Call 2: Collective Alchemy two-call series

Friday November 25, 2022

To continue to share, reflect and consciously close the practice of Collective Alchemy (in ways practiced thus far), before seeing what impulses arise to continue on the Via Creativa.

For context and framing for this second call of our two-call series, plus other invitations, see: A bridging field read: Collective Alchemy, October 2022.  [Shared below also.]

THIS field read includes three invitations for transitioning, beyond the PAUSE and into conscious closure of the practice of Collective Alchemy, so the Via Creativa can appear. These are:

1: GATHERING as a collective on Zoom (via this two-call series).

2: REFLECTING & SHARING at this transitional juncture (via a series of reflective questions).

3: BEING NOURISHED by the Collective Alchemy resources & field (via a number of pathways, practices & formats, for onward travel).


This is a heartfelt invitation, for everyone to gather in one space for the second of this two-call series.
Call 2 will be recorded and made available, alongside Call 1, in the practitioner’s Living Room.
[To explore joining the Living Room, please message HERE].


Save-the-date, hope to see you there!
Much love xx

Your hosts are: Louise carpenter, Molly Ryan Whiteley, Marie-Jose d’Aprile, Pieter De Ceuninck, Helen Titchen Beeth, Sarah Whiteley

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