Harvest of Collective Alchemy Practice Circles – 8 May 2020

Jenny's harvest 8 May 2020


(1st call)

Remembering that we are descendants
of Sky Father and Earth Mother.
There is no separation between us
and the other elements of creation –
the gross and the subtle.
Perhaps some of the breakdown and breakthrough
is a decolonisation of our minds,
opening ourselves to the wisdom
of the ancient ones who have trodden this path
before us.

So sweet to sit in silent circle.
The truth of this moment
lies in the presence of the sacred.
Pregnant time,
Open heart,
Every cell zinging with life.
Such power in this human capacity
to hold intentional silence together.
I know that when I flow
out of this space
into my day,
my choices and actions
will be different.

Discerning what is true
sometimes comes from understanding
what is not true.
Peeling away the layers of untruth
to reveal the truth beneath.
We are learning to attune
not to human LAW
but to natural LORE –
indigenously rooted,
resonating and connected to all that is.
We are finding our way home
to a way of being, intuitively geared to that
in every moment.
Allowing the true to reveal itself
by attuning to natural lore.
When aligned with natural lore, we know
we are both individual and collective
in every moment.

Where and how to ground in this inquiry?
Ultimate Truth is pure Consciousness.
How to hold the truth
within the dream – or nightmare –
that we have been dreaming together?
There’s a truth that they are both here and not here,
those systems of exploitation and death.
How to hold that?

The truth of the onion,
peeled back to discern
what is true for ME.
Is that the same for the collective?
LOVE is true for all life.
The truth is also that
the onion makes you cry.
These socialised thought forms
that say “laugh, don’t cry”
prevent us from hearing the Truth
that everything Is as it Is. Just that.
Developing the collective capacity
comes from practices like these.

A sense of compassion
for what is and what was.
Compassion for what might
have been true at a moment
where truth had not yet become
whatever it is today.
My cells know, indeed.
And somehow it was important
for us to fall asleep and forget.
Now we are in the sense
of reawakening to something
we are all connected to,
in the space between
the breakdown and the breakthrough.

Yeah, but what does “truth” even mean?
If truth is like water,
then sometimes it’s ice, and sometimes it’s steam.
I have but one name for snow, but others
who know it better, have a thousand!
What if truth is like a river?
The water is never the same,
and the landscape is forever changed by its passage.
It can feel safe and familiar
If I can enter with an open heart.
Truth is an ongoing process
of willingness to live open
in the multifarious flow.
To hold that willingness together,
we might need to hold the confidence
that the seasons will still follow
discernible cycles and patterns.

What is the difference between
What is true” and “What is”?
Acknowledging the many forms, too,
of what is not – our assumptions, our illusions.
I have long reflected on Self-Esteem:
pondering my abilities
part of me feels doubt, guilt, even:
what should I be capable of.
How to parse the subtleties of
self-esteem, self confidence, self love?
Perhaps the answer does not lie in the mind.
The body knows,
home to compassion and the open heart,
wellspring of confidence and faith,
unconditional trust in ourselves,
coming full circle back to self-esteem.
And what of cultural differences?
When we drop from discursive mind
we find that we can function beneath that stream.
Indeed, “there is no other”.

My morning practice:
tune in with nature,
invite my nature body
to be a sounding board
for invisible knowledge.
Receiving signals from the natural world
about the truth or untruth of the moment.
The ancestors had practices
to tune in as a collective
to the messages that come
from the realms of the unconscious.
We need these in our times.

Returning to feeling.
The human embryo in the womb
before its feet ever touch the Earth.
The deeper knowing of the laws of life,
of higher forces, beyond the comprehension of our senses.
How often we forget
that something that is deeper and greater.
Yet we all know the Truth.
And we have created conditions
that condemn us to live on the surface of things,
exiled from that inner knowing.
We know what to do,
but there’s always something getting in the way.
Are we able to reach the level of attunement?

What are the alchemical ways
back into alignment with What Is?
I notice the Witnessing in myself.
Is that what we are doing here?
What about practice?
Shifting consciousness to witnessing awareness,
while still seeing my dependency
on the very systems I want to change.

What’s the movement for discerning?
A rocking back and forth.
What does an outdoor dojo look like?
Bringing the quality of this space
to moments outside this dojo;
Inviting others – perhaps those in distress –
into this space of acute listening
into the moment.

(2nd calll)

My response is breaking open
my stories of myself,
through my highest teachers:
the honey bees.
Inspecting the spiral more closely,
I see a series of segments
expanding & contracting.
What are symbols?
What is meaning,
in this field of newness
where words don’t describe what reveals itself
in the corner of my eye.

The whole of my being
is an organ that knows.
Through the heart,
through the gut,
through the cells,
through the hairs on my skin,
through invisible antennae
that tell me I am All of It,
with the simple capacity to perceive the view
from this very place where I am.

What is True?
Discerning is not doing,
or walking some place.
It’s a coming down.
An awareness.
Not a project,
but an opening for knowing.
An awareness of what is.

How do I relate to the truth?
By telling it that it is true.

The capacity to accept that truth
may be subjective.
Is there a truth that exists
outside our relationship with it?
My practice: holding the intention of truth,
allowing the body to discern
and recognising that awareness.
As for the collective ability to discern
what is true, without falling
into the intellectual project…
What a big project that is!

The very word “Truth” disturbs me.
How much has been destroyed
in the name of Truth?!
The hubris in my own quest for it.
Truth feels close to Control.
I’m capable of sensing only
such a tiny amount
of all that is available.
Attaching the completeness of Truth
to my fragment of experience
feels dangerous.

Is there a difference between
what is “True” and what is “Truth”?
The calcification, the rigidity of the fundamental
feels dead.
Is ‘What is True’ What Is?
Is saying that something is true
pinning something down?
What “Is” feels more open.
In the silence I felt
such an amplified energetic
of the spiral,
channelling, tunnelling in my body;
leaving through my heart
at warp speed;
landing in the silent stillness.
What if part of our practice as collectives
is to learn to traverse
the turbulence of noisy voices
and conflicting perspectives,
the energetic disturbance throwing off
all the elements we think we might name,
to arrive at what resides at the centre,
that holds the quality and signature
of What Is?

The life that lingers
on the edges;
peripheral vision,
seeing through the sides of my eyes…
holding the potential for something to move;
for a different perspective to emerge.
If the Truth becomes dogmatically protected
in the way it has been socially constructed,
then there is no room for movement.
The willingness to let something move,
to know that I can still learn a new true thing
with the next experience,
holding what I think I know to be true
(Gravity works!)
while seeing something I wasn’t expecting
modifies my embodied understanding of truth.
When I allow myself and everybody else
to be both sensible and sensual –
to be able to sense
as well as think about what I am sensing –
I recognise that at any moment,
in any encounter,
my truth, your truth, our truth
can alter.
If the social construct is the collective sensing what’s true,
perhaps a more hopeful practice is
holding the definition of untruth at bay
long enough for a new pattern
to reveal itself through us –
knowing that some ‘truths’ (like conspiracy theories)
are too hard for me to hold as my truth –
until they are open to what might move next
for me or for others.

If I am attached to what I believe is true,
then I know that is not the truth.
That fragility is an indicator
that there is something there that I am not feeling.
When I hold true, it’s something
with lightness and love and wholeness
and 360° of my being,
there is something so powerful and generative
about that type of trueness
the complexity, all of it.
That kind of TRUE:
holds an alignment no words can describe.

Maybe we don’t need words.
If we can put an essence into a bottle,
then perhaps things can be simple.
Trying” to be in the moment
takes me out of it.
How do I live in the moment,
without the Project
of “developing the ability to discern”?
Walking the path is easy
until I start to think!

‘Discern’ and ‘noise’.
When I wake up in the morning,
the noise is in my head.
It lasts however long it lasts,
until Higher Awareness arises.
When awareness comes, it comes in words
that are unfamiliar to me.
It comes from the edge,
or from a higher frequency.
This morning, its message was
to wish well for everyone.
It takes me to a place I haven’t been
It feels like I’m evolving
and this is one way it manifests.
It is a process of discernment
that relates to our burning off the dross
so that another voice can come through.

Images of movement, dancing.
I have to surrender,
even to dissolve
into a next movement,
until I am received by another movement;
welcomed, curious what it will be.
Learn from it and then again dissolve.
What is true is to be relinquished in each moment,
to be found again afresh in the next.
When I allow myself to release
into the constant fluidity of surrender in every moment,
there is a beauty, an aliveness
in this instant if I dare to dissolve
into the next movement,
becoming the river.

The breakthrough speaks to me
of something being born,
but not quite there yet.
The ability to discern is an ongoing subtle attuning
to the energy in my body, in my heart;
an alignment with a soul level awareness
to know what is true for me in that moment.
Things are always in movement,
yet over time there is a consistency
that forms the constantly tested, resonant path of my True Service.
My curiosity is around the collective.
Imagine the unique fruits of our individual discernment
in the collective field.
It may appear as some form of chaos, of breaking down.
But as those of us who do our Inner Work come together,
a collective awareness begins to emerge,
with all its splits and fragments,
something incredible can come through,
something multidimensional and contradictory.
In these great moments of change
there can come an instant
where everything comes together
and something moves from there.

Why do we need to know what’s true?
Discerning what is true is a response
to what we are presented with;
a pinning down and contraction.
Truth is a vibrational resonance.
When I move into the collective
I go into a stuck place.
Rather ask: “What is possible?”
That opens things up.
Is it a waste of time,
discerning what is true?
Given that we have the vibrational awarenes
to experience What Is in the moment,
the “What is possible?” opens up a greater space of potential
than the “What is True?”

From all that has arisen here,
What has landed and taken root
that we will carry forward into our lives?

(1st call)

The separation of the spiritual and the material
is integrated by witnessing transparently
how our material needs are met.
I carry forward the resacralisation
of every dimension of my existance.

This conversation will continue;
abiding with What Is.
Living with that question:
life as an invitation
into moments of practice
infinitely enchained.

The quality of shared silence
created a surge of love
for life, for nature.

The great mystery of humanness
and wildness.

We need to be practicing both,
sharing presence and making meaning.
Touching into the instinctual level
living deep inside.

Water and the vibration of sound;
Water is the life
we are all floating in together.

All remedies for discernment
are to be found in our own ecosystem,
Right here, Right now.

Vibration, journeying together
into the material.

The power of slowing down,
leaning in,
telling stories.

Streaming, floating together
into a river of sound.
Water is never different than itself.
It is always water,
whatever its form.

How to combine
the material and the spiritual
the individual and the collective?
A rose is a rose is a rose.
What Is is what is is what is.

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.

Everything is truth;
Because everything is what is.
there’s a stilling, an accepting.
The School of Truth invites us
beyond the illusion of separation.

(2nd call)

If we could each learn to dissolve
from one moment’s truth into the next,
what would become possible
through our species
on Earth at this time?

If we believe that we have
a shared nervous system,
then to be with each other in the practice
of trying to discern
requires a deep witnessing
that reveals something
and dissolves something.
The relational work required
to be in discernment together
feels like the point of the practice.
What might this process activate in us collectively?

My thoughts began with a sense of concern
about my own wellbeing in all
that’s happening in my country.
The thought that then came through
was from a higher level;
with such power
it moved me forward.

Stringing your words like a necklace;
The art of dissolving.
The power of falling
out of and into balance,
again and again.

Looking at the relationship
between the individual and humanity,
Soul-level awareness.
I will take these things with me
and let them unfold.

How unsilent is the silence!
Hearing the birds
behind all your words.
How much more IS
in every moment.

I just don’t know.
It is difficult to make sense
of all that is shared here.
An intensity in this quest
is very attractive.
That intensity is the compass
that is all I know at this moment.

What can be learned from the bees?
Remembering what it is like
to be together in a cave.
Sitting in the dark without light
is when we understand the nature of the cave.

Such fullness, overflowing.
Definitions? Truth? Discernment?
To what end?
What is relevant? What is essential?
This has been eye-opening,
breaking open another depth.
A journey into the invisible:
the movement, the invitation, is strong!

Every moment is
an alchemical process of co-creation.
The question of what is true
brings us to the place of “universal laws”.
The capacities of the elemental,
submolecular aspects of reality
frame what is possible.
Then it’s our capacity to imagine,
and our willingness to accept
that things are possible
that are beyond our capacity to imagine.

When we come together in inquiry,
some of what no longer serves gets burned away
and a larger collective sense of knowing emerges.
That in turn shifts and changes,
in an iterative unfolding
that takes all of us.

I am so grateful for this group –
for our harvests and our present.
Most groups I facilitate
don’t seem to want to go there.
I need this group too.
Beneath, we’re all connected.

Who showed up:

Luea Ritter, Sarah Whiteley, Inna Chilik, Jenny Hegland, Anna Brunain, Caroline Rennie, Roxanne Le Failler, Sharon Moreham, Daniela Tablado, Melinda Varfi, Julia Hoffmann, Jacob, Marie-Jose d’Aprile, Anne Billen, Neil Davidson, Lynda Griebenow, Debra Roberts, Louise Carpenter, Jessica Srikantia, Patricia Hunt Perry, Steve Ryman, Arielle Cameron, Judy Wallace, Helen Titchen Beeth.

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