Changes are afoot! Shifting from kitchen to village


Greetings fellow Alchemists!

There’s never a dull moment in the world of Collective Alchemy. This blog post comes to announce and explain some changes in our practice field.

We are called to level up our game

Whenever we shift our practices in the field of Collective Alchemy, the impulse comes as a fruit of the practice—specifically from our practice of continually and regularly sourcing together from the present. As a co-sensing field, we have been sensing an intensification and a quickening in the energies of life which are calling us to ‘up’ our game: to consolidate our embodied presence as sovereign individuals alive on Earth at this time. To step into an ever-greater freedom to be ourselves, and to assume responsibility for the consequences of that. We see this as being at the heart of the ongoing Era Shift. The purpose of Collective Alchemy is to support each other in this evolution and to explore together what becomes possible as the process unfolds and humanity learns to operate through conscious collectives.

Looking back at the journey so far

We’ve been traveling in a twice-monthly drumbeat of portal days, morning and evenings, since April 2020, when the practice of Collective Alchemy first ‘went public’. Since then, we have been on a number of different journeys of inquiry, and our collective practice has evolved in a number of ways.

One main evolution was opening up—in September 2020—from having the portal day calls designed and hosted by a stable core group of three stewards, to an expanding field of practitioners stepping in, in different constellations, to co-sense the invitation, and design and host the calls. The co-sensing practice itself remains the same: always sourcing from the present, keeping us collectively on our toes and on our edge. This co-sensing experience has been extremely rich, as well as sometimes effortful and time-consuming: typically 5 hours of calls to prepare for two 2-hour calls on portal days. (Not to mention the time spent by the stewards on drafting the invitation and harvesting the open calls).

Part of that evolution involved setting up a WhatsApp group dedicated to communication among the whole co-sensing field (18 souls), so that all could follow the co-sensing, whether they were involved in the preparatory calls for a particular portal wave or not. All of this intensive shared practice has built up a strong sense of community as well as a real deepening of our individual and collective capacity to sense.

The journey of Collective Alchemy, from its birth back in 2017 until today, has consistently defied all planning and amazed all expectations. Collective Alchemy behaves like a being, that requires our sensing to call it into form, but that denies any attempts at shaping it in a specific way. Every so often we have given ourselves a break from intensive co-sensing—while continuing to invite the wider field of practitioners to gather to the same, steady 2-weekly drum beat—by hosting an informal hang-out. We did this on 18 June, allowing a breathing space during the 2 preceding weeks for some of the co-sensors to step back and take stock of what we have been learning from this co-sensing journey: how has Collective Alchemy and specifically the practice of co-sensing impacted us? What is this thing we do together? It remains a mystery, and continues to surprise us. Our latest co-sensing brought us to an emergent place we weren’t necessarily expecting, although many of us had perhaps been feeling it coming: it’s time to change the way we practice!

What’s changing—an invitation to ‘opt in’ to deepened practice

The crux of this shift in our practice field is perhaps subtle and hard to articulate. On the surface, it might seem like nothing is changing. We continue with the ongoing journey of inquiry in the Era Shift, with our overarching question: WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO NAVIGATE THE ERA SHIFT TOGETHER? The two-weekly drum beat of the portal days will continue. But, with things intensifying and heating up in the outside world as the era shift progresses, the field of Collective Alchemy is inviting a deeper and more conscious commitment from its practitioners, in terms of our own individual practices in support of our own personal sovereignty, and in our support of each other. The ‘components of Collective Alchemy practice’ section in the Practice Guide includes a rubric on ‘consciousness practices‘, which explains what this means. We are not proposing to add more elements to an already full life, but challenging ourselves to live life in ever-intensifying and complexifying consciousness.

To support this movement, the co-sensing around the content of our journey will move out of the kitchen of the co-sensing circle and into the village of the whole practice field. There will continue to be a need for co-sensing in between portal days, but some of our focus will shift from content to process to include questions like: how do we collectively steer and govern our practice field? How do we stay in the maximum stretch, but also support each other and ask for what we need from the community? We’re ready to evolve … practice, practitioners, inquiry. Let’s see what becomes possible when we do our co-sensing all together.

There are many ways of participating in the life of a village. If our two-weekly portal days become the moment of Village Council, there are as many ways of filling in the spaces in between as there are proposals in the practitioners minds and hearts. Some of us are already practicing together in dyads and triads. Perhaps other formats can be offered at need. The Living Room continues to offer a space where specific questions can be explored in depth, and challenges can be shared.

This opening up of the field is not intended to become an amorphous, chaotic free-for-all where “anything goes”. This is a village of collective alchemists, where we are above all guided and challenged by our shared principles. All gatherings will continue to be hosted with rigour, with responsibility, with purpose, and with that deeper sensing. The intention in this opening up is to continue to build capacity in the community for people to step in and host, not only the Village Council but any other conversations members of the community wish to invite. The difference is that these invitations will come from the community, not just from the stewards. With greater freedom comes greater responsibility!

Changes in our infrastructure

This evolution brings with it some infrastructure shifts. We are giving up the Facebook group and closing the co-sensors’ WhatsApp group, and opening up a Telegram group.

  • For those of you only in the Facebook group who wish to stay connected, please subscribe to receive updates over on the Collective Alchemy website.

  • The co-sensors’ WhatsApp group will be replaced by a group on the Telegram platform for ALL practitioners who wish to lean more intimately into the asynchronous life of the village.

  • Practitioners (those who regularly attend portal day calls) are invited to request admittance into the practitioners Living Room, also on the website. Members of the Living Room will also be invited to the Telegram group.

Co-sensing all the way

It goes without saying that it will take us all some time and more sensing to settle into this new stride. Everybody’s sensing is both welcome and needed, so please do share your comments, responses and suggestions. The door always remains open. The entrance fee is authentic commitment to self and all life.

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