The fire that heats the crucible of transformation cannot burn without fuel. Whether you are a practitioner or simply wish to see this practice field flourish, you are invited to bring in some financial flow and energy, as an offering to ensure that this practice can continue to be hosted well.

There are two ways to contribute: either a recurring monthly payment, by becoming a patron (on Patreon) or by making a one-off donation (Paypal or TransferWise)

Become a patron

The donation space on the Patreon platform offers a way to contribute, as a tangible means of deepening our commitment to ourselves and to the transformational potential of this collective practice.

Your patronage supports this work to happen.

We greatly appreciate it!

One-off donation

Many thanks!

To explore the practice further, we recommend you join an Event or take a look at the Collective Alchemy Practice Guide.

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