Collective Alchemy

Practices for the Era Shift

At this juncture in the story of planet Earth, humanity finds itself at a pivotally volatile and uncertain moment, in an era shift. It seems that a drastic transformation is needed in the collective psyche of the species if we are to survive the situation we have created for ourselves and the planet with our current consciousness. Our collective narrative is gradually shifting from one where humanity is living in a disenchanted universe towards one where we are embedded in, and an expression of, an ensouled Cosmos of inconceivable depth, mystery and intelligence.

A bridge to new consciousness

Collective Alchemy is an evolutionary offshoot of the ancient practice of Alchemy that can accelerate the evolution of human consciousness. It provides a bridge from the Mental/ Rational consciousness predominant in the Western world to the newly emerging Integral consciousness described by Jean Gebser.

Collective Alchemy is one approach to amplify the consciousness of awakening individuals in service of the era shift and the evolution of Gaia.

The core purpose of Collective Alchemy is to prepare awakening humans to step into co-creative, transformative, generative (r)evolution with all life; to consciously face the rite of passage which is upon us, where we come out a mature species or we don’t come out at all.

Experience the Practice

As the world balances on the edge of chaos, we can only take one step at a time. What if those of us experiencing enforced isolation and slow down could hold the crucible together… to witness what is being burned away and understand what is being alchemised?

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Practice Guide

To learn more about Collective Alchemy, we invite you to download the Collective Alchemy Practice Guide, which describes the practices, sets out the experiences and insights gleaned through the action research process, and highlights both its relevance and transformative power. These insights also point to future collective inquiry streams that can support our collective navigation in these white-water times.

Join the Community, become a Patron

The fire that heats the crucible of transformation cannot burn without fuel. You are therefore invited to bring in some financial flow and energy, as an offering to ensure that this practice can continue to be hosted well.

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Upcoming Events

Invitation to practice Collective Alchemy continues, Friday 17 July 2020

Dear Friends and Alchemists, Our invitation to Portal Day practice is coming soon! In preparation, we invite you to share your reflections and harvests from our last Portal Day, Friday 3 July 🔥 Please share during this weekend (11/12 July) so your contribution can inform our alchemical work, and be woven (anonymously) into a collective harvest that will be posted in the Collective Alchemy blog. These harvests may be in

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Latest Blog Posts

Harvest of Collective Alchemy Practice Circles—19 June 2020

AS EVERYTHING IS TRANSFORMING AROUNDAND PERHAPS EVEN WITHIN ME,WHAT VALUES WILL I HOLD TO AS AN EXPRESSION OF MY INTEGRITY,WHATEVER HAPPENS? See also the Event invitation for more framing of this calling question: FRAMING of the CIRCLE How did our question come into being?Our practice is to source from the present,to tune into the personal, the field of Collective Alchemy, and the Era Shift,to bring through a question that is

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Updating our ways of knowing (Part 4): The journey of unfolding consciousness—Integral consciousness

The final part of a multi-part article about Integral consciousness. In this post I will do my best to point to aspects of the Integral consciousness structure which is constellating ever more clearly in humanity’s species mind in our epoch. My intention in writing this series has been to offer a more nuanced understanding of the fact that humanity has not always ‘thought’ in the way we do today; has

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Updating our ways of knowing (Part 3): The journey of unfolding consciousness—the mythical and mental-rational structures

Part 3 of a multi-part article about Integral consciousness. Watch this space for part 4, coming soon. This post picks up where the last one left off, examining the mythical and mental structures of consciousness. The latter structure—the one which we are most intimately acquainted with, as it prevails in today’s world—is treated in two parts: ‘mental’ consciousness and ‘rational’ consciousness, respectively the efficient and deficient modes of our prevailing

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