Harvest of Collective Alchemy Practice Circles—9 October 2020




See also the Event invitation for more framing of this calling question:

Inside and outside, things are shifting.
It’s time for us to shift:
to shift our sensing more deeply into our bodies;
to shift our relationship to our own thinking;
to step up in service of the era shift.
Not standing on the edge to watch the wave,
but to be a particle moved as the energy of the wave travels through.
Our practice of alchemising all manner of intensity
on the vias positiva and negativa to date
has prepared us for this shift—which could be into the
via creativa
which expresses in and through emergence.

The back story…
your sensing and hosting team spent several hours on several days
searching for a question.
Arriving at a plethora of questions
all spawning more questions!
Revelation came
when we understood that we are ALL needed
to bring forth the focus of our ongoing inquiry.

Bringing in the cards raises the vibrations into the realms of the archetypal energies.

We are invited to sink into our bodies as we move deeper into the call.

Working with clay
can be a metaphor for practicing Collective Alchemy:
Clay is a demanding master.
Either you are present and honest with the clay,
or it will neither stand nor hold your design.
You are just the instrument of the clay
that allows it to transform into something else.
Being present, something will emerge.
Servant to the wet matter, and then to the firing.
The 2
nd firing is the real heart of the alchemical process:
You never know what will emerge!
We must be present, committed to practice,
able let go to see the magic happen.

Revisiting the invitation as we lean into our question:
“Between the two arcs of ‘old’ and ‘new’ exists a space or gap;
an ‘in-between’, rich in potential, possibility, uncertainty and not knowing.
Within this transformative vortex of potential resides white-water wave action,
often experienced as chaos, grief, terror, exhilaration, aliveness and joy.
This is the territory pregnant with potential in which humanity now finds itself,
in which we are learning how to surf the waves of change in service of a generative future.

Engaging with any living system means working in complexity — indeed, hypercomplexity.
It cannot be approached mechanistically, but requires a multiplicity of perspectives.
This means working in and as collectives.
This is where individuals need to come together with their peers in collective practice,
not only to navigate the fluctuations of non-equilibrium (the source of new order),
but also to actively seek and shape the field of potential,
in order to increase the probability of benevolent outcomes.
This the field of operation of Collective Alchemy.
It is the small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos
that have the capacity to shift the system to a higher order.

What is the impact of an “island of coherence in a sea of chaos?”
As we expand and deepen the collective crucible of our practice and presence,
might we also be expanding and deepening a “basin of fractal attraction”
that increases the likelihood of a particular future manifesting?
Is our collective sensing and coming into coherence
affecting manifestation beyond our immediate physical control?



What does it mean to actively practice trust?
What does it mean to practice active trust?

How can we share the essence of the practice?
How do we bring the practice to every part of our body?
What would come out of that?
What would be the power of bringing Collective Alchemy into nature?

What if the question was that there was no question?
How can we let go of thought-forms?
What would it be like to live directly in the waves of energy,
in stillness and acceptance?

My heart is beating fast
as I think of the bigger picture—the era shift—
the image of prostration, seeking a more earthed centre of gravity.
I daydreamed of the Earth crying out, in crisis:
climate change, disease, injustice, systemic exhaustion—
a calling, pulling on us who choose to hear its call:
there is change that will happen whether we like it or not.
It is calling us to understand that allowing the blessing from this change
to be lasting and truly powerful comes from us waiting for it to happen
but stepping forward to meet it from our own agency,
from our own stillness, from our own practice…
beings in service to the Era Shift.
To do that feels frightening—as if
there’s a decision to be made:
we enter into that change by going deeper into the pain;
drinking in the pain and the grief
of this call from the Earth
so that we can be the energy in that wave,
and not just particles in the jumble being sloshed around.
Are we prepared to be scared
by how powerful we are?

In every present moment,
what future does your heart choose?

How far can one reach?
In touching the furthest point of light—and in that light
were the faces of the collective.
How can we, together, preserve the Earth?
Protect the people?
Reach our potential?
There are endless opportunities to be agents of change.
There is strength in numbers.

Healing! Healing! Healing!
(“Us, not you”!)
In my healing, I am us.
How can we be courageous, step out,
stand tall, in hope and BE LIGHT
while healing.
My healing is the healing of the world.
It’s asking for expression, for sensing,
in between the calls!

What can I do to bundle and weave
the collective courage and celebrate the good,
for it to bubble up, to grow, to flourish?

Am I willing to love without condition?
Is it only my own thoughts holding me back?

What practices do we need to develop and practice
to continue to hear the cry of the Earth;
to stand grounded while we receive
the growing waves of pain?

What can we do to bring ease and grace
to the human experience of the Era Shift?
How do we tenderly and courageously dance
with the arrows of thought-forms?

The questions are carrying us like boats. They don’t need an answer.
Once we are across the river, they will no longer be relevant.
We are letting our sound into the new era.

What does it take to build collectives
amidst the distraction and confusion of the present times?
What does surrendering and resting with the Earth entail?
Are there ways of exponentially sharing this work?
How to proceed? (Silence, stillness, sensing).

How might we hold true embodied presence
while we really see, feel, and acknowledge all that’s arising—
all the unbelievable dysfunction,
the old patterns of collective abuses against one another and the planet,
all that we want to look away from?
How might we fully see all of this, own our part(s),
and as we do, step into the alchemical fire?
Somewhere on the other side we might see a world we don’t recognize,
as the old has burned away.
And we can look around and say, “for now our work is done”.

How to be present?
To keep our eyes and ears open?
How to keep our skin touching and being touched?
How to be present, to walk with the wind and swim with the waves?
Stand still in the sun and focus our gaze
on all that’s presenting itself
in mysterious yet clarifying ways?

Far from equilibrium.
How to decouple the Via Positiva & Negativa?
So preoccupied with the fear of the familiar disintegrating…
What do I want to let go of?
Something I saw, entering this space:
I saw Patriarchal Seeing.
I’m so sorry. I’m part of that.

Seek, expand, stretch and shape.
Would I be able to forgive myself if I didn’t respond to the call?
Protect the planet, address social injustice, seek common good.
This is all about the collective.
Do I trust in the power of the collective?
Do I believe we can effect change and make a difference?
I do believe in the potential of the collective—
it’s hard to do any of this by yourself.
I feel blessed to be part of this collective.

What is waiting to be born through us?
What is wanting to be born through us?
How might we midwife this energy?
What might we see if we engage more fully
with the 3
rd Generation?

What is the quest grounding our collective practice?
What if surrendering were simple?

What is the simplest form of courage
we can embody?

Is our practice ready to move into the Via Creativa of emergence?
Are we ready to focus on a question
and allow room for what happens in the 2
nd firing?
Not knowing… The power
of something new is coming through.

How to stay tuned with the energy
of the deepest gratitude and joy
within the unknown?

What are we surrendering to?

What would it mean to imagine a future
where we don’t all think alike?
that be an island of coherence?
(Unitas Multiplex)

The power of something new coming through us
as a collective practicing emergence
encompasses none of us thinking alike.
What emerges when we allow for a process
where we wait for “something to be delivered”
that is “above” where we are?

The fountain.
I’m stuck in the top of the fountain
where the energy is high.
It’s impossible to stay there, as Earthlings—
it’s too intense.
If we shut off the pressure, we would have a pool.
But we need the fountain.
How to find a rhythm to bring the energy in balance?

What would we take with us if we knew there was no going back?

Who showed up

An Van Damme, Jenny Hegland, Wini Condic Begov, Daniela Tablado, Pieter De Ceuninck, Hugo MacPherson, Brigitte Kupfer, (Ineke Hulselmans—in the ether with internet difficulties), Darya Gerasimenko, Aakanksha Singh, Sam Hinds, Judy Wallace, Patricia Hunt Perry, Marina Lynch, Madeleine Schwab, Anna Brunain, Louise Carpenter, Marie-José d’Aprile, Molly Whiteley, Sarah Whiteley, Helen Titchen Beeth.


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