A bridging field read: Collective Alchemy, October 2022

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This co-sensed field read is a cumulative wave-process of numerous collective field-sensings, dyad & triad constellations; a recent series of strategic co-sensing calls with a circle of six practitioners: Louise, Molly, Pieter, Marie-José, Helen & Sarah; and, a bridging field read from the Collective Alchemy: A Field Read via Founder/originator Sarah Whiteley, where a PAUSE in our co-sensing and portal day practice (May 2022 to Fall) was called. 

It is hoped that during the PAUSE our lives were enlivened and nourished by our journey in the field, “offering a true respite including the joy of triading, delving into the Via Creativa, thereby allowing what wished to arise to do so unencumbered, for inhabiting the frequency of the new.” We recognise many may not have been engaged with Collective Alchemy during the PAUSE. This is an invitation to re-engage if the impulse is there.

fireThe essence of this field read is: The practice of Collective Alchemy is transitioning into a process of conscious closure — to allow space for the Via Creativa (gold frequency, creativity & togetherness) to appear.

This essence, most especially that the practice of Collective Alchemy is transitioning into conscious closure, may come as a shock, and perhaps, neither a surprise. And yet, transformation is the name of the alchemical game! Ever since Collective Alchemy practice began (September 2017), we as practitioners, and Collective Alchemy as a field, have gone through transformative, alchemical fires on numerous occasions. As we know, “There is no such thing as lukewarm alchemy!”

Therefore, this field read, deeply felt and resonantly reflective, signals the next alchemising wave of what is now present: conscious closure. This field read is also testimony to the multiple ‘life-death-life’ cycles of our journey to date, that we, as practitioners, and as a practice field have undertaken. It has been challenging and tumultuous, rich and rewarding. Yet, with life comes inevitable death: the old ways need to(be) release(d), in order for new life to ignite and evolve into new expressions and forms.  

However, this conscious closure is NOT the end of collective alchemy …….! WAIT, WHAT?!!

As named in the May field read: “… in reality, we cannot NOT be practicing: collective alchemy is happening all the time … it is a natural phenomenon, a key aspect in the fabric of life.

”Therefore the conscious closure is of the PRACTICE of Collective Alchemy (in ways practiced thus far), not collective alchemy as a NATURAL phenomenon. 

During the PAUSE, it became evident these two alchemical ‘ways’ were active, both implicitly and explicitly. However, it also became clear that the latter – collective alchemy as a NATURAL phenomenon – was unequivocally calling us to open space and potential for the Via Creativa to appear.

At this juncture, it may be helpful to note (as named on our Website and in the Practice Guide): “The core purpose of Collective Alchemy is to prepare awakening humans to step into co-creative, transformative, generative (r)evolution with all life”. 

It is time to step in! 

SO, THIS field read includes invitations for transitioning, beyond the PAUSE and into conscious closure of the practice of Collective Alchemy, so the Via Creativa can appear. As referred to in the Pause field read and above, many phases have been travelled through. There is a heartfelt desire to feel fully complete in the holding and stewarding of the field up to and including this process of conscious closure – and therefore this invitation arises to come back in, (even if you have felt distanced or have drifted away) and share what Collective Alchemy has meant and brought to you and allow that to be celebrated and honoured together.

Specifically, these invitations are threefold, for:

1: GATHERING as a collective on Zoom (via a two-call series):

To share, reflect and consciously close the practice of Collective Alchemy, before seeing what impulses arise to continue on the Via Creativa.
Call One: Friday 11 November, 6pm-8pm UK time;
Call Two: Friday 25 November, 6pm-8pm UK time [Timezone converter]
There is a heartfelt invitation here, for everyone to gather in one space for both of the calls. Calls will be recorded and made available in the Living Room.  
Please feel welcome to also join the prep calls on Tuesday 8 Nov, 8.30am-10.30am & Tuesday 22 Nov, 8.30am-10.30am UK time. [Timezone converter]

Our calls will be for:

  • Reconnecting and sharing how have we been practicing Collective Alchemy in recent months, since we last connected in circle? 
  • Celebrating our journey of the practice of Collective Alchemy (Sept 2017-to present).
  • Harvesting the many gifts and outcomes of the practice, that are relevant for these times of living our positive future.
  • Consciously closing the practice of Collective Alchemy.
  • Aligning with the new wave by calibrating on the Via Creativa.

*[Please save-the-date(s) [Timezone converter] More will be shared nearer the time, via Telegram, Website & Newsletter]

2: REFLECTING & SHARING at this transitional juncture: 

As we prepare to gather, Friday, 11 November, inviting we consider sharing, in Telegram and/or via mailto:info@collective-alchemy.net, reflections to these questions: 

  • How have I been experiencing the practice of Collective Alchemy in my ‘every-day-life’ in recent months? 
  • What is now present as we begin transitioning beyond the pause and into conscious closure of the practice of Collective Alchemy?
  • What is asking for attention in tending, individually and collectively, as we navigate this transition? 
  • How do we want to stay connected beyond the conscious closure two-call zoom series? How might we wish to continue nourishing our friendships and field of connection? [SEE 3: BEING NOURISHED]

3: BEING NOURISHED by the Collective Alchemy resources & field: 

Finally, as we consider transitioning beyond this conscious closure, it is important to each ask ourselves: do we wish to continue exploring the Via Creativa together? It may be (for some, perhaps for many) that collective alchemy does not hold interest, appetite or relevance. If the impulse is not present, for offering time, energy and commitment, it will be helpful if this is shared. Transparency will support the next steps to cohere, as we (whoever WE are) continue onward. Please share comments/reflections in the Telegram.  

And, it may be, this invitation is ‘the ignition’ for re-engaging desire and impetus for continuing, and transitioning onward! Again, please share in the Telegram.

Gratitude to each of us, and OUR field: for our presence, participation and support over these months and years!

firePlease Save-the-date(s), hope to see you there!
Call 1: Friday 11 Nov, 6pm-8pm UK time
Call 2: Friday 25 Nov, 6pm-8pm UK time
[Timezone converter]
Please feel welcome to also join the prep calls on Tuesday 8 Nov, 8.30am-10.30am & Tuesday 22 Nov, 8.30am-10.30am UK time. 

Much love xx

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