Harvest of Collective Alchemy Practice Circles—5 June 2020

Collective Alchemy_Call 1_5 June 2020



Our luminous strands span the globe!

A lot has been moving in our world in the last two weeks
The heat is being turned up—disturbance, chaos—
that has forged our invitation
just as we are being forged.
There is a time for being in our personal work
of cleansing and clearing.
Now we enter the place where we tune in
as a collective being;
bringing the stories we have lived,
seeking to be helpful to Gaia and this Era Shift.


As the Great Pause loses its focus into more collective confusion in many places, in the US cities seem to be melting down in an intense wave of racial fury.

It seems that humanity’s rite of passage is truly begun. We don’t know how long it will last or how bad it will get. We only know that trying to fend it off would be disastrous.

Wait…. what?…

The fragmented, ego-ridden humanity of today cannot survive in tomorrow’s world. Whatever form this rite of passage will take it must therefore be intense and uncontrollable enough to bring humanity to an authentic collective (species-wide) death-rebirth experience, or else the unimaginable potential of the future humanity awaiting us on the other side will be stillborn.

It requires huge pressure to bring forth a diamond from coal. What does it make sense to do in these times, then when both our instincts and our conditioning demand that we throw all our energies into fending off what’s coming?

Walking the tightrope into a thrivable future requires the rope to be anchored at both ends of the squeeze we are heading into. The rope that reaches us from the past to the present can no longer serve us—that storyline is bankrupt and we know it.

Relying on Collective Alchemy’s core practice of “sourcing”, can we lean together ‘through the veil’, into the realm of unmanifest potential— the home of the future humanity— to snag and pull through, from the future to the present, a rope that can hold our collective weight as we traverse the great squeeze?

Our calling question for this next practice portal is intended to bring us together into that space:


What does it mean to be in Sacred Space?
‘Sacred’ is that feeling you get when you move into a place of power or ceremony.
How can all that is arising in the world be held as sacred matter?
What if
all that is in motion is in service of the Era Shift?
Moving from the mundane space to sacred space,
there is a reverence that cloaks me.
How might we step forward into sacred space together
to do honour to the gravity of our calling question?
This is no small question at our centre.
We invite mindfulness in engaging with it.
What gesture do you offer,
as you enter the sacred precinct?


(Opening call)

So many meanings in these words.
What comes to me feels clear.
Multiple axes and planes, like a golfer
rotating around the core axis.
A sacred understanding: we align
on that plane where we can meet
each other to be in relation,
in potent energetic exchange.
Aligning “on”, not “to”.
It behooves me to shift
to where I can meet others—
on all those different planes where
others can be found—even uncomfortable ones.
The currency is exchange.
What does it mean to shape shift
as I rotate around my own unique core?
Can we do this together?

Playful community—others aligning
around core values: joy, comfort, happiness, love…
These we all share,
as a constant theme and source of yearning.
When all the bells and whistles are stripped away,
we align in the heart space.
Connecting to transcendental experience,
even as strangers to that,
we are raised up to higher vibrations.
A guide we all recognise, in the heart;
and a beacon attracting our yearning
for higher connection.

In my own innerness, alignment already IS.
No doing is needed, only the finding
of the wholeness that is already aligned.
It’s a quality, and an activity
of birthing—in the human way, or
as a metamorphosis.
A birthing and a discarding all at once.
I offer myself and the world
this wholeness and this unnameable safe space,
womblike: warm, nourishing, neutral,
where others, too, can find alignment.

I sense a lightness and a gentleness
in the unknown to which we align.
Something gentle, soft, almost invisible.

A feeling of responsibility
to live my full potential.
Just that. There’s nothing else to do.
But I must trust that I, and we, will take that responsibility.
Have confidence in confidence,
not undermined by fear and doubt.
A virtuous spiral of confidence in confidence alone.

I offer some chaos.
We have spoken of alignment as an axis,
as a purpose-driven trajectory.
I bring the orbit of polarity: things that are opposite, in conflict.
Mixed messages in this liminal state.
The turbulence of transition:
are we leaving or arriving?What does it matter
when held up to what we are experiencing—
the perfection of the moment we inhabit or host?

Burst, by the pressure, like a grape in the press.
I am emptied out into the lake of the collective mind.
My illusory shell evaporates,
leaving a point in space,
emitting a unique but resonant signature of benevolence
into the ether.
Knowing myself to be co-extensive with the One,
I align on my embodied, innocent will,
as a fearlessly incarnating soul.
My heart, like a radiant beacon,
communes with all that is;
broadcasting wide what is of relevance
to this sacred moment;
drinking in the nectar of love and beauty
that is the signature of this creation.
All is well. Always.
This is our collective SELF unfolding.

My heart is vibrating.
Deep listening, moment to moment
is how I stay ALERT.
The meaning of this shifts its shape
as I listen to your words.
Noticing my noisy monkey mind,
polluting my womb space…
but that space is everywhere—
provided I choose to engage!
Confidence that I can recentre on that core.
The opposites co-arise in every moment.
The meaning perpetually shifts its shape:
that gives me confidence.
I don’t need to show up strong,
with a clear direction or destination.
Despite the turbulence, that resonance comes through.
Not in the words, but in the felt sense,
as the structures I grasp for crumble away.

Confidence in confidence,
trust in trust.
‘zich trauen’ and ‘vertrauen’:
both to dare and to trust!
It was Goethe who said:
As soon as you trust yourself,
you know how to live.
Trust is the most revolutionary
political term of our times.
As humanity, we have no language for what we are living.
We don’t know we are pregnant.
And yet, aligning with the baby of the future
pulls us forward.
Aligning to the fast-flowing river of the Hopi prophecy:
This is us, here and now:
we are in the river, seeing each other and celebrating.
The womb is only safe for the duration of gestation.
There can be no holding back or holding on.

Warriorship is the entry portal,
followed by courage and connection,
fortifying and mutual support;
breath and life.
High vibration, expansion.
How come (love, compassion, truth) are in brackets?
Ascension is the destination.
And what of those who are not coming?
“Keep going. Let that radiate.”

Your words flood the space
with authenticity.
I feel big. Full.
How are we conditioned to relate to turbulence?
Wanting to protect, to make it gone.
Entering the Sacred Space,
awareness is core.
The alignment is there, beneath
the layers of separation and conditioning;
seeing the turbulence with the eyes of love.
It has always been with us.
I am feeling the magnetic pull.

Last night I placed a card (the Blasted Oak)
on my desk, facing East,
with the crystal shard and the obsidian knife.
Inviting egress and ingress.
My iPhone’s compass showed a 180 degree error.
We need to track the terrain, not the map.
To know where the flow is going,
we must be in the mirror.
Working with polarities—hell!
Things are upside-down, back-to-front, inside-out.
Do you know where the sun is?
Trust the Universal Lore that we know through our bodies,
not the misinformation coming through
our hypermodern artifice.

The beauty in all that is,
behind the appearances: perfect imperfection.
The curiosity of the very small child
feeling, tasting, exploring.
Imagine doing that together!
Keep moving, stay in the flow of life.
The weather is forever changing,
as we walk the knife edge of the mountain ridge.
Keep steady and follow the Golden Thread.
Seek to stop nothing.

Surrender has been echoing in my mind.
Trusting the unfolding events—not fighting the right thing.
Surrender to the river, to the birth.
Not passive, but accepting.

A powerful river
bursts forth
through a sphere of opposing colors.
All is held within a womb
that is held within a womb
until it’s birth time arrives
and it is ready
to flow out
drop by drop
gently piercing through
layers of veil
that shield us
from seeing ahead.

(Closing call)

On what are we aligning?
Can we align with the chaos;
appreciate the potential that it brings,
its potency as a force of transformation?
Can we allow it as much as possible?
Aligning with the hum of nature—the bees
as weavers of the fields of light,
the underlying hum of being,
allowing ourselves to be part of the whole,
guided by the elemental forces,
in communication with Gaia, traveling with her.
Holding a space open to receive, without expectation,
open beyond our capacity to imagine.
This seems preferable to resistance, fear, despair.
Be loving, be kind, step out of judgement and polarity.
LET GO of that rope from the past to the present,
with all its attachments.
Cultivate gratitude for all that is coming.

Nature will be here in the future.
Nature is here with us now.
Could nature be what anchors both ends of the rope?

Align with the truth
that’s right in our faces, now.
I’m a product of the 1960’s.
loved those African American kids I taught back then,
as they struggled to make a life.
They struggled then, they struggle now!
Minneapolis, Boulder… these are beautiful cities…
for white people.
I’m seeing policemen walking with protestors,
policemen taking the knee.
The hints are there, amidst the pain and grief.
I hold the truth that
everyone belongs.
Absolutely EVERYONE!

My contrarian self is triggered by the invitation to alignment.
Where I am, I’m experiencing the snow melt.
The water finds its way to the sea in so many different ways.
I’m thinking of the damage we do with our attempts
to channel the water into alignment.
What if it’s not about alignment, but
trusting the pull of the future
to bring us all through?

I have to smile that I am triggered
by the assumption that alignment means
forcing uniformity!
Let me never forget that I am an incarnating soul.
This brings me a perspective situated beyond the anxieties
of the present moment, beyond my fear of loss, of pain, of grief, of death.
Can I lean in with curiosity: how will this all play out?
What will it actually take to birth the future human?
How much squeeze will be enough?

There is a lump in my throat:
living in Minneapolis, I cannot speak.
I feel like I’m in a web: every point I touch takes me further
into my unraveling. I’m being undone.
My alignment is with my unknowing.
Everything I thought I knew is changing.
I don’t know what to do.
And yet, the hummingbird came in response to the bell.
Nature is willing to hold me, as I do what I can.
As I wear my privilege, I can stand in front of you,
protect you so your voices can be heard.

This morning I was calm.
Today, Guantanamo arose in my heart.
All the visited detainees. All the voices,
mistreated, unheard. It hurts SO MUCH!
My throat feels raw.
Tonight the moon is full.
It’s a time to let go of some of this grief.
I fear the chaos, but when we let it burn,
the magician can step out, ushering in a new time.

Alignment with history.
There have been eight social movements in the US,
and each one effected change.
Use your voice!

I have been aligned with the generational cycles.
I was born in the high after WW2.
Then came the rebellion against the first phase,
Then comes the unraveling of the institutions,
landing us in the Crisis. I can see
how these cycles operate in my life.
In the universe, the downward arc brings us back to balance.
Aligning with the movements in the sky,
without knowing where my place is in all this.

I feel aligned with the unfolding great mystery…
and who is the “we” in the question?!
When I receive from Source, there is WIND.
I spent a day in grief this week—I was radicalised in the 60’s
I chose to live in a neighbourhood where ‘anyone’ could live.
That brought depth to my understanding of what is happening in this country.
We who are white don’t have the experience of people of colour.
We were in it in the 60’s, and here it is again.
I’m aligned with BELONGING.
Align from Source, not from the mind.

What came to me in the silence: the words:
“The occasion of our understanding.”
An occasion for my understanding was participating
in the Occupy movement in Greece and Israel.
Those experiences hold deep resonance
with what is happening in the US in these days.
I remember the day when the tent village in Syntagma
was set to be cleared. Standing in between
the young musicians and the police, protected by their visors.
“You’re frightening us!”
It was the priest who shifted the dynamic
with his megaphone.
Xamos hit: the square was cleared
we all helped each other through the tear gas and the panic.
Now we know how to mobilise, to become resilient,
to shift into hummingbird mode.
In all the mayhem and violence,
what was calling us to participate,
responsive in the moment?

Right now, I am aligned with a dying process.
Dying on top of dying on top of dying:
my roles, my plans, my communities, my world.
It’s always been about building for me.
Over the past year, I’ve let go of it all.
The past weeks have brought me fury;
I’m a raging volcano!
I, who have always been so deeply committed to non-violence…
all I want to see now is everything burnt down.
The loving part of me wants the same thing,
whilst holding all that’s dying with love.
Dying on top of dying on top of dying:
I’m forced to commit to this process.
The invitation to let go of hope,
as an anchor of resistance to surrender.
Forcing our current reality on life support,
when it is clearly begging to die, is wrong.
Here we are again, and here it is still!
Revolutions don’t work; they just get folded back
and co-opted into the same game of oppression and suffering.
The painful death of my hope that change can happen;
at least: change as reform.
Can paradigms really change,
at the deepest level that births our way of thinking?
Or are they simply born, and then they die?
This world is begging to die.

Alignment with TRUTH.
How? Aligning with honesty;
Honesty with myself, before
I can be honest with others.

I need to reclaim my diversity.
Part of me doesn’t like being German.
Seeing echoes of what we precipitated. I recall
awakening to the horrors of what was done, age 14.
We’re wrestling with the “never again” paradigm.
Well, maybe it didn’t go deep enough!
Educational alignment: I felt so much guilt.
It can never again be set aright—
we must all do our best to live forward.

This week overwhelmed me—
the repetitive enormity.
What can I align with?
What are my own core values?
Fairness, kindness, respect…
my unshakable faith that humanity
will eventually confront injustice.
We can re-imagine a future where
we accept those who are different to us.
The novel and invisible virus, Covid;
and the violent and embedded virus, Racism.
The one is calling for distancing and isolation;
the other calling us to stand united as a community.

Earlier today I participated in an Art of Hosting online
Open Space about Collaborating with all that is.
But what is “All that Is”?
Where can I find out more?
Nature, the universe, the greater Whole…
It humbles me to recognise
how superficial is all that I know.
I am unconscious of so much;
blind to so much!
What will broaden my perspective?

My stories are all so easy!
I have become so aware
of having been born a blue-eyed, blonde Scandinavian.
I acknowledge the SAD in my friends FB post,
and that deserves a thank you!
My oh-so-cute blond, blue-eyed babies
attract ooh’s and ah’s in the street,
while my African American friend asks us
to make sure we leave the store with our receipt!
I want to keep showing up and inviting
EVERYONE to the camp fire.
When you hear someone’s true story,
it’s harder to reduce them to externals
over which they have no control.
Am I doing all I can?
I don’t know, but I doubt it!
Even this question is a gift!

What do I take with me as a supportive energy to continue on my journey
in the next 2 weeks?

Our connection;
The wisdom;
a remembering from the future

The experience of surrender—I surrender because I trust.
A sense of dignity that gives me strength.
An aching for waking into curiosity.
Feeling fear, joy, hope & despair, all at once.

Growing turbulence: not turbulence that grows,
but turbulence that helps us grow.

Holding opposites:
in and out of the river,
confidence and diffuseness,
warrior and gentleness,
trusting that I can.

Trusting the turbulence.
The power of stepping in with openness and presence.
Daring and trusting are linked…
Innocent curiosity about what life can be like.

The call from the future generations.
The invitation to drop more of what holds me back
and keeps me out of the river.

Enormous joy at our capacity
to connect across such distances
and dedicate time and presence
to what calls us.

Surrender to the process

The gift of engaging with the Sacred Matter
of these times, in the spirit of ceremony.

My own re-activated calling

the joy of connection and belonging to each other
and the waking together as we embrace the great mystery

The courage to look reality in the face,
even when I’m powerless to respond constructively.

I listened to the music of the heart

A strong sense of deep purpose unfolding,
a whisper of light on the wind—everywhere.

The power of radical trust—
in self, in each other, in life.

Hospicing the old, midwifing the new,
within the compassionate heart.

What can I do?
Am I doing all I can?

The light of the sun, the Earth and the full moon
in the expanded fire of Saggitarius,
heading for a lunar eclipse tonight.
Energetic reset.
Surrender to the great mystery that eclipses us!

Trust in the flow of life, mystery,
all that wants to happen.

A heaviness of fundamental anchoring.
The pebble in the pool, the ripples
of the seen and unseen aspects of our call.

A sense of community—and questions around it.
Awareness of the need to walk through the fire
(even as the rain pours down).

And opportunity to be
that force for change.

Who showed up: Anna Brunain, Ineke Hulselmans, Daniela Tablado, Dalya Islam, Jenny Hegland, Jessica Srikantia, Hugo MacPherson, Marina Lynch, Dounia Saeme, Ursula Hillbrand, Brigitte Kupfer, Marie-José d’Aprile, Patricia Hunt Perry, Judy Wallace, Steve Ryman, Suvi Juvonen, Christopher Di Franco, An van Damme, Arielle Cameron, Ellen Decoodt, Molly Whiteley, Madeleine Schwab, Bikundo Onyari, Madeline Snow, Julia Hoffmann, Louise Carpenter, Melinda Varfi, Lynda Griebenow, Sarah Whitely, Luea Ritter, Helen Titchen Beeth

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