Harvest of Collective Alchemy Practice Circles—17 July 2020

Silent forest


An illusive framing today…
What is calling out for our attention?
Strands, threads, nodes—the diaphanous web.
Sprinkle me with water if you want to see me better.
As above, so below; as within, so without—
is the signature of these times.

Revisiting the cards that have carried us across this month:
stag is the sentinel guardian;
a grounded, steady presence instinctually serving wholeness.
wanderer (fool) is our adviser;
master of not knowing within not knowing,
with those multiple ways of knowing.
Curious wayfarer moving towards the new adventure
trusting the void of the sacred abyss that guards
the portal into the dark wood.
The most benevolent outcome is
picking over the bones of what is done,
releasing what no longer serves and leaving the essence
that moves through into the new life
beyond the portal of death.

Today we enter the eighth cycle of our collective practice;
for the second octave of our alchemical journey
we go direct in our perception.

From our invitation: to practice “direct perception” is to enter into direct relationship—observing, sensing, being present—with the phenomena of life, rather than approaching them indirectly through what we already think we know about them from having read books, been to school, listened to experts, etc.

We live in a world, not of sensory objects, but of meanings. And those meanings are inherent in the things themselves.” Indeed, material objects are ‘condensations of meaning’, that are always perceivable by humans, even as babies who have not yet learned to speak or think discursively—and indeed, babies are the masters of direct perception. It is our capacity for perceiving meaning which is primary, not language. Each phenomenon that we experience is its own language, and it speaks whether or not we are listening. The key to direct perception lies in the sensitive organ of the heart.

Our core question for this portal day is intended to help us shift our core locus of cognition and meaning-making from the head to the heart:


This morning I awoke in my tent
2 minutes before my alarm.
Ah, 2 minutes yet to snooze…
My alarm bell brought the rain.
Ah, the joys of packing a wet tent!
… if only I had listened!
I long for the trust in my own ability
to live directly by my perceptions.
My body’s knowing.
Daniela’s hands shaved my head;
now I feel the wind, the water,
my hands, touching my head.
It’s opening me up so much!
The trust, and the path, are already there.
Practicing trusting my knowing.
Everything is already there,
if we but trust what we know,
that we know!

I am noticing my thinking,
called by my hands!
Remembering an experience of
sweating out imbibed alcohol.
Oh the intelligence of the body!
What goes in comes right back out.
Action takes on a different quality:
it just happens, through the body.

The silence brought me an image
of planet Earth—blue, green, white and brown,
a jewel in space, spinning and gyring around
a regal ball of flames
amidst a ring of planetary mentors.
My connection is affirmed by my bursting hearth:
love, joy, awe
and a fierce commitment
to live in and through my body,
which is a part of Her;
a sensing node of her aliveness,
awake to her prompting.
Living through her impulses…
this is enough. My whole being
knows it to be so.

The resonance
as I integrate your words.
The body and the heart respond.
Direct perception opens
a flow of loving kindness,
expanding through the body.
Resonance—no conditioning.
Is intuition conditioned?
There is less rationality,
but how to communicate
direct perception to others?
Through being, embodying,
without translating, explaining.
Letting my knowing speak directly
through my being.

How to catch the words in my field?
I’m feeling an overwhelming heavy tiredness these days,
that requires me to stop and channel it.
I’m on the edge of the other side,
feeling my perceptions widening,
re-engaging with outside life…
Who am I now?
Something has deeply evolved—
how to speak with others
who have not followed this path?
Stay aligned with the stillness.
My friends are afraid to lose the world.
How do I connect with them?
Keep returning to my source connection,
to connect with souls living in a parallel world!
How to be? Who to be?

Language will be the issue—
the Mother Tongue, how Earth communicates with us.
How do we translate it to others?
The Master and his Emissary—
the left-brain dominance of our culture,
inflicting right-brain damage to our holistic knowing.
A war between the bodied and the disembodied.
Allowing the experience of wholeness to appear
will make us “different”
in the perception of some others,
as we entrust ourselves
to the wisdom of the Mother Tongue,
expanding the circles
of those who speak this language.

There is so much noise around me,
drowning out the birds, the wind rustling in the leaves.
Seeking to tune in deeper,
I am swimming in the ocean
unable to sink beneath the waves?
The tiredness from this fight…
I have to let go of the fear,
sink deeper. But somehow I can’t!
The voice of Gaia calls my attention.
I don’t want to listen to anything else.
Remembering that I am her daughter,
projecting the unconditional love I receive from her
to those around me.
This brings peace, and an inexplicable sadness.

I am waiting for a quiet moment
that isn’t coming, as family life unfolds
beyond the door.
This illustrates my struggle to protect myself,
keeping my direct perception to myself…
my precious secret that I guard
from the ‘normal’ world, by doing life like the others…
I don’t want to do that!
The Fifth Sacred Thing (Starhawk)
brings me a flood of images as I go to bed.
An inner garden for me to tend—
it wilts when I keep it closed, only for me.
This garden calls for my attention.
It’s only healthy when it’s open, accessible,
in relationship with others.

Mosaic perception—infinitely expansive.
Meeting the other(s)—be it human, be it a thought pattern, be it the wind…
An unconditional curiosity in what I perceive
is that being that’s meeting me.
Curiosity about my own thought forms.
The beauty of perfection in all things.
The corona virus is exemplary.
I navigate with so many modes of perception
that I can get overwhelmed.
Being with the many threads and fields in motion,
I am clear where I begin and end;
I’m not losing myself in the many.
Rather, I’m protected
by a translucent membrane that keeps me me.
Relief, I can breathe, expand,
attend to my sensory experiences.
Which strings do I pluck?
This is only possible within the spectrum
of individual and collective.
In separation, there is nothing to resonate.

What calls for “our attention”—the heart
resonates. The collective heart space
present here.
Each aspect that has been named—
streams of consciousness, angles of attraction,
holding the signature of our collective heart field.
The dance of individual & collective.
Collective Alchemy requires a collective.
This portal field allows the confluence to become visible
so we can perceive the interweaving,
animation, evolution, challenge, tuning up.
Remembering a constellation,
listening into a still point.
Exploring the interconnection and distinctions
of different collective fields,
all fruit on the tree of feminine practices.
The quality of each field having a particular role:
If Collective Presencing is the satellite dish,
then Collective Alchemy tends the fine, elusive, gossamer wiring—
mother tongue of primordial languages.
Listening into the subtleties of the fine wiring,
identifying the dissonances,
allowing the fine tuning in my heart field.
Then we flow out, and through.
But we are changed as a result of what’s happened here.
Infused by the field of direct perception.
We’re tapping into the Purification Space.
When I’m moving in that embodied still point,
I know where to go. Uncompromising trust.
Respecting the free will of the other
to move with my truth.
Surrendering to Divine Will is the move.
Becoming available to be called by the Kosmos.

I am present to mechanical noise,
underneath the noise,
into the depths.
It’s time for me to stay in the silence
of the depths, away from
the frothing white caps of the surface.

In the silence I found myself
trying to answer the question.
Scampering insights.
Just let it sit!
… and wait for the humming bird to visit the trumpet vine.
The moment of sighting is a pure joy.
Without thought, without answers.

Three questions come,
arising from a story of reading recovery.
Learning to decipher unknown words:
Does that look right?
Does that sound right?
Does it make sense?
Sensing from the heart is different
than bringing what you know to the table.
Fresh eyes, new lens.
These three questions can serve.
Is there cohesion? Is there resonance?
Is there congruence between my intuition
and what is happening?
And it’s still all right to make mistakes!

This may not make sense!
Moving beyond thought forms is
intuitive, etherial, heart-centred and embodied.
There’s conditioning around walking as I age.
Last week I fell, broke my wrist.
What is my body telling me?
Embodied I might be, but tapping into other realms…
being able to do both,
navigate beyond the expected,
sense deeper and wider into something else,
AND watch my feet while doing it!

Awakening to outrage
at the virus.
This is not how I want to be.
And then, it came to me:
underneath, the connections being made
by people. Working to solve problems,
bringing people together.
Many connections.
My attention was called to see
the force at work.
Perceiving at a different level.

I am penetrated
by light, by air,
by the sound of the breeze
and children’s voices.
By the crowding, friendly auras
of huge, ancient tree beings
just outside my window.
It all lands squarely in my heart.
My eyes tear up and my throat constricts,
with the recognition of cherished belonging
to All of This.

Even the word “heart” is too concrete.
I was transported back to a childhood hay field.
Stomping down a circle and sitting
with no forethought.
In direct being, in my “hay house”.
That felt like what’s happening
now. No now. No then.

Love, forgiveness, my body.
Cupping water in my hands.
Holding a tin bowl I wanted water to be in.
A heaviness between my two lungs
in the silence.
The card reading was so timely and relevant!
Too late, and yet on time,
this heavy and joyful time
with my family in the wake
of my grandmother’s death.
Taking next steps, all of them,
and me focusing on them, not me.
Being strong for them,
embodying my grandmother, even.
My female lineage.
I’m not ready to let go of this place,
these stories, the way it is here.
Not ready to decide to come home.
I must also attend to my own grieving,
for so much.

I noticed my resistance
to answering a question.
Then using the question as a mantra to distract
my insidious mind…
until the wind came up and told me
just: be quiet!
The birds have gone still.
Focus on the breath:
Saturnian heaviness,
immobilising gravity,
half-way up a pyramid
encountering Eagle, Jaguar.
Barefoot on the Earth
lets me go inside,
to an even deeper fatigue of body-mind.
There’s a need to clear.
There’s a need to
although the message (says mind)
is not new!

What’s grabbing my attention
is the need for a whole new language.
Dropping into the heart
brings instant nature connection.
Visitations from bee and butterfly,
my heart herself piped up,
asking the questions
that I can only understand through language.
This need to “understand”,
to “know”, to “control”!
Whereas the language of the heart
is about receiving, being.
How do I “be” in response to my experiencing myself
as part of the whole?
In response to receiving through the heart,
the “hay house” state of being
so resonates!
I’m left with questions:
so much to let go of…
and yet…
How do we live in response
to what we perceive through the heart?
“Slow down”, “allow yourself to be”.
What is the mind’s role in all of this?
A question that came from both places.
Super-awareness of the language we use,
so embedded and enmeshed in the old structures…

Suspending my story…
put me in a panic.
I love stories, they give me comfort.
I can’t deal with people right now—
I’ve been listening to too many scary stories.
I visited my stomach, which feels the pain.
Returning to yesterday’s pine trees;
alone, I felt the trees talking to me.
Mystic presence saying “come here, stay here”.
A family of wild boar, trusting us to be there.
I want to connect to other humans
but I want to be alone with Nature,
who speaks to me without words.
Walking on the thick, scented carpet of pine needles,
seeing the hidden face of nature
with my heart.
How to marry that with connecting to people?

Feeling the forest.
In my mind’s eye, you were barefoot
on that carpet of needles.
Remembering bare feet on a windsurf board.
Experiencing being part of the whole—
especially at speed.
Wanting to feel the vibrations through my feet.
The naked palpability of bare skin;
adeptness on a surfboard
brings stillness.
In these times of overwhelm
we are called to become adept;
staying aligned in the still point, we can harness
more energy through microshifts
as we are swamped by waves of chaos.
The greater the intensity of our conditions,
the deeper the stillness.
Barefoot cognition
allows connection; the speaking voice of nature.
The virus got our attention,
put us in training for the next wave of transformation.
is the quality we are cultivating,
getting underneath the noise.

What are we taking from the call?
What’s the gift of the gold we are each holding?

I love this weaving process, there’s a joyful quality to it.
Our web is so thick, we can lie on it.
It will lead us on.
We have placed a cornerstone
that will enable a cathedral to rise.

The gift of being held—
in this circle, but also much wider.
Trust, to enter the world
with joy and curiosity, because
I know that I am held.
It allows me to wander into the world.

An expansive sense of joy,
seeing each soul’s essential offering.
When I see, feelingly,
my body is plugged in
to life itself.
An access to the social body,
connectedness, belonging,
importance, power, knowing.
Gratitude to each and to the whole.

Connection and gratitude.

A reminder of my longing
to live in the flow
of sensory perception.
Others offer different angles.

Wonder—the power of sitting
together in the same physical space.
Even in front of my laptop,
the expansiveness.
The power of the feminine,
and YES! It’s in the world.
The power of allowing
the cherishing of What Is
placed in the shared sacred space.

Gratitude for what we’re enabling here together.
Fulfilment for serving;
Less concern for communications about it,
more being in it.
The repressed energy is in contractive waves.
The pain must still be witnessed and processed.

How will the day unfold,
when seeing feelingly?
I feel a desire to share our field:
here we are!

What does it deeply mean,
to encounter others?

The feeling of moving through the whole
at speed on a windsurf board.
What are my lines attached to
as I am hurling my way down the river?

The stone carries the memory
of the stillness and peace
amidst the swirling movement

Being present is the best
and only thing I can do right now.

I hold a sense of the crucible
and what we all put in today.
Meditate in nature before learning to speak.
Take the next small step—everything is waiting for you.

To move the world,
you have to be able to stand still in it.

May we all find our hay house!

Alchemising the heart space—fine recalibration.
The crucible is present; we’re in the same field.

What’s in my cauldron is skyr!

I realise I don’t think enough
about my feet!
Barefoot next time…
Palpability will give me a lot,
and getting underneath the noise.

How important it is to be guided by the heart.
Who one is, not what one knows or does.
It’s hard to let go of what you know.

Who showed up: Inna Chillik, Daniela Tablado, An van Damme, Marie-José d’Aprile, Anna Brunain, Brigitte Kupfer, Jenny Hegland, Patricia Hunt Perry, Madeline Snow, Marina Lynch, Judy Wallace, Louise Carpenter, Wini Condic Begov, Molly Whiteley, Madeleine Schwab, Jessica Srikantia, Lynda Griebenow, Luea Ritter, Sarah Whiteley, Helen Titchen Beeth.

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