Harvest of Collective Alchemy Practice Circles—28 August 2020



See also the Event invitation for more framing of this calling question:


The rainmaker.
In a far distant land,
drought has a grip.
Despair is among the people.
Ritual, sacrifice, dance, prayer: nothing works.
Squabbling starts as tension rises.
“Let’s call the rainmaker.”
A messenger is sent, and returns
weeks later
with an ancient, wizened man.
He asks nothing
but a hut on the edge of the village
and a bowl of rice.
Three days later – a snow storm!
How did you do that? ask the amazed villagers.
“I am not responsible” replies the old man.
Yes, but what did you DO?
“I come from a place”, he gently replies
“where natural order moves.
I needed three days in this place
to tend my inner balance.
Now, what is outside informs me,
and what is within me informs my environment.”

This story speaks to the wisdom of humility and responsibility;
it is for us, as a collective field,
to hold inner balance.


Stand in the space of the Story of Separation.
What is it like? What do we see, hear, feel?


Stand in the space of the Story of Interbeing.
What is it like? What do we see, hear, feel?



There was heaviness without grounding.
A weight on the shoulders
in an unsafe space.
I cannot be free if I’m with others.
Separation felt heavy; stiff but strong.
And fragile: if you’re pushed,
you must fight or fall.
Connections through cables.
A stress knot in the belly,
forever apologising for who I am.
Restless, crying, heavy-hearted.
In the space of separation
everything was in my head—
this space is living in my mind!
I don’t like it, but I’m often stuck there,
going round and round,
cut off from my body.
Feelings of tension—what a blessing
to throw them off!
In the space of separation I felt heavy.
Stiff, like a rock in the lower body.
The upper body felt raw—wanting to escape:
Trapped in a silent scream.
In the Story of Separation, my eyes are too heavy to open.
Closed, inward. Stuck energy.
A wobbly power-pose, tension in the crossed arms.
Instability. Unsupported.
The frequency of anxiety.
Physical heaviness, rigidity,
nausea and sweat.
Resistance in my mind—
while my body tells more truth.
Jolted into the experience of separation—
into the pain.
Survival in low frequencies.


I can relax, and feel at ease.
Life becomes a space of free flow.
I am even more free when I am with others.
Interbeing brought a gentle smile
in a supportive sea.
Connection dorsal and lateral:
an omnipresent, dense network;
strong and flexible, in artistic flow.
Finally arriving at a place
I always knew existed,
but where I’ve never been.
Balance, rocking, relieved.
I don’t want to leave this space!
I don’t know what my frequency is—
I don’t have to describe it,
I know I can recognise it.
Stepping into the space of interbeing
I don’t have to cut off my head,
just allow my heart to connect.
They say the longest journey
is from the mind to the heart.
The space of interbeing: spacious and light,
a playful urge to move and to connect.
Why would I leave this space?
This frequency belongs to my child self,
in those moments of self-contained solitude and flow.
A fountain of creativity, curiosity, appetite
for learning and trying new things.
No thought, no judging, no control.
Everything flows.
I am neutral, clear, whole and light.
Outward, expansive—a flowing wave.
Fleshy abundance.
Steady, grounded, calm
in trust and surrender to the flow.
Stillness. Spaciousness. Quiet.
When we’re in the flow,
there’s no separation;
nothing feeding back.
Life becomes fluid, easeful.
Grounded, rooted, swaying in rhythmic flow
with the wind.
Only connect.
There’s a lightness of being in my auric field
that feels aligned with my own source connection:
this frequency is MAGNETIC.
Flow, eros, energy, curiosity.


It takes courage and daring
to stand firmly in my own frequency
and embrace what comes with it—
dropping the protective layers.
Sensing and acknowledging the uniqueness
of all other beings,
we must first experience our own.
I must explore my limitations.

It takes disconnecting
from the busyness of the world around me.
Connecting with my own self,
before connecting with others.
It brings that smile, the dense network of connections
and the artistic flow.

Skip the detour through the head:
I know how to do that.
It takes a recentring, withdrawing.
Everything becomes possible.
There’s not wrong.
Why don’t I do this more?
Why don’t I work on this?
Why don’t WE do this?
It’s actually EASY!!!

This question made me smile:
I’ve been on a vision quest,
on a mountain for four days,
in an extreme form of my own frequency.
Turning back into myself,
unable to connect with others—
and it didn’t bother me.
What does it take?
Sometimes it’s a sunbeam on my face.
Sometimes it’s fasting for days on a mountaintop
I know that it’s there—I just have to go there!
Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard.
It takes honesty to know when you have to go there,
taking responsibility. I know that I know.
When I’m there, the rhythm is no question:
no worries, no planning. Just follow the sun.
Singing and making music is a shortcut.
Whatever, wherever, however—singing helps!

It takes recognising the transcendent move,
the way we value the masculine.
The belly connects both spaces…
The journey from the head to the sacrum
then up to the heart and out…
The devalued and denied feminine principle
must be included to restore my potency.
When I stand here, all hell breaks loose!
It’s not in agreement with the culture around me,
that unthinkingly espouses mechanistic functioning.

I didn’t want to be in either space. Nothing was coming.
But in the silence, images came.
I get lyrical in the evening—that’s when I inter-be.
In the morning I tune into the news,
and it’s HARD!!
I hope, I trust, I love, I want to soar
above the terrible stories.
It’s not sustainable to ignore the news.
I used to meditate, and think that was the way.
But now I know it’s everywhere. In everything.
My frequency is there when I see beauty.
I’m pretty sure it’s not one single frequency—
it fluctuates, but it’s always mine…
I want to be more sensitive all the time.
I can shut it off, and then my body gets sick.
I’m blooming into my sexuality,
broken open, releasing an energy,
a freedom of expressing—naked and intimate.
It takes trust to move forward, rise above, trust my source.

I’ve decided to retire
from the Story of Separation
All of my practice is about
being in my body,
connected with my sense of self
and spontaneously responding
to the impulses that arise.
I’m having so much FUN!!
Welcoming music back into my life
after years of trauma-induced deprivation.
I can feel my body recalibrating
onto my original blueprint.
I have never felt so well, so fit, so light,
so clear, so aligned.
When I stumble on The News,
I can stay neutral—
because it serves nothing to suffer,
to allow my frequency to plummet.
Taking it with me wherever I go
is serving.
And it is EASY!!
The easiest thing in the world.
That inner, conditioned voice that says:
“It must be difficult”, “you must earn it”,
lives in the Story of Separation.
Stepping out of the story
that we must ESCAPE
from captivity in Samsara.
This comfort and ease…
is how human beings are designed to be!
All that destructive misbehaviour
and misery we see in the world
is not who we are.
I’ll keep practicing living from this space of interbeing.
I can recommend it!

Many different frequencies, as I walk
through my town from the lake to my home.
How to find my own space.
Connect to my inner centre that feels whole.
Womb wisdom. Embodiment.
That space can connect to everything and everyone.
I am sensing my own goddess.
To find the way to my own space,
Like Hansel and Gretel, laying breadcrumbs
that get eaten.
Shedding stuff I don’t need,
Running off the toxic energy that was’t mine
There must always be time and space
to be here, to stay here.
Perceiving, interpreting what I’m perceiving,
some organs need to be placed on stand-by
so I can follow my inner impulses
of that very high, fast frequency.
This is all very timely: even ‘naming’
the frequency is helpful.
We are collectively creating this womb space
In order to be able to find it within us.

The rain maker. That is where I’m at.
In profound stillness,
in my essence, which is the essence of all life,
where everything in the Kosmos aligns.
On the path of life, we fall into pit holes—
the dramas of life, the atrocities: all pit holes.
Aligning to the still point is so powerful
it helps to restore the Universal Law.
Stillness in the present,
see the different timelines of the Universe.
Which is the timeline I will feed
with my energy and attention?
It takes honesty and humility—
I am tiny
and extremely powerful.
Being with others in this space,
I shine self and others.
It’s simple, and it takes a lot.
Surrounded by the story of separation,
and all of it is nonsense—with no worth or value.
How to reconcile my material presence as a human being
living on Mother Earth,
continually clearing my field, to manifest cleanly.

The play within the range of frequencies—
playing the violin: which tone serves the moment?
I am the bow, and the body of the instrument,
and the string, in resonance with its neighbours.
To dare to play the instrument,
to trust I can find the right tone, on and on.
The movement between stories
is one of uncloaking.
Removing the mantle of protection
that numbs me and blurs my perception.
There are moments when that’s helpful.
It takes wise discernment.

Step in or step out.
Make a conscious choice
to stand; to rise.
Practice needs to be stronger than habit:
our habitual space is separation.
Listen in to my frequency—
tune in, breathe out,
release, open.
Movement meditation:
my frequency
requires all five tones
in the dance of 5 rhythms.
Find the portals into interbeing.
I dreamed I was joining the Navy;
the stress of precision and discipline.
Pushed out of the door.
Pacing shifts—what rhythm do I need to adopt?
Humility, truth: where am I on the wave?
Don’t cut across!

It takes courage to break from conditioning and convention.
Intention and resolve—clarity about choices.
Self-examination to realise my potential
within a collective—collaboration
brings lightness! It’s easier together.
My life is more supported, strengthened.
TRUTH—I can live in my own truth
when I give of myself and receive from others.
It means going public with your beliefs.
I imprint my intent on the universe—
we are stronger when we are united.

An existential kink.
In this moment
I am diving into my own shadow.
What’s in there?
The judgement.
Questioning what I like
about things as they are.
Embracing my real desires,
radically honest.
Connect to eros: the life force.
I have POWER—
in a healthy, integrated relationship,
magnetising me to life,
and other things to me.
There is no more powerful energy…
can I drop the judgements?
How deep can I go into my shadow?
What else is there to access?
Having is evidence of wanting…
leading to the truth of what I want.
Maybe I have it all!

It is mission impossible to love yourself
as a mother, when you stay at home for your children
in this society.
What we deeply value helps us
to stand in our own unique frequency.
Being clear about what I value,
NOT what’s valued in society.
Values resonate as frequency,
joyful celebration is what life becomes.

Each of us is always in our own unique frequency—
it shifts all the time: we ARE that.
So what is my intention around the vibration I emit?
Clearing the conditioning
to become a channel of the life-force energy.
When we each do that, do our frequencies
come into resonance?
To move into the space of interbeing
in our separate physical bodies.
As I clear my conditioning and become a clear channel
life flows much more easily.
Trusting the body,
tracking the lightness of energy.
A constantly shifting flux,
responding to life’s unfolding.
As we unmuddy ourselves, we are moving
forward in time and space
and re-connecting to Origin
and other ways of knowing.

Working with my narrative: the more I know, the less I know.
My soul activism: to live into the greater truth
of our belonging.
My body needs to be clear and clean.
It’s a conduit of truth.
A practice, an opportunity to know something different.
To connect me to a different alignment,
to a frequency that holds truth.
Attunement when I’m in this field with you.
Love and belonging help me to know what I desire.

Being jolted into the experience of separation—
into the pain.
Then I can begin to find my way home.
In conversation, the whole world comes in.
A very high frequency,
my life becomes connected.

What is true nature?
Predation, taking energy from other life.
Interbeing is intentional: where we want to be.
Every person alive is trying to balance their needs
—individual, familial, communal, national, global—
in a competitive world,
whilst striving to be their best selves within society.
It asks a lot of us:
how to attain personal fulfilment without harming others.
It’s possible for humanity to go in that direction,
and it takes intentionality and consciousness.
My own frequency forms and reforms throughout my life,
I need to continually appraise and understand
my values and who I aspire to be,
with consciousness and an open mind,
and to reject behaviour I can’t respect.
It takes living life with kindness and integrity,
reading between the lines.
Making a positive difference to those around me.
Then life becomes more purposeful.

Even in the world of separation
we have a vibration.
When am I not coming from that conditioned space?
The frequency of interbeing is magnetic.
People want to connect—especially children and animals.
It takes slowing down, into a frequency that’s
fully present to ALL of it.
It’s evolving ever more in me
as the world sinks into chaos.
It’s a place that helps us connect,
to face what’s coming.
I want to be here for that!

I’ve been in this inquiry for many years.
But HOW???
In recent years, I’ve come to experience something different
through plant medicine.
A different experience is available, and it requires me
to ask my rational mind to take a vacation
while my heart takes the lead.
Life desires that frequency from me.
It takes slowing down, solitude, commitment to let go.
I can’t accomplish it, only surrender to it.
When it happens, it’s dramatic.
Flow, eros energy, curiosity:
what else is possible?

My life in separation is exploding.
I’m gonna find my own frequency
whether I like it or not.
I will surrender to it.
I’m grounded in community.

Interplay—oscillating between the two stories.
There’s a choice.
We can call it into our own body.
Recognising this frequency allows us to decide
which door to step through.
To practice another possibility requires us to KEEP PRACTICING!
We have the possibility to entrain in the frequency
of what alchemical practice allows.
How to hold our tone when we step away
from the entrainment space?
It’s like singing in the choir.
I must recognise my sensitivity—
I need to tune myself while I’m in motion.
Recognising our instrument and knowing how we tick;
recognising when we lose our strength and tonality.
Presence has the strongest vibrational field:
our attunement to our life force.
What am I choosing?
Even metal shifts its vibration
when I invite partnership with it.
Life becomes an evolving, entraining alignment,
as we bring our best in every given moment.

Who showed up

Marie-José d’Aprile, Wini Condic Begov, Ellen Decoodt, Anna Brunain, Pieter, Daniela Tablado, Brigitte Kupfer, Ursula Hillbrand, Laurie Lynch, Marina Lynch, Louise Carpenter, Lynda Griebenow, Judy Wallace, Madeleine Schwab, Molly Whiteley, Mark Whiteley, Steve Ryman, Jenny Hegland, Luea Ritter, Sarah Whiteley, Helen Titchen Beeth.

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