Collective Alchemy – A Field Read – via Founder/originator, Sarah Whiteley

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This field read has come about through relinquishing and stepping back from the role of stewarding and co-sensing: this granting space and capacity for regaining integrity as Founder, at the field level, and fully participating as originator and co-creator of the practice.


Specifically, in our practice field of Collective Alchemy, ‘FIELD FATIGUE’ was sensed over recent months, and clearly named last portal day. From the originating impulse in August 2017, our practice has been ongoing, through TWO PRACTICE PHASES, for over 4.5 years.


Phase ONE (August 2017-May 2019) – experiential action research we-thesis – completion of Masters in Wisdom Studies, with The Collective Alchemy Practice Guide being the core artefact. With ongoing gratitude to members of the core team, all participants, and “All the known and unknown players, variables, and elements – from close partnerships holding the field with us to the holding of Gaia herself – for being the collective birthing pool for helping this co-creation come into being.” [For full text of ‘Authorship and Acknowledgements’, see Page 8 in *FULL DOWNLOAD PDF VERSION]

Phase TWO (April 2020-December 2021) – catalysed when entering the global lockdown, and then practicing throughout a time of world and individual turbulence; we trod the Dual Path: / and The Wanderer’s Journey. With gratitude to Helen, in particular, for co-stewarding and all her harvesting gifts; all those who have stepped into co-sensing; and, all practitioners who have continued practicing while weathering the storm, whether visibly in circle or from a distance.

Transition phase (Jan 2022-May 2022 so far!) – whilst stepping through ‘The Third Door’ onto the via Creativa and toward Phase Three, an unforeseen consequence was the relinquishing of the co-stewarding, and a further step and invitation into self-organising. [For more details, follow these Blog Links: ‘An Era Shift in the Practice of Collective Alchemy’ plus ‘The harvest of Collective Alchemy practice as a portal to the Via Creativa’].

Continuing in transition, (May 2022 to Fall 2022) – Our core practice format has been convening two-weekly portal waves of co-sensing and Portal Days. With this ‘field fatigue’ coming to light, there is a NEED and CALL for a PAUSE of this rhythm.

Therefore, this message is for sharing this FIELD NEED, and CALLING US TO PAUSE our practicing via co-sensing portal waves and Portal Days from now and over the summer months (June, July, August).

Within this PAUSE, the core invitation is TO REST, REFLECT AND INTEGRATE – by opening space, whilst STAYING CONNECTED to see what is present and calling us within the via Creativa space (transitioning to Phase Three), and then, continuing onward together in the Fall. The way in which we continue onward will rest with ongoing field reading and impulses.

FIRSTLY, TO REST: to grant ourselves permission for spaciousness and ease.

SECONDLY, TO REFLECT, individually and collectively: It has been an intense ride the last two years, and 2.5 years before that! Even within CALLING A PAUSE, in reality, WE CANNOT NOT BE PRACTICING: collective alchemy is happening all the time … it is a natural phenomenon, a key aspect in the fabric of life. To practice in new ways may therefore be helpful. With this, INVITING WE CONSIDER self-organising into TRIADS (with same, or different people over time; being in one triad or more, depending on appetite; suggesting at least one call per month) as a minimal/optimal structure for staying connected, checking in, deepening our relationships and traveling through the summer, in constellations, and as a collective. Practically, we can ping each other via *Telegram, email or PM via the *Living Room. See *TRIAD PROTOCOL for suggestion of how triad-roles may support your process.

[A word on the potency of gathering in triad: being a member of a stable triad, meeting regularly over the past two years, wising to acknowledge the many gifts of the triad format, and specifically, core triad partners, Molly and Louise. Gathering over time, in this parallel structure to portal days, has afforded us regular meet-ups of free exchange, wisdom sharing, deepening of relationship, as well as exploring aspects ranging from strategic arc to reflecting on our personal and collective practice over time. Gratitude is offered to our triad, as what is shared here is reflective of our time, energy and collective work.]

A core question in TRIAD could be: WHAT IS PRESENT AS I/WE PAUSE? So, in addition to simply checking in, perhaps CONSIDER the *Sub-questions (shared in the NOTES below, offered as ‘conversation starters’ / ‘deepeners’ over time). If called, please SHARE ESSENCES that arise within your Triad in the Telegram Group, or in the *Triad Essences, Pause 2022, a conversation thread set up in our Living Room. The power of sharing essences into the field is that they may become gifts or insights others could resonate with and relish!

THIRDLY, TO INTEGRATE: It seems important to RECALL & RECOGNISE that the entirety of our Phase Two practice paralleled the ‘Pandemic’ Wave. Zooming out to the meta / bigger picture / world level, there have been wave upon wave of uncertainty and change, which has been unsettling and inspirational, disorienting, and exhilarating and brought about transformation and challenges for us all. In addition, when viewed through the lens of alchemical procedures [See Matrix of Alchemical Procedures] there have been multiple alchemical processes in motion, oftentimes concurrently, of different duration, expression and intensity. It has been a wild and complex ride!

Positioned in our practice field, given Collective Alchemy is fractal, we have been exploring ‘the bigger picture’ in individual, collective and global ways from our different vantages. At this juncture, it could therefore be said that our journey has been monumental: multidimensional, hypercomplex, kaleidoscopic. Therefore, what we have been experiencing in our recent waves of transitioning, has not just been happening in the field of Collective Alchemy: our fractal has been immersed in the wholeness wave of our world, with us each and all of us expressing the ever-shifting landscapes, energies and dynamics within the overarching era shift. Indeed, HOW WE PERCEIVE THE ERA SHIFT REMAINS AN EVER-PRESENT, TANTELISING QUESTION! With this PAUSE of co-sensing portal wave and Portal Day practice, given the potential of our Triads and the essences that arise, there is opportunity to further inform and support our collective journeying.

Our PAUSE is also therefore an invitation for integrating our Phase Two journey … and to let the energy and momentum of the journey ease out and come to rest.

Finally, as a way of integrating personal transformations, please also CONSIDER participating in the *’Outcomes of Collective Alchemy’ Poll, in the Living Room. [*If you wish to explore joining this practitioner’s password-protected space, please message Sarah:]

CALL TO ACTION: The invitation from now, is to self-organise into triads as we feel and are moved to do so [Ping via Telegram, email, PM in Living Room, etc. – see above also]

Thank you for your attention. Enjoy the opportunities
this PAUSE presents, a true respite including the joy of triading, delving into the via Creativa, allowing what wishes to arise to do so unencumbered and inhabiting the frequency of the new.

We can be reminded and inspired by the Invocation in the Practice Guide:

“May all that is wrought through this Work align
with the Benevolent Will of the Cosmos”

*NOTES: Denoted in the text above with*

June: Q: What is present as I enter / engage in this time of Pause? 
July Q’s: What is my current sense of ‘The Bigger Picture’? [See ‘Bigger Picture’ framing Collective Alchemy, May 2019] What is my sense of the Era Shift these days & how am I experiencing it?
August Q: What do I see the purpose and value of Collective Alchemy being, as we continue onward?

Collective Alchemy Village Telegram Group (if you wish to join, please message Helen:
Living Room Triad Essences, PAUSE 2022. If you wish to explore joining this practitioner’s password-protected space, please message Sarah:




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