Harvest of Alchemical Hang-out — 4 February 2022


Looking back on the harvest of almost two-years of intense and systematic collective practice we can see that an important aspect of what we (every person who has participated in Collective Alchemy practice) have been engaged in is a form of deep, intentional meaning-weaving. Our harvest turns out to be a rich and complex, multidimensional tapestry that will speak differently to each person who engages with it, redolent with multivalent, archetypal imagery and metaphor.

These webs of meaning are psychoactive: they are an important element of the alchemical fire that transforms us into fitter vessels for a higher-frequency future to enter through. Understanding that we are spinning and weaving webs of meaning, it behooves us to begin to work with them more intentionally, to see where that brings us.

The strands of imagery that we work with as alchemists are sourced and spun out from the present moment through our collective sensing practice. Remembering that the core purpose of Collective Alchemy, since the beginning, has been “to prepare awakening humans to step into co-creative, transformative, generative (r)evolution with all life”; in essence, when we (practitioners) come together as a collective, we are invited, as representatives of humanity, to sense into the field of humanity at this moment. We are connected to that field through our own unique context and culture, but also through our biology and our relationship with Earth and Cosmos, whether we’re conscious of it or not. All we have to do is articulate or make visible what we are given to sense, to place it in the centre so we can all see it.

From now on, the “hang out” phase of the fire cycle (and that name might well change!) will be the time and the place where we do this together explicitly.

There’s a poetic energy that’s very alive.
Poems can be read more than once,
each person hears it and expresses it with a different energy.
Bringing back a thread, sharing it once again
will fine-tune and amplify the invitation for us here:
dropping in together,
dropping out together,
into the field,
gathering around the fire,
this is the moment for a reality check.
We’re tasting the stew.

what is real and true at this moment in the field of humanity?

What is real and true —’in the field’ of humanity surprised me,
I became very tired.
Also tired of the question.
Having to wonder what is real and what is true,
knowing how difficult that is.
This is the only environment
where sound reaches me before the image!
That never happens in real life,
and yet this, too, is real life!
Connecting to the question,
I feel a total disconnect
between myself and that “field of humanity”.
I saw and felt me, alone, in a vast sea/snowfield.
As I tried to sink deeper into my body,
everything became blank and empty.

That blank emptiness
is full of potential.
I too feel the disconnect.
I was sensing into the pulse of the natural world.
We’ve had 24 hours of steady rain here;
Mother Earth cleaning her arteries and veins,
circulating the water of her life blood.
I’ve been out on the ice on the lake.
I didn’t notice the disconnect
because I wasn’t focused on humanity.
But now I brig my attention to it,
so much of humanity is disconnected
from the pulsing life that is our Mother Earth,
the ecosystems, veins, arteries, muscles…

I can add two images:
one of a tower being built ever higher,
with every tier of the tower more complex and more intricate
the higher it goes.
There is a flow of people in this tower,
some climbing up and up and up,
others running down and down and down.
Because my mind can’t resist interpreting images,
I’ll interpret this one:
it points to the way, on the one hand
we’re moving into ever greater complexity
— but it’s a constructed complexity—
while on the other hand there’s a desire and a need
to move in the opposite direction, to simplify.
It’s important to distinguish between the complexity in our minds
and the complexity in nature.
The other image was of people pootling around beneath the ground,
following an intricate network of underground passages.
Everybody is really interested in comparing notes, mapping these underground tunnels.
Then the image zooms out to show
that these underground passages are part of a vast, symmetrical, designed artefact
like an underground city and
not a natural cave system.
The individuals running around inside
think they are mapping out something that’s not been seen before,
and yet it was designed.
outside that design—that huge hyperobject
there is a whole a whole teeming universe
of totally different vistas and views.
These two images both seem to refer to the same thing:
humanity being trapped inside a world of our own making
and no longer able to perceive
the Earth and the cosmos that we’re actually participating in.
There’s another layer to the fractal thing:
it has to do with our own inner experience of ourselves,
stumbling around inside our own psyches,
like in a hall of mirrors.
And it’s man-made.
It’s like we’ve been given these images of ourselves
and how we’re supposed to live,
and the reality of the world we’re living in
— or the irreality of it!
They’re all things that have been given to us.
And yet we have these bodies, which are exquisitely capable
of sensing and knowing and feeling,
that we’re barely connected to because we’re so wrapped up
in that hall of mirrors of the Me and our stories about ourselves.

Listening to the bell,
which has the signature of truth,
I perceived the sound continued,
dipped and continued again.
Waning and uplifting, to continue
and taper to a fine signal.
I found myself in wonder at
how long the signature of the bell travelled.
Somehow I could feel
an energy of: “it’s waning”
but then there was a celebration
and a willing it to continue.
What is being forged
has a stronger, more far-reaching signal
than we realise: it has two waves.
The weight of the question:
gravitas, responsibility.
I also felt the tiredness:
how to speak to this?
In the metaphor of tasting the stew,
it’s one thing to offer the spoon,
inviting a taste,
another to know:
what does it need? Is it good to go?
In what I then name,
there’s some fineness around:
will that one extra ingredient ruin it?
In sensing if my contribution will
support and uplift, or not?
Will it add another level of texture, refinement,
potency, zest, fire…?
Is that the place where, as humanity,
we are wavering?
What if what I do will take us off course?
If you think you’re too small to make a difference,
you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito!
Does my naming take us off course
or allow the taste to be enlivened?
That somehow weaves with the building,
tying oneself in knots,
rather than standing by: this is my offering.
It’s usually pretty clear what’s needed
in the stew,
and it will always be different
the next time.

Tasting the stew…
the last, final taste…
SHIT! We forgot the onions!
Something that you put in
right at the beginning,
without which the stew will be MISSING ONIONS.
You can’t have a stew without onions!
How do you get the onions into the stew at a late stage?
This seems to be referring to the fact that
around half of the human population on the planet is under 28,
while the half that’s over 28—the ones with the money and the power—
never went through any rites of initiation into adulthood.
Very many live in cultures that are
allergic to reality and death-phobic…
basically immature.
So in terms of our potential as a species, we’re regressing.
So there’s a real question here:
how do you get the onions into the stew at the last minute?
What can help?
The feeling I’ve been sitting with all morning
when I sense into the field of humanity is this squeeze,
which holds the energy of a rite of passage:
we are squeezed by an outside agency
until we either implode or burst out and assert ourselves.

As a representative of humanity:
that’s a lot!
It also expresses itself in this grey, wintery time of year
as a beacon of light.
I feel a shift in myself—not around me yet—
of getting out of that in-between-ness,
into heartiness.
I notice when I’m in groups,
I’m no longer getting stuck in the toxic feeling of
this is all bullshit, I’m not connecting.
It’s subtle, but noticeable.
One of the reasons: I took a chance.
I’ve started a new job,
same organisation, different place.
I’ve been given a renewed chance to be fully me.
A big part of that is a beacon of light.
In 3 days, I’ve already seen
so many opportunities to shine light
where there is none yet.
A team like a newly-assembled family,
I’m the outsider, and hope is being placed on my shoulders.
YES! This is my chance to just be me.
Pressure to perform, projections that I’m all-powerful.
I am seen to be me.
Moving from a space of stuckness, with no opportunity for light—
that’s done!
Now, I’m seeing the red flags,
and they are mine to take on!
I’m slowly shedding the idea that something is too much.
I’m not curry: I’m a mild spice.
There’s a beacon: spaces that aren’t illuminated
that need to be.
Space and time.
I’m noticing a lot of wounds,
because they are my wounds.
I’ve spent a long time healing,
and that enables me to recognise it.
My boss is ambitious, wants to change everything overnight.
Gentle spice must shine that light
on the inertia of the ocean liner.
I’m brave scared: I’m gonna do it anyway.
Immediately noticing the ripple
in the way I am with my kids.
My body is processing—nauseous and headachy.
It helps to disconnect from social media:
cleansing from the inside, not consuming those stories.
Everything is back to basics,
the essence is to just be me.
This shining light is a big part of that.
I’ve known it all along, and it’s taken me ages!
That’s fine.
Possibility of vast opportunities;
Humanity is way too big a concept for me to sense into.
My immediate surroundings are a good start.

Linguistic confusion:
beacon and “bekken”
(Dutch for pelvis!)
Having a beacon of light
in your “bekken”
and radiating from there.

Some thread emerging:
Beads to thread onto a string;
How to put the onions in the stew
way down the line?
Brings the image of the structure
that Neha made in one of our co-sensing calls,
when the base was created last.
I found a deep breath
in acknowledging wounds and disconnects.
Another deep breath
in acknowledging the light of: here I am!
A shift in the acknowledgement of being met,
in the honouring of the spice that I offer.
The wound and the perception of the wound:
can we grow new roots?
I took a cutting from a young rosemary plant:
it’s in water on the windowsill.
With enough sunlight and water and stillness,
it starts to grow its own roots
and can be planted in new soil.

What is it that creates connection?
What is it that breaks connection?
So many of us are all wandering around
feeling disconnected
and yet that’s not the natural state of any life form.
The natural state is one of connection.
Men and woman are capable of making love and producing new life
just like everything else on the planet.
Our natural state is connection.
The image of the onion comes back:
Peeling off the layers, right in the middle there’s a shoot that grows up,
with roots that grow down.
If we peel away all the layers of our civilization,
we’re connected.
I see seeds, cast wide, spread on the soil.
That’s about potential too.
It’s got to do with the massive amount of experimentation
going on in all sorts of places,
at all sorts of levels,
all coming from a sense of potential and possibility.
And it is always local!
There’s no need to sense into the whole of humanity…
We just need the information from the field
of exactly where you are.
And what you’re doing is seeing pockets of potential
where you will then go and experiment:
what will happen if I do this?
Oh! That worked!
…or uh-oh, that didn’t!
That is happening all over.
And, there is a black hand that I’m seeing,
that’s saying: “This has to be controlled! This has to be kept apart, subdued.”
So there are these two tensions: there’s this quelling and suppressing
and there’s this irreducible, irresistible life force
that’s springing up everywhere.
There lies an extraordinary paradox in that,
at this moment,
one of the most life-affirming things that one can do in the world
is say NO!
No to the injunctions to comply and conform;
YES to the invitation to experiment.

I’m getting the song:
Sowing the seeds of love.
(Tears for Fears)
Growing roots.
A golden palm in my home.
I see it dying
and I’m gutted.
I feel connected to my plant.
Can you grow new roots in toxic soil?
I’m having a hard time to say goodbye to it,
you have to cut the parts that take too much energy.
But this is a plant, a living thing…
Yes you can grow new roots,
but what if the soil is rotten?
It’s a daily reminder of decay
in a death-phobic culture.
We’re not open to living things dying,
we’re not looking at it in the right way.

Soil is made from decay.
Healthy soil is made from decaying organic matter.
Sometimes something is diseased.
You don’t want to put it back in the soil,
you want to burn it.

The weaving of the talking piece.
Offering marshmallow silence to the fire
because the question is so big.
Who am I to be able to speak to such a question?
To bring something of clarification for humanity?
Listening to you all, what was coming:
the complexity of it all.
I speak from an I that embarks the we.
I’m sitting in my bedroom,
trying to figure out what this question means.
I sense the complexity of all those different worlds
and realities co-existing.
I don’t know if they all belong to the same universe,
but there is the reality of awakening to the world wide web 3.0,
where you can follow visionary talks and sharing.
There is the reality of my acquaintances here
who are not connected with the visionary ideas
of the web 3.0.
There’s the reality of my past,
my former colleagues.
I can imagine the politics in the new appointments.
What is real and true at that level?
For whom am I answering this question?
Just for me?
Or is it a piece that we throw into the stew?
I witness your sharing, your past, your transformation,
how you are stepping in.
I felt it’s a real connection,
to have real-life sharing that connects with the more abstract
sensing that we’re sometimes in—
the impalpable sensing that risks disconnecting us.
We need to be connected, we’re still living here on Mother Earth.
I am reminded of a ceramic sculpture I made,
reflecting on what was going through humanity:
A cone, which can spin,
with an unglazed base, inscribed with spirals.
A cleansing water movement, carrying wounds,
topped by the sky, symbolising rebirth.
It has no roots, but when we regenerate,
let go of what’s rotten,
we can even grown connections from our wounds.

(Late call)
I’m noticing, in these different practice communities,
that the space feels warmer and thicker,
and my capacity to language it is more difficult.
It’s like sliding into the Earth,
the warmth of the magma is holding me
and inviting me into stillness.
On the other side of that, it’s just too quiet
to pick anything up.

What I’m sensing in the field of humanity
is that there’s a couple of things going on:
one is frozen.
People are frozen in who they are,
frozen in place,
frozen in fear,
trying to do things as they always have.
The other is really alive!
There might be warmth there,
but it’s dynamic: shifting, changing, moving,
even in the coldness of winter.
The truckers of Canada
are THERE!
All of this is going on at the same time.
It feels like things are being activated
for huge shifts and changes that are coming.
We all need to be present and embodied
to continue to alchemise all that is moving through us
in these incredible times that we live in.

It’s as though winter time
—we’re all dressed up for the cold,
we’re turned to face the catastrophic state of our time,
and suddenly we’re hit by a huge snowball!
Woah! I didn’t see that coming!
There’s a sense of the field of humanity going: OH!!!
Wide-eyed. OH!

The field feels quite busy!
When I worked as an au pair after I left school,
I always kept a stash of moon dust
—a powder candy that crackles and fizzes on your tongue.
With that I could change the state of the kids,
from upset to delighted in an instant.
Moon dust medicine.
It’s like the snowball.
And I’m picking up something of that energy
in the field of humanity.
It has to do with a perception shift.
Like in the Truman Show, where the yacht sails into the side of the set.
It’s not what we thought it was.
Another energy I sense can best be evoked
by the words of a survivor of the Fukushima disaster:
“We’ve been rescued from a future we didn’t want.”
There’s a feeling that everything that’s happening these days,
as scary as it might be,
might actually be rescuing us from a future that nobody wants.
The third energy signature I’m picking up is:
“You have to be kidding! NO WAY!!”
The incredible power of simply saying NO.
Not from a reactive space, but from a sense of truth.
That awful, sticky word: TRUE.
How do you know what’s true?
What is truth, anyway?
I’ve always had in my body a truth sense.
I’s like an aspect of my multi-dimensional self
has a porpoise tail,
and when somebody says something that’s true
that porpoise tail thumps the ground.
It’s strangest sensation!
It doesn’t have to be true for any more than this very instant
but I when feel that, I know with every molecule of my body.
And when a “NO” comes from that place,
it’s unstoppable.
It’s the irresistible force and the immovable object
rolled into one.
And I can feel that, too, in the field.

    1. million people in the US quit their jobs in December.
      An uplifting sense of: where do I need to be now?
      I find that encouraging!

      Not just humanity: all living things—the world!
      I have been struck by,
      held in awe and wrestling with my fears,
      we’re in a crucible.
      It’s a rich and potent time,
      the conversation is all around.
      There’s a strong desire for that perception shift,
      that moment of kairos.
      It feels like this is the year.
      The astrology stokes that sense.
      And people are on different paths.
      Some are climbing higher, getting a larger view,
      seeing beyond the spectacle
      (AND enjoying the warmth of the magma).
      It’s going up and down, out and in.
      The staying power of the ancient cedars,
      feeling the strength nature has to give us.
      Finding a way to hold it all,
      see the moment and be present and centred for it.
      The other path is the great suffering
      that may be true in the future,
      the breaking heart of that.
      A breaking open that’s happening,
      that’s going to cleave.
      That crucible of ourselves:
      how do we meet our future?
      Who do we want to be to meet these times?
      When I first read the Collective Alchemy Practice Guide, I saw
      how this community is presencing that tension,
      that exquisite moment of the world coming together in a new way;
      being there to witness and hold it,
      to strengthen ourselves to be that centre:
      training for something.
      This is the KAIROS year,
      and I appreciate this group for the steadiness
      it’s given me for the rest of my life.
      We’re making it up one step at a time:
      What would love do?
      What’s the economy of kindness and care?

On this morning’s Collective Presencing call,
I turned over one of my recycled papers
to find an article about nursing homes
and the organisational empowerment of nurses.
Dementia in a nursing home,
a patient obsessed with cigarettes
(and a no-smoking policy…).
Let’s give her cigarettes!
Toy cigarettes and a charade.
Printing and distributing fake money
so worried inmates could pay their rent.
What’s true and real?
What’s right?
At any given point in time, for any of us?!
That openness to: maybe things aren’t quite as true
as I want and believe them to be.
Paper and straw might not fit the definition of cigarettes for us,
but they worked for her!!

A sense of the anger
arising at the moment.
Both within individuals
and in the whole of humanity.
And a splitting of some of humanity going with nature
and more who are not.
That seems to be changing the whole time.
A real sense of eyes being opened.
The impact of the snowball.
But it’s not necessarily bringing clarity;
there’s anger and confusion.
And a strong current of uplift,
to not focus on the controversy and outrage,
instead to keep the focus on doing things together,
creating something new,
implementing more personal actions that are in alignment
with care and kindness
for others and for the natural world.

My mother has been in dementia for 35 years.
Where she lives, you can smoke as much as you want.
That’s Europe. Freedom.
What lives in me today:
there are as many realities as there are people.
A lot of joy in me when I connect to someone
with a similar reality to mine.
How to distinguish what is true?
Whatever is true for one person creates their reality.
As children, we all played the fire brigade.
My mother asking:
“Are you all believing what you are saying?”
I appreciate my mother for being herself.
Maybe we all have some brain damage.
We are in a country (Austria) where you feel this pandemic most.
It’s a farce, everybody knows it.
And some people do believe in it.
You get by with playing,
and there is a huge demonstration every day;
they will continue.
Shamans playing their drums,
they live their truth.
This, too, will pass.
100 years ago they were not allowed to demonstrate.
What is the truth behind what’s happening?
Some people are interested, some aren’t.
I need to feel that I understand the world I relate to.
If I don’t, I’ve learned not to care.
Nature helps us orient.
The lake doesn’t care about a virus.
It’s such a gift to be embraced by air, by water.
People know they need to be centred.
Now there are no external authorities to trust,
we are forced to find our own truth,
and so more and more people are doing so.
Connecting to what is alive for the artists in their art.
People help each other, are real with each other,
behind the scenes.
Whenever we can relate with our body and senses,
the story becomes a shared story.
It’s such a powerful reality—it makes my life go round.
If something is needed, just make it!

We’re in the space of “I don’t know”.
It’s a comfortable place.
Is the tenacity of the strident positions in this world
falling into that space of “I don’t know”?

What if we were all there, all the time?
The potential is incredible!

Something that’s been very alive in me for the past 18 months,
it comes from a very deep place:
What if everything we think know about ourselves
—about history, evolution, science, the planet… everything!—
is all based on flawed assumptions?
What if the whole edifice of our culture and civilisation
has been built on shifting sand?
For me that has been liberating.
I don’t talk about it much!
All my lovely books! If I can’t just enjoy them for the beauty of the language,
then there’s no point having them, because they hold no truth,
if they are simply based on a whole edifice of assumptions
based on assumptions based on assumptions.
That brings me back to direct perception.
(we dedicated a portal day to exploring direct perception back in 2020)
Just being in the here-and-now
with what’s there.
It might seem incredibly superficial,
but it’s just what’s staring you right in the face.
And all the rest of it…
I don’t know.
I have seen nothing of that with my own eyes
—I can only imagine it.
Part of the split in humanity comes from many waking up
to the sense that we can’t trust anything we’re being told
by anyone, on any side of this battle of opinions.
Even “the science” is split.
When everything you thought you could trust falls away,
How do you function?
What do you turn to, fall back on?
So one part of humanity is in that space,
and another part is in cognitive dissonance,
trying to sweep the conflicting data under the carpet
and make it go away.
On the one hand, there’s confusion,
on the other, stress and pain.
And then, yes, there’s the liberation:
My God! We’ve been rescued from a future we didn’t want!
What is possible when all the things we assumed were impossible
revert to the realm of: we don’t know.
We might even try them!
That, too, is present in the field of humanity.

The ultimate choicefulness of reality,
how intentional it is…
It’s my trust issue:
Where do I bring up my ‘crazy’ thoughts,
feeling in touch with frequencies of possibility
that are so far away from what most people will accept?
Whenever there’s a polarisation,
there’s always a third door.
I know it must exist, because
I get energy, insights, downloads.
I have always been able to ask, and get answers.
These are unspeakables in some communities.
I think there’s a third door,
and when I crack it open, there’s more energy, hope, ideas.
More solutions exist than people think are possible.

The idea of a new mind.
We have been so enculturated
to think in terms of problems.
But there’s a mentality that is the water in which we swim.
It’s given assumptions of how we think,
what we assume to be true.
What if we had a new mind?
Animation is one way people describe a new way.
When the trees are speaking to us,
when the coffee makes us make coffee.
I play a lot with these different ways of thinking.
What do we do? Well then, how do we be?
Well then, well then, well then… what?
From this moment to the next, something is begging us
to include in our awareness,
that sense of agency, that doingness.
This co-creative and generative space,
what does that look like, when we’re completely turning the world
upside down in New Mind?
How do we be in that next moment?
How do we get co-creative with others,
in the last moment?

Some say the waters of the planet are the new world government.
…if you’re talking about coffee making us, then we are agentic water!
We are one of the ways in which water moves around the planet.
There is potency in the quality and information held in the water of the Great Lakes.
Look at what’s happening in Canada:
the explosion of co-creative, generative, joyful action;
perhaps the waters of Canada have unleashed themselves.
If things get bad enough—when what needs to happen
is for all of this to collapse—
we’re not all gonna die,
we’re not all gonna kill each other.
We’re going to help each other!
We’re gonna start getting inventive and creative;
we’re going to be hugging rather that opting
for the choices offered by Mr Global’s agenda.
I can really feel that moon dust popping and fizzing!

How do we be with nature?
How do we be with nature?
In the last few days,
there’s a new energy available
that we can tap into.
It arrived with a massive solar flare on 30 January,
making it easier for us to tap into that part of ourselves
that knows how to be part of nature.
That might be the New Mind…
Only it’s a way of being.
It is what’s referred to as the quantum level,
we play in that light field of focus,
but it’s not conscious;
it’s being IN it, allowing ourselves to let go of being separate,
the need to understand from a mind point of view.
It’s not about leaving the body…
this body is present.
It is how we pick up those impulses that come through.
Then everything is moving, together,
in different directions at once,
adjusting, flowing, recalibrating,
in this constant motion.
The yew tree sends out a circle of new yews,
and the one in the middle dies off.
Expansion in all directions.
Renewal, flow of elemental gifting, receiving,
sharing, dying off and regrowing.
Fire, lava, magma,

We never talk about the Corona Virus directly.
To me, that picture is the Corona Virus!
We may not name it, but it’s there!

A force for Change!

Today, for the first time,
walking through the town,
aimlessly intentional:
what if everything’s connected?
I could sense the ether.
The vibes of this country.
I’m starting to connect to the vibe of the place.
That is the connector to everyone who lives here;
Me connecting to the vibe,
the way the universe connects to this place,
I’m connected automatically to everyone else
who’s connected to this place.
I could touch it, I could sense it, I could feel it.
More connected to myself, interacting with others.
It didn’t matter who we were.
I want to cultivate the sensing of that.

It’s so good to invoke the VIBE!
That’s how I have felt
since the first time I even saw a photograph of the place where I now live,
let alone first put my foot on the land.
The vibe, indeed!
Connecting to the vibe of the place, that’s the local connection.
And Gaia herself has a vibe.
So it’s time humanity connected with the vibe of Gaia.

What burning embers/or firewood do I wish to offer to the co-sensing fire and for our next portal day, 18 February?

Will my extra brush stoke make my artwork better?
Only speak if your words will improve on the silence.

There’s something profound in that Tears for Fears song.

This whole thing around what’s real?
The Flemish say “Out of sight out of heart”
The English say ”Out of sight out of mind”
A very important difference.
Out of heart is when there is nothing left.
There’s a lot of connection in the field of Collective Alchemy.
What is real?
If it connects me to you, it’s real.
It’s not about the stories, Plato, things spinning in front of my eyes.
It’s: if I feel it, it’s real.
Otherwise, for me it’s not real.

The move to bring down an abstraction
to something local and concrete enough
that my body responds to it.
Bringing into the body.
It’s important to be dealing with abstraction,
as that’s part of what connects us to the whole.
But we understand in our body,
recognising that everything is connected.
Not everything is connected to everything, though – there are distinctions.
It’s the move from the abstract to the specific.

What brings connection?
How do we create/ensure that move from the abstract sensing to the specific?
How do we authorise and create space for the specific
to enter and connect with the abstract sensing and sense-making.

Roots and connection.
The metaphor of the stew, and the reality of it, and the making of it.
How to appreciate every ingredient,
some known, some unknown, some in bulk, some a pinch?
Recognise that every single element has contributed to the stew.
Also, something about the order of creation.
The onion level?
There are some basic ingredients that are essential.
What are the basic ingredients that allow the knowing that it’s a stew, not a curry?
The point of the stew
is to enjoy the eating of it and the nourishment that it brings.

Drawing a link between stew and soil,
different ingredients,
and the way we related to the ingredients and the whole.
We don’t necessarily know what’s in, but knowing they are there.
Some elements are bigger than us and some are smaller than us.

The benevolent vibe, from a space of I don’t know, together.

Is there one ‘I-don’t-know’ that is so vast
it will blow away the container I use to hold all of other ‘I-don’t-knows’ in?

This grey space, this edge, unknown, but also want to know.
What is that action edge, the verb that comes after the space we’re in?
This place of AND we need to do something,
AND we want to share…
it feels like it’s just over the edge.

I’m still with the snowball!
There are many ways to both throw and respond to a snowball.
They are all at play, be it indignation, anger, sadness, playfulness.
The throwing and responding-to dynamic is key.
The action edge somehow has to do with
living our next wave of truth, individually, collectively, humanity.
Doing less harm/no harm,
moving into the currency of kindness and care.
It plays the spinnaker that allows the movement powerfully,
and also turns towards that third door.
You can course-correct and fine-tune all the way along,
the living of the next expression of truth.

The snowball just blasts into the fabric of what we think we know.
Being willing to not know,
to inquire and see what shows up, together,
and then in the next moment, do it again.
The truth is never solid,
it’s changing all the time, and we’re changing all the time.
Being in the vibe of the place, really takes me.
I’ve lived in many places, each with a different vibe.
How does that play into who I am, and what’s in the field of humanity?
It calls me to be more present to the vibe of this place and of nature.
There’s something magical here.
And the people who are here. Everybody is wanting to connect.
I love being rescued from a future that nobody wants.
I want to be part of co-creating and imagining and dreaming,
and letting the waters of our being flow with each other.

Sense of connection through the elements.
The feeling of the stroll,
the spacious energy that allows the interaction.
No rush, you might know where you’re going,
but it’s done in that manner.
There’s something relieving in that energy.
And the action edge.
What puts us into action?
I had the picture of water when it starts to brim over the rim,
held by the surface tension.
What breaks the surface tension so the water flows?

Both the not-knowing and the vibes is one.
The not-knowing is another way of knowing.
We do know.
The deep knowing that we don’t need to know,
but we still know where we’re going.
Connected to the vibe…
Two levels of vibe:
the true place vibe
and then there’s the human culture convention vibe
of fear and constriction and trauma.
How to stay in the vibe that’s more true?

One of questions from a previous portal day (30 July 2021)
was around knowing, not-knowing, knowing underneath,
that’s coming back more surely, with more confidence.
Something we don’t know that we know,
but we do know we know it,
but we don’t know what it is,
and yet we’re being guided, following that.
I vote for snowball too, actually lemon sorbet!
Also, coffee beans, that reciprocal way of engaging with reality.
Kids looking at clouds, seeing horses, then feeling them also—and knowing it’s make believe..
Scientists do the same thing, then make it literal, like atoms.
What other ways are there of imagining, holding it all lightly?

Talking about knowing and not knowing,
based on what you believe,
that elusive thing coming up …
I’m not sure what we’re talking about:
a clash of beliefs, and the decisions we take on the basis of these…
This format doesn’t allow me to have that conversation.
I always feel like I need a post-dialogue dialogue.

Who showed up:

Charlie Derr, Pieter De Ceuninck, Marie-José d’Aprile, Wini Condic Begov, Justin Frank, Judy Wallace, Louise Carpenter, Madeline Snow, Lyn McDonell, Kim Maynard, Ursula Hillbrand, Sarah Whiteley, Helen Titchen Beeth.

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