves of change intensify, the community of Collective Alchemists launches its flotilla of coracles into the evolutionary jet stream of the era shift. Come practice with us!

Orienting the next Portal Day calls on the arc of the journey so far:

Our last portal wave washed us up and through the domain of the World Tree, culminating a 21-wave journey that started on 10 April 2020 and took us through our own collective version of the hero’s journey. After a month-long breathing space, we are ready to launch into a fresh inquiry. Although we announced that we would be shifting to a monthly rhythm of portal days, the nature of the new inquiry allows us to continue with our familiar twice-monthly pace.

The conditions in which we travel onward are very different. The community of collective alchemists has grown and our shared practice has deepened and intensified. There is a growing core of practitioners who regularly step in to sense and host, scout and forage for the larger group as we move through the unfamiliar terrain of the latent potential of the future. For this Portal Wave, your hosts are Pieter, An, Anna, Aakanksha, Louise, Sarah and Helen.

For the next cycle of collective practice, we will be journeying through a single over-arching inquiry, destination and terrain unknown. Having familiarised ourselves with the core practices of Collective Alchemy during the previous cycle, we feel ready to embark on a more challenging expedition, into the essence of what the practice emerged to serve: the Era Shift.

Framing the calling question


The Collective Alchemy Practice Guide offers the following definition:

Collective Alchemy can be defined as a complex set of practices that, when mastered, create the conditions for right relationship and rich interaction between humans and Cosmos, in service of the evolution of Gaia.”

As we enter this new cycle, it is hard to deny that our world is also in a different place. The waves of change are intensifying and many are feeling mounting disorientation and anxiety. Many of us have given up looking outside ourselves for guidance about what is true. In this context, we invite you to lean in with us to sense into the era shift together, through the lens of our own lived experience.

Because we will be traveling with this overarching question over multiple waves, we can expect the inquiry to deepen and complexify, split off into threads that then weave back into the bigger picture. Each of us holds a unique perspective, granularity of focus, range of elevation and depth, and capacity to perceive the invisible and the subtle. Bringing all of these together over time will enrich our shared understanding of who we are (becoming) and what is unfolding within and around us.

For this first wave of entry into the inquiry, we will be focusing on the basics:

What is this era shift? How is it showing up in our lives?
What is changing for and within each one of us?
How are we each experiencing and responding to our current circumstances
and the waves and glimpses of energies coming into our field of awareness?

The practice of Collective Alchemy is in service of (your) life

Our journey together will bear all the hallmarks of Collective Alchemy:

  • our circle will be held in the deeper Silence of nature and the cosmos

  • our sensing will focus on sourcing from the depths of the present moment

  • we observe and honour the interpenetration of individual and collective

  • the intense inner alchemy of transmuting pain and fear is held in the collective embrace of the circle, during the calls and beyond.

There is no such thing as lukewarm alchemy. The journey we are inviting you on is as real as life itself. Like life, it promises to be intense and sometimes difficult. As you step in with us, do not hesitate to avail yourself of the support that is available to you as a member of this community:

  • You are invited to practice together in triads (groups of three) in between portal days.

  • You are invited to join the online password-protected alchemists’ Living Room on the Collective Alchemy website, for ongoing conversation and support.

  • Deepening your practice requires study—the Collective Alchemy Practice Guide is a precious resource as are the blog posts about Collective Alchemy and on Integral Consciousness.

  • There is also the possibility of one-on-one sessions with core practitioners who offer their services in support of your individual journey.

  • You are invited to participate in the practice of co-sensing, harvesting and sense-making in preparation of forthcoming calls as our journey unfolds.

  • You can read the harvest of the previous cycle here.


Your hosts are: Helen Titchen Beeth, An Van Damme, Aakanksha Singh, Pieter De Ceuninck, Sarah Whiteley, Anna Brunain, Louise carpenter

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