What does it mean to be a practitioner?

Collective Alchemy offers different levels of practice—each deeper level requires a deeper level of commitment, ranging from participating in twice-monthly open calls, to self-organised triads and on-request 1-to-1 sessions, to co-sensing and co-hosting calls, to co-sensing the evolution of the practice field itself. Progression is by invitation and by choice. Practice currently takes place online. 

For a more detailed explanation please read The Four Rooms—Levels of engagement, practice and community (the metaphor of the 4 rooms). This metaphor of the Four Rooms takes its inspiration from the journey from seeker to master in the Sufi tradition. As our appreciation of the sacredness of the practice of Collective Alchemy deepens, we find this metaphor of the Four Rooms to be a perfect way to frame the journey of deepening practice.


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