An era shift in the practice of Collective Alchemy


Stepping beyond “the third door”: Placing all that is being relinquished from the stewarding roles in the centre, so that those engaging from the field are aware of what is there, potential, etc.

As named in our most recent portal day invitation/announcement, 18 February: “Time to step through “the third door” we are moving beyond the dual path of the and the , and into the via Creativa. As part of this, “What has now become clear, therefore, is that the time has come to close this phase and form of practice, begun in April 2020. A key aspect of this is Helen and Sarah deciding to relinquish their role as stewards. This is their version of moving through the third door.”  During portal day 18 February, we journeyed further, together.
Key to the relinquishing of stewarding roles, for Helen and I, is placing all that is being relinquished from these roles in the centre, so that those engaging from the field are aware of what is there, potential, etc.
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A personal note from me, Sarah, to honour the relinquishing of my stewarding role and era shift this creates: “I honour the path that has brought us as a practice field to this moment, including the co-stewarding that Helen and I have offered these past 4.5 years. Collective Alchemy and the potential in the field remains alive for me, and I am excited to see what emerges as we open into this new phase. We, as practitioners and Collective Alchemy itself, are in an era shift. Our practice is fractal, and as such, this time of transitioning – including the relinquishing of stewarding role – is fractal also. For me, in the times we’re living in, relinquishing roles that no longer serve seems essential. Releasing blockages and barriers that stifle full, co-creative engagement is necessary too. The invitation to us all, as I see it, is to see what wants to emerge now – including in our collective transitioning from a co-stewarded and co-hosted ‘specific patterned’ way of engaging, and into a deeper ‘self-organising’ space – the via Creativa – traveling onward in new ways, with the collective crucible in our centre. 
I wish to take this opportunity to share my deep appreciation and my gratitude for you all, and the ways we’re traveled thus far … and to name, explicitly that I will be continuing to contribute to the hearth and heart of Collective Alchemy, as co-creator and practitioner in the field. I am relinquishing my stewarding role, not abdicating my personal sovereignty, creativity and engagement with the field and practice of Collective Alchemy. I will continue bringing my presence, passion, curiosity, gifts, sensing, intuition, experience and leadership (as required) into the co-creative mix. I will also continue tending, at least for now, some practical aspects, including bridging of communication & video-uploading, so we can fine-tune, consolidate and continue moving forward together, as called, and as needed. Much love 💕
And from Helen: “I, too, remain a practitioner of Collective Alchemy, with a strong urge to lean into what else is possible in a radically co-creative and co-held self-organising space with a vocation of deep inquiry. I feel the bonds of friendship and affection for all who have stepped into the circle with us during this time, and I feel the stirring of so much potential, latent in our centre. What will we do with it?”
So, at this juncture, as we collectively move beyond the threshold and through “the third door” … and into the unknown … it is important to make explicit and place in our centre what we currently have in the Collective Alchemy field – with respect to the various ‘containers’ that have served us. Specifically, to share the forms and structures that have supported our connectivity, communication, transparency and collective movement since April 2020, up to now; the elements that Helen and I have been co-stewarding and tending via our different roles and shared responsibilities. 
The ‘🔥Menu’ [shared via the Table below] are the structures, practice formats and communication pathways that have been resourcing the Collective Alchemy field over time, to now. As we continue onward, these may or may not be needed, be released, repurposed or re-imagined. For now, they remain ‘as is.’
In essence, we have: our website, practitioners living room, a newsletter, our Telegram space. We have triads in motion, 1-to-1 sessions, our co-sensing Field Notes, our portal days and hangouts. Importantly, not everyone resides in one communication container. Various containers have been made available, with choices made. Each container has had a different purpose and level of engagement.
At this juncture, to support our transitioning from stewarded to self-organising, we invite all to ‘opt in’ and join the practitioner’s email list, thereby creating a ‘central’ container, to simplify, streamline and support our communication and connectivity as we continue self-organising as the field. Other containers will remain, ‘as is’ for now, until it’s clear whether they serve our onward journeying, or not.
This ‘opting into’ the practitioner’s email list is an important step, given other containers may be released in due course, if deemed unnecessary. This action will mark our personal, conscious choice for moving forward, through “the third door” and into the new era of Collective Alchemy practice and the via Creativa! See invitation to gather for portal day, Friday 4 March.

So, What’s on thefireMenu?

*This is what has been available in our practice field until now, and may be helpful in moving forward*


Pattern, format & resources


What does it mean to be a practitioner?
Collective Alchemy offers different levels of practice—each deeper level requires a deeper level of commitment, ranging from participating in twice-monthly open calls, to self-organised triads and on-request 1-to-1 sessions, to co-sensing and co-hosting calls, to co-sensing the evolution of the practice field itself. Progression is by invitation and by choice. Practice currently takes place online. Read More >>
Alchemical Hang-out
Hangouts begin our fire-cycle, one per month (Friday). We gather around the fire to sense into what is present, we collect the embers through our check-outs and feed them forward into the co-sensing ‘kitchen’. The hang-outs themselves are not currently harvested onto the website, but the recordings are available in the Collective Alchemy Living Room. If you have not yet been admitted to the Living Room, please contact Sarah or Helen.
Co-sensing for Portal Day, with Field Notes 
[Includes co-sensing & portal day Zoom links, email links, etc] 
The Collective Alchemy co-sensing process is open to all. The co-sensing works with the embers of meaning sensed in the hangout, to craft a calling question and prepare for the Portal Day calls. An invitation/announcement sharing what has come to light during our co-sensing is shared in readiness for our next Portal Day. 
Practitioners who are part of the Collective Alchemy village on Telegram (all are welcome!) can access the shared Field Notes from the co-sensing journey, whether or not you have participated in the co-sensing calls. If you wish to join the Telegram group or the Field Notes, please contact Sarah or Helen.
Portal Day
Portal Days are two weeks after the Hang-out. They are the moments we come into community with the wider Collective Alchemy practitioners field, framed and focused by the invitation sourced by the co-sensing circle ’, abetting* the energy that has come to light during the so far, and then *“pushing any process further in the direction it’s already trying to go”.  
Practitioner’s Living Room
Joining the community of Collective Alchemy practitioners on our website gives you access to the Alchemists’ Living Room – a password protected space for ongoing inquiry, conversation and sharing between practitioners. The entry requirement is that you are a recognised practitioner of Collective Alchemy.  If you have not yet been admitted to the Collective Alchemy Living Room, please contact Sarah or Helen.
A place for sharing news & updates about the practice, and for personal and interpersonal alchemical sharings. If you wish to join the Telegram group, please contact Sarah or Helen.
Co-sensing on co-sensing circle
A small circle of practitioners – Pieter, Louise, Marie-Jose, Molly, Helen and Sarah – (initially invited by H&S) have been gathering since Fall 2021, through a wave-series of co-sensing calls, to explore ‘Ways for deepening the practice’. This includes: shifts in overall pattern and practice, plus potential, specific inquiry streams.  
Triads and dyads are self-organised spaces where you can dive into your personal and collective alchemical work together with other practitioners, supporting and nourishing each other and the field in between Hangouts and Portal Days.
1-to-1 personal alchemy sessions
1-to-1s are individual navigation sessions for deepening your personal process. They are a way of moving closer to the fire, positioning yourself on the coal face of your own personal alchemical work. 
1-to-1 session with Sarah: I offer you a mirror which has been cleaned and polished by years of intensive practice. Read More >> 
Collective Alchemy Practice Guide
This document is the fruit of the collective action research process exploring and explicating the practices of Collective Alchemy: one approach for amplifying the consciousness of awakening individuals in service to the current era shift and the evolution of Gaia. In essence, Collective Alchemy is a potent practice for burning away the ‘dross’ that clouds the capacity for clear transpersonal consciousness and collective wisdom. This document is a guide to that practice.
To learn more about Collective Alchemy, we invite you to download the Collective Alchemy Practice Guide or read online, which describes the practices, sets out the experiences and insights gleaned through the action research process, and highlights both its relevance and transformative power. These insights also point to future collective inquiry streams that can support our collective navigation in these white-water times. 
Harvest / Blogs
The role of the harvest: Our journey of Collective Alchemy over time looks a little like a trail through a marsh, left behind after a group has passed through, where there was no trail before. The trajectory of the trail is determined by taking ‘soundings’ to find where the ground is firm enough for our feet (our co-sensed sourcing from the present moment). The meandering trail itself is woven from the threads of meaning that travel from one gathering to the next, over time. There is a rich and complex travelogue full of beauty, variety and wisdom for those who revisit the harvests (all available in the harvest blog on the website). If you would like a pdf compilation of the text of all the invitations and harvests, please ask Helen!
We could be moving into some meta-meaning weaving with this body of work in coming months, for those with an appetite for such things. Ask Helen if you’re interested in participating. 
Contributing financial fuel
The fire that heats the crucible of transformation cannot burn without fuel.
Whether you are a practitioner or simply wish to see this practice field flourish, you are invited to bring in some financial flow and energy, as an offering to ensure that this practice can continue to be hosted well.
Your financial contributions are also tangible ways of investing, reciprocating, sharing appreciation and deepening commitment to yourself, the collective and to the transformational potential of this practice. Contributions can be sent via Paypal (single payment or recurring) or Wise (single payment only). 
Specific inquiry streams
Exploring healthy energy and dynamics of money and resources. Read here >>

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