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Patrons & Donors Call – Friday 4 December 2020

Continuing our inquiry: Exploring healthy energy and dynamics of money and resources Dear fellow Alchemists, We would like to invite you – especially (but not exclusively) those of you who have become patrons of Collective Alchemy; who have made a donation; are thinking of doing so OR have decided not to (yet) — to a second call to shine the potent light of our practice on the realm of money, economy and resources through the following question: WHAT HAVE WE NOTICED IN OUR OWN PRACTICE OF AND ENGAGEMENT WITH COLLECTIVE ALCHEMY – BY BECOMING A PATRON OR OFFERING A DONATION –  THAT CAN SHED LIGHT ON THE HEALTHY ENERGY AND DYNAMICS OF MONEY AND RESOURCES? The purposes of this inquiry:We

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Collective Alchemy continues 18 December 2020

Our 18th portal day finds us stepping beyond the dark wood and the light of a guiding star and communing with the numinous presence of The Moon on Water. Our invitation for Collective Alchemy practice, in service of the Era Shift, will be shared here soonest! In the meantime, we invite you to explore the blogs and visit the harvests from our previous portal days. Also, Explore >> What does it mean to be a practitioner?  

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