The fire that heats the crucible of transformation
cannot burn without fuel.

Whether you are a practitioner or simply wish to see this practice field flourish, you are invited to bring in some financial flow and energy, as an appreciation and an offering to ensure that this practice can continue to be held and hosted well.

Your financial contributions are also tangible ways of investing, reciprocating, sharing appreciation and deepening commitment to yourself, the collective and to the transformational potential of this practice.

Finally, your donation is a way of offering appreciation and gratitude for ‘The Collective Alchemy Practice Guide’, a resource that explicates and explores the practices of Collective Alchemy; a guide that can support our ongoing collective navigation in these times of uncertainty and change. The practice guide is available for Download or to Read online here.

Contributions can be sent via Paypal (single payment or recurring)
or Wise (single payment only).

Click the Button above >> Choose your currency >> choose recipient currency GBP >>  Input this email address to select the account >> Make your transfer💫

Thank you!

Call to Action: share & reciprocate

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