Harvest of Collective Alchemy circles—2 July 2021


The co-sensing journey over the past month has surfaced some enlivening changes & the naming of a shift via our Newsletter! Shifting is always re-setting and re-centring around essential purpose. Where do we find ourselves in the landscape of our journey and how do we orient ourselves, NOW, to continue travelling?

As a co-sensing field, we have been sensing an intensification and a quickening in the energies of life which are calling us to ‘up’ our game: to consolidate our embodied presence as sovereign individuals alive on Earth at this time. To step into an ever-greater freedom to be ourselves, and to assume responsibility for the consequences of that. We see this as being at the heart of the ongoing Era Shift. The purpose of Collective Alchemy is to support each other in this evolution and to explore together what becomes possible as the process unfolds and humanity learns to operate through conscious collectives.

Our field of Collective Alchemy is inviting a deeper commitment —not to Collective Alchemy, but to the practice of embodied consciousness at the frequency of our own true selves. We’re challenging ourselves to live life in ever intensifying and complexifying consciousness that brings us ever closer to our own unique expression. This practice field is a place for that, among others.

Today’s circle is about listening into this levelling up.

I don’t know the word for it, that space
between seconds, but I’ve come to understand
for myself that it’s the punctuation of my life. 
Between each word, each thought, each moment
is where the truth of things lies. The more
intent I am on hearing it, seeing it, feeling it,
incorporating it, the more precise the degree to
which I’m focused on my life and the act of living. 
I want to dive into those small bits of silence. 
They contain the ocean of my being and our
togetherness. So if I don’t respond quickly, excuse
me. I’m busy allowing the surf of consciousness to
break over me, so I can stand on the coast of
our unity and be more”.
(from: Embers: One Ojibway’s Meditations, Richard Wagamese)


(Early call)

How much has changed in the last few years.
I’ve been stepping back from “working on myself”,
based in the assumption that there was something wrong with me.
This shift has brought about a real sense of deepening embodiment.
This has been my work with others, also, for the past 20 years.
In the last 3 months, I’ve stepped into the purification space,
which confirms that the new earth vibration
calls us to step into being.
I’m called to continue with that trajectory
of ever deeper allowance of self,
whatever ‘self’ is in that moment.
A big part of this is allowing myself to change.
That manifests on many levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.
Being with that uncertainty within and without,
while I’m completely sure that everything is fine!
In this moment-by-moment self-allowance,
my experience of time, too, is changing.
Spending more time in conscious stillness,
experiencing myself as part of nature
—with it, and in it, within it and part of it—
brings me into a time out of time,
where a few minutes feel like hours,
and hours pass in minutes.
Being prepared to hold the space open
for that constant sensing and tracking of
what is my truth in the moment,
allowing it to change, and flow through a ‘me’
who is also changing.
Fluidity is part of the practice,
the embodiment is constantly shifting.
Being unafraid.
I sense something is coming, some metamorphic shift,
which can be extremely uncomfortable.
Holding the space open, without fear
of what’s making itself known.
Allowing it to pass through.
Dragonflies emerging from the chrysalis,
A painful expansion to be allowed and leaned into,

I feel I’m being called out
to the riverbank.
I know how to swim there
but I’m not doing it.
It’s again that calling out:
I’m being asked to be present,
to return to my body, my self.
I am reminded of a recent experience,
sitting with heaviness and sadness in the heart,
unable to process.
My friend offered me a healing session:
but I felt a need to feel the pain and work through it.
And that’s the ‘old paradigm’.
There can be ease in the metamorphosis.
The struggle is not necessary.
What in my life is ‘old paradigm’?
That belief that transformation requires struggle,
when really it can flow from the ease of being.
Habits and thought patterns that are holding me back.
Scrolling, Netflix,
But refraining from judging that part
that gives in to the old.
Just turning up here and facing this question,
I can allow there to be ease
just in considering the question
without floundering for an answer.
I feel lighter!

(Watching the antics of young kestrels, learning to fly)
When the notion of “practice” entered my awareness,
back in 1995, it set me alight.
My Virgo Rising grasped it,
raised it aloft, and brandished it
like a beacon, that my body
has been following ever since.
Intentional activity that my whole self
resonates to as sacred.
Something calling from within and without
that invites consolidation, intensification
of a felt sense of aliveness.
25 years on, I recognise that intensification
as the gradual embodiment of a
multidimensional self that is eternal
and indestructible, here on Earth at this time
to reclaim the human experience,
to wrest it from the clutches of a greedy and destructive
algorithm of enslavement,
and place it on the path of immediate
unfolding of unique sovereign selves,
whose only purpose is the exuberant
expression of aliveness in the moment.
My only practice these days is to hold still
until moved by an impulse.
Observing the arisings and wanings of
the conditioned self, with its should’s and ought’s.
Life has become a miraculous adventure,
as I allow my ship-of-self to become
unmoored from society
and slip off into the unknown waters
of the unconditioned NOW.
Just waiting to play at embodying
new forms,
trusting the ever-forging and reforging
bonds of affection with other emerging selves
to in-form what arises
for our mutual delight and satisfaction.

I don’t know what I need.
What does it mean for me to level up?
I’m not ready to speak, but I’m not ready anyway!
I’m trying to accept that: it’s been that way for years.
There is hardware and software that comes with it.
Some things comes automatically, some things not.
We are born with a shape.
I’m like a kestrel – some people know how to fly,
I’ve watched it them do it,
now I’m rediscovering my wings: how big are they?
How far do they go?
Where do I find others who do that?
What is in my repertoire, my back-stage wardrobe?
Sometimes I leave the back-stage,
to my salons, my art-form.
I want to put more emphasis in the expression of what they do.
Swimming with a celebrity neighbour, who advised me
to ‘enscene’ myself.
That has triggered me.
The embodiment is wherever I go.
How I show up depends on my inner weather.
What is the new expression of me in my salons?
It’s beautiful to know that the art form is already there.
Elimination, purification of the past.
What do I still need?
It’s like sitting on the toilet! Elimination.
5 generations of photographs,
journals, unpublished works,
the lives of my female ancestors
sitting in boxes in my room,
while our city history is missing the women!
How do these streams flow together?
I’m settling in the unfinishedness.
When is life ever finished?
I’m good in sensing, not in acting on that sensing.
Which way am I pointing: to the future or the past?

Not so much leveling up, as
wanting to restore my embodiment practice,
today I feel disconnected, disembodied.
I know how that comes.
Meetings with New Zealanders
means my days keep moving from evening to morning;
when I take the perspective of the others,
I feel unwell in time.
How can I be where I am?
Is this my question today?
I need to recover and be with the obvious things around me.

(Late call)

The kestrel chicks, sitting quietly on the roof, waiting for what’s next,
are an illustration of where I want to up my game:
learning to sit quietly
without seeking to distract my mind.
Learning to be present without mental distractions.
I’ve been on this journey for at least five years:
kicking the addiction to mental stimulation.
Being able to sit
without Netflix, without book, without knitting,
without anything.
Being able to sit and be
The only place there’s any point in doing that
is in nature.
There’s no point in sitting in my room and doing it!

Addiction to mental distraction.
I’m struggling with this.
Whether the source of distraction is external or internal.
I’m gaining insight into what might be behind this lack of stillness.
I’m afraid of being bored!
It’s easier to entertain a thought or a brain,
but when I indulge too much,
it leads me to other addictive practices.
A vicious circle of intensity in whatever action I engage in.
Behind the fear of boredom and emptiness,
lies the disconnection from myself,
an inability to be with I-and-I without anything else.
I see this also around me.
If it’s a challenge for one human to be still,
it’s equally challenging for a group to be still.
I used to be in nature as an act of consumption.
Now I’m learning not only to walk in the forest,
but to sit on the bench!

I love how the question is worded:
what does it mean to me?
This seems to be asking about the deepening,
or the leveling up.
I’m learning from our plant teachers:
there is so much richness in what plant medicines have to offer us all,
to help us connect with the pace of the natural world.
My plant practice is with tea. Camellia sinensis.
I have found my way to take myself a lot less seriously
through my tea practice.
I cannot believe how many years I’ve spent taking myself seriously.
The leaf will open when it opens, why not just hang out with it?!
There’s no rush, no goal.
I am looking at a painting of a tea whisk that hangs above my desk:
“To travel well is better than to arrive.”
All these gifts, and all the wisdom that emerges
is the travel, not the arrival.
My awakening to that understanding has caused me
to laugh out loud so many times.
Like the fool of the tarot card,
I feel like I’m connecting with that archetype lately!

My reaction to re-reading the principles of Collective Alchemy.
I got each one. Yes, I’m on that path!
These things were new to me originally. No longer.
To level up my embodiment practice
would be to print them out so I can see them.
I was so struck by how right it felt to be living these principles.
My schedule.
When left to my own devices, I become a night person.
I like the night air, and my body likes the southern hemisphere.
I treasure becoming part of the larger world brought to me by CNN at 3am.
My communing time is when my soul reaches out, is available,
as I wake up in the morning.
That’s when I connect to a greater intelligence.
I was spoken to very young,
by a voice from a different dimension
—the only time I felt known.
Getting up early deprives me of that communing time,
and it has cost me greatly.
I never felt alone, when I would send things up
and see what comes down.
Since the end of the lockdown I have felt lonely,
because I have abandoned that essential part of my being.
I have to find a way to get it back,
while still living in the daily world.

I’m curious about the meaning piece.
In the last couple of weeks, I am being cast
multiple reflections, dreams, visions
of where my embodiment practice is being asked to level up.
It connects to a re-orienting around place,
and the gifts that are here
in the place where I live,
while I have been in a deep search
around whether this is my place.
I am drawn to the sea.
This huge body of water faces north.
What lies north of this shoreline is
just more sea.
The practice that is drawing my attention
is a soul signature of the sea and white water:
I’m being invited to learn to surf!
It has to do with the wave action,
I used to surf the wind,
now I’m called to surf the waves.
It’s showing up in all quarters.
It feels like the tea practice:
what becomes of my awareness
in the engagement with such a thing?
This body of water is showing up increasingly.
My feet touch the earth on the edge of a cliff.
And what about the element of water?
An essential governing energy of our times.
It’s not enough to keep talking about it,
to receive the metaphorical energy.
I’m being asked to immerse.
I cannot ignore it.
Silence and stillness of circle are well honed these days,
but this is a departure to new shores.
The meaning will be in the moving toward it,
as I engage with what this is calling.
I’ve lived here for seven years,
and haven’t seen it until now.
The meaning of embodiment practice shifts over time.
Right now, whatever practice we have – including this one of Collective Alchemy —
staying on the edge of the practice stays part of the bidding.

Embodiment for me is not just physical,
it’s the whole spectrum.
Expanding the spectrum of frequency that I live in,
that my whole being is present to.
Can I hold that all?
What’s on the ground?
Go with the flow, to get the paint dry on my car
in rainy Colorado!
How to make the best decision in a pressure cooker?
Practicing multidimensional, multisensory sensing
on the mundane.
From flash floods to rainbows,
all in service to a touch-up job on my car!
I think more pressure is coming,
and learning to hold higher levels of embodiment,
frequency, presence,
and what it is to be a new human in these times.
It’s different for each of us.
Learning to play a bit with time and space.
To be fully present in the moment.
I feel it in my body when I evoke it.

Trying gets in the way.
Just being, things come in.
I’ve noticed, recently, the change in the energies,
and things manifesting somewhat differently than before.
Using the mind to figure it out or try to create something
doesn’t work for me.
It’s a letting go.
And letting it come in.
Awarenesses: words without words
music without music.
The water.
One thing I’m interested to explore
(I go where things call me):
in ancient Celtic tradition,
you go into the mist.
That’s where things are revealed.
The water and the land.
Exploring mist might be an invitation.

Levelling up the embodiment practice
has so much to do with making sure
that I have right relationship with myself.
That I’m being honest with myself
for who and what I am.
This question has a lot to do with
continuing to develop awareness,
to be quiet and still and listen
to whatever message comes through.
Learning to love my perfect imperfections,
knowing my gifts and my flaws.
Time of reflection in stillness and quiet
helps me balance, stay focused and grounded.
It’s ongoing.
The gift of being alive at this time, on Earth.
How to make that the best that it can be.
This levelling up is empowering.
Calling what we have a gift
makes it precious.
It’s worth the time and effort to continue to grow and learn.
It’s the most important work I have to do.
It’s energising work: good and exhausting work.
I have to believe that transformation is possible.

Life is showing me the area where I am being invited
to level up my embodiment practice
in no uncertain terms!
It’s in the area of communication
and the relationship with others.
The dance between silence and speaking my truth.
I’ve had a strong experience in a small
extended family setting
where I was shown in an interaction
the patterns I have been living in since childhood.
Being shut down, not listened to,
not allowed to rock the boat or express feelings.
The mirror.
I experienced an intense response to that being shut down.
Here and now as an adult,
by a coalition of the family.
My response was to observe
the emotion flowing through: anger.
And I managed to maintain the connection…
and since that incident I’m being given
opportunity after opportunity
to either stay in silence or stand in my truth,
as circumstances dictate.
This is where I can level up my presence as me,
and allow those patterns
—fear of confrontation, isolation—
to simply fall away.

Check out: What am I taking with me?

I’m taking with me the possibility of ease

The awareness that I need to take care of myself and
the intention to integrate more conscious acts of being present
where I am! The importance of place.

The diversity of our community, the ease of being together

I need alive things around me,
nature, people who are authentic.

I take with me the privilege of being able to be here with you.
Allowing myself to just be present
and nourished by what is shared.
Realising that I’ve been out of touch for a month
—an eternity—
I have needed some breathing space,
and I’m amazed at how this has paralleled
transformation for myself and Collective Alchemy.
We nourish and vibrate in a certain unison,
even at a distance.
I’m sensing from far, and words haven’t percolated down.
I resonate with the shift taking place.

I’m taking away the paradox
of the quality of embodiment
and talking about it.
I’ve appreciated everything that’s been named,
but couldn’t find the language
that wouldn’t dissipate the embodiment,
and what is beginning to emerge in me.
The meaning of embodiment:
a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, feeling.
I’ve been in the tumble and challenge.
I will take that into my day.

I’m taking away:
Just live it!

Sarah in a wetsuit

Feeling and impressions of water,
being in the flow.
There’s so much more—just like the tide!
Gratitude for the ways lessons and understanding
must return many times.

Looking at the I
and the beyond I.

Presence of being in community.
A fostering of what it means to be together
and spend time with each other.
It connects me with ancestral traditions
and makes me feel fulfilled.

Some form of surrender,
in each of us.

Appreciation for each of you
and all the different ways in which we
experience the up-levelling of our embodiment.

A sense of a quickening of the
Collective Alchemy field
and the community.
The subtlety and enormity
of the shift into the village.

A sense of the mystery
of what is being alchemised in our centre.
The mystery of our sharing.
The alchemy is not so clear to me
although I know it’s in motion.
Part of the subtle levels.
The infrastructure holds a key.
The interaction between the calls
will be an uplifting element moving forward.

The stories were delightful!

Who showed up:

An Van Damme, Ruchi Bimani, Ursula Hillbrand, Patricia Hunt Perry, Molly Whiteley, Madeleine Schwab, Pamela Hamon, Judy Wallace, Georgios Kastrinos, Sarah Whiteley, Louise Carpenter, Helen Titchen Beeth.

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