Collective Alchemy as a path of Action Research


Collective Alchemy will be celebrating its 3rd birthday in September 2020. This seems like a good time, then, to lean into some of the wonders and mysteries lying beneath the surface of this intriguingly powerful individual and collective practice.

Collective Alchemy was not born fully formed. It has been emerging and taking shape step by step, being forged in the fire of practice. To an observer, it might seem like we have been making it up as we go along; but this has been a co-creative dance, not a one-sided act of creation. (Watch out for a forthcoming blog post on the Creation Story of Collective Alchemy!) The practitioners have not invented the practice; rather, the practice has come to meet us, like the rainbow bridge coming up to support the Wanderer in the Wildwood tarot deck as (s)he steps off the cliff into the void at the beginning of a fresh adventure.

Even the very purpose of Collective Alchemy was not clear at the outset, when we began practicing without knowing what we were practicing. Ah, I blush at the good will of the souls who stepped into the circle with us back then, offering the generous gift of their time and attention, when we couldn’t even articulate what they might be letting themselves in for! Our earliest understanding of the purpose didn’t really dawn until we were already 18 months into the journey, swamped in the harvest of our many practice circles and trying to make sense of what we were seeing…

Despite our inability to see clearly, our sensing tells us that the DNA of this path that we are walking has been present—and we have been pre-sensing it—since the beginning. In the opening paragraph of the forward to the Practice Guide, the clues are there: the general direction of travel of our Collective Alchemy journey is towards “amplifying the consciousness of awakening individuals in service to the current era shift and the evolution of Gaia. In essence, Collective Alchemy is a potent practice for burning away the ‘dross’ that clouds the capacity for clear transpersonal consciousness and collective wisdom.”

As I write this, I feel as if I’m caught in some strange moebius time warp. It’s like being in the fog, unable to see clearly what I’m trying to describe, and yet being able to sense it where it lives in the space of latent potential, outside the space-time continuum, beyond the veil of manifestation. I feel as if I’m progressing along a path, breaking new ground, only to find myself following my own footsteps round in circles… In retrospect, it seems paradoxical, even incredible, that we couldn’t see back then what is still becoming clear to us now: it’s all there already—has been all along— but we still can’t quite see it! (How many times has one of us said: “Remind me again what we’re trying to achieve?”) And yet, there is the evidence, right there in the foreword to the Practice Guide, that we had already ‘seen’ back in early 2018 what we are still having difficulty articulating today, after two more years of intensive practice!

For example: It wasn’t until after the ‘Portal Day’ of 8 May 2020 that Sarah and I finally saw the dual path that had been lurking in plain sight within our earliest definition of Collective Alchemy: burning away the dross on the one hand, accessing clear transpersonal consciousness on the other. The Via Negativa of removing what is false; the Via Positiva of living what is true. In humanity’s unfolding awakening into ever more lucidity, there will perhaps dawn a day when we can live fully in the light of What Is. Until then, we must walk the Dual Path.

And in the mean time, we are witnessing the emergence of a beautiful body of practitioners showing up regularly, twice a month, to lean into our ongoing inquiry and bathe in our collective field of presence. We are unspeakably grateful for your companionship on this journey; for your depth and wisdom, your willingness to open up to the intensity that resides in the alchemical crucible, again and again, without ever knowing what you will find there. Again, here is the paradox: on the one hand, we don’t know what we will find, on the other, we know that what we will find with contain the essence of gold, the tincture that will continue to permeate the Akashic field and in-form the unfolding of the Era Shift.

Be of good cheer – we are there for each other and the journey continues!

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