Welcome to the Antechamber

Welcome to the antechamber to the community space, the Living Room, for practitioners of Collective Alchemy.

Entry into this space is not automatic – a rite of passage is required: a passage into actual practice of Collective Alchemy.

The first step to becoming a practitioner is to join a twice-monthly Portal Day call. This will give you a taste of whether Collective Alchemy is something for you. Ongoing practice means continuing regular participation in twice-monthly calls and practicing in triad between the twice-monthly calls on a self-organised basis. It also means hanging out with other practitioners in the on-line Living Room.

As stewards of the practice field, Sarah & Helen are also stewarding entry to participation in the living room. When you feel ready to take this step, please request entry by sending an e-mail to info@collective-alchemy.net.

To find out more about the path of practice of Collective Alchemy, we invite you to read The Four Rooms blog post.

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